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  1. ....... most of my customers do a toe-in , directing to their ears or nose . I think that´s the best solution since years . .
  2. That´s a set which I installed just a few weeks ago at a customer . He and his family likes it so much . .
  3. Thanks very much for this interesting report , Picky . It took me a little while to visit 39 pages of information . Thank You all ! I was visiting Los Angeles at this time , so it was a little far away to visit You . .
  4. The owner is Mr. Thomas Höhne , founder of the brands Aaron & Sovereign( listed in the guinness book of records for the biggest monoblocks worldwide ) . The guy with the leather trousers is an owner of 60th Anniversary K-horn´s . .
  5. We had a VIP at the meeting , see add pic . .
  6. Thanks so much for workin on my good reputation ! Again , this was a nice weekend enjoyin listening some good stuff in speakers and electronics . And a big thank You to all of those Klipsch-Lovers which found the way to Elze / Germany drivin mile by mile .....
  7. Few days ago we placed an Klipschorn 60th Anniversary in a room sized about 15x12 , powered by Aaron in a Bi-amping-Mode , Player is an OperaAudio Consonance Orfeo . All cables are Viablue . It works absolutely well - so , LaScala´s wouldn´t be a problem . see add pic : .
  8. If You ´re interested , see more information bout those amps incl. press reviews : http://www.klipsch-direct.de/Aaron-Verstaerker.html .
  9. Makes me very happy to read Your lines bout Cornscala and Aaron Amplification . You´ll be very happy bout Your decision taking the Aaron No.22 and the Aaron No.3 Millennium , which offers You a various perspective adding other components and givinYou the real sound . .
  10. A replacement of the 15driver is never a problem . You can change it from both sides of the 60th Avsy K-horn . Perhaps You can see the openings ( the pics where You can see the terminals are the covers for the bass ) at the sides on our pics here ( please scroll down at that site ) : http://www.klipsch-direct.de/klipsch-heritage-hifi.html .
  11. Here´s one with a Sovereign Signature Series Preamplifier and 2 of the Sovereign Power Amplifiers , wired by Viablue Cables . see add pic :
  12. And here´s another one , same electronics , but powering the Klipsch La Scala II . See add pic :
  13. We did much on bi-amping the K-horns , especially the 60th Anniversary Klipschorn . Our Customers notice a higher Quality at all when our job was well done .
  14. Oh , I´ve just seen this one - here we go : http://www.klipsch-direct.de/Klipsch-Hotties.html .... yeah , I know that You know it . greetz . Werner . www.wernerenge.com .
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