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  1. Do these work and how much do they cost these days new and used?
  2. And the RF 7 manual does say biwire will improve the sound. Make sure to remove the supplied jumper between them.
  3. In the RF 7 manual, Klipsch says, biwire will improve the sound. If anyone should know, they should.
  4. Cheaper to buy it than drive 4 hours each way and miss work. Not as much fun tho.
  5. On the Stereophile site you can get their first 3 test cd's for $24 and an analog SPL meter from Radio Shack for $44.. This is where I am now, waiting for the Cd's to arrive. Google on stereophile test CD 2 and look at the stereophile site. Don't know if I will learn what I need to know to get the room tuned but I'll have an interesting time trying. There is a lot of good info on the Real Traps site as Colin mentioned. Mike has an 11' tube where I was saying for his Klipschorn in the pic above.
  6. Mike, what is on the ceiling? Is it the entire ceiling? Clever.
  7. Fantastic post mas. Simple.clear concise, complete. I appaud the post.
  8. Very very nice price. You DONE good. Where are the panels? Are they ASC as well?
  9. As you probably know the seam side reflects/difusses can't remember which and the opposite side absorbs. BTW I had the 11" traps at the KH's and the 16" on the back wall corners.
  10. Hi wpines. What did you pay for these if I may ask. As you know I have 8 ASC tube traps I may be selling. I put them tight against the KH's when I had them. Try them on inside then outside and maybe a bit away from the KH's.
  11. The SP 11 is a tube only preamp. Prefer no or limited vocals. Thanks.
  12. These are for my wife who is my "Blessing". Many rock recordings are compressed for the masses and car radios. Don't want any. They sound horrible on our system. So great recordings please.
  13. Thanks Sooooo much for the recommendations. I got four of them already and have about 6 on order. My wife wants ROCK GUITAR . New thread for that.
  14. Google on stereophiles test cd 2. I ordered it and test cd 3 from music direct for $9.99 each. All the tracks are identified on the googled site.
  15. I ordered stereophiles test cd 2 and 3 from music direct for $9.99 each. Thanks.
  16. Check the current CD thread on home theater. I would be willing to bet that a Sony ES9000 DVD/Cd player vintage 2001 used for $400 +/- $50 will blow most 20 year old players away. It did for mine which I paid around $3000, 18 yrs ago.
  17. No lazertrack 2000 on there at present. What is the general search category. Thanks
  18. I have a Oracle Axexandria table with an Eminent Technology arm. The platter has a 1/16" wabble in it. I don't know the cause yet. Once rectified I would sell at a very fair price. I have the original box. Anyone interested PM me. We could explore an as is price and you solve the wabble or a factory fixed solution.
  19. There is humor but whose and for whom?. There is laughter. Always theraputic for all. Humor directed at others to offset a personal hole or flaw [recognized or not] in ones make-up, serves to maintain and even deepen the hole and is not laughter.Gandi never bragged or put others down. Perhaps he had no hole to fill! Fabric intuititively seems absorbent to me. Leather on the other hand intuititively seems kind of reflective. Your genious is applauded. Your humor far less than you might imagine. You can't fill the hole by dumping "humor" on someone else. Thanks mas for all your wonderful helpful "giving",posts. These are what endear you to me anyway.
  20. What is the Stereophile link? Thanks.
  21. That's what I have. Love it. ARC Sp 11 and Rotel RB990. Need to work with your speakers tho. RF 7's great, A tad bright tho I might add.
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