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  1. 2 hours ago, avguytx said:

    I just recently discovered this feature and LOVE that I can hide these signatures that are 24 lines long showing equipment I could care less about.  I think that should be limited to like 3 lines or something and not however many you want to take up giving a walk thru of the system you have in every room, closet, porch, etc., in your house ,vacation home, or brother in law's trailer.

    Phew.....for a second I thought you were talking about me but I'm at 22 lines so I'm under the quota.  😂

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  2. 16 hours ago, ishwash said:

    Ah, Guys and Gals, I'm not trying to do anything except to salvage something out of all this for wdecho, who has departed, and who felt strongly that he was treated unfairly.

    It is unfortunate that anyone has to leave the forum but I truly believe we did everything we could to salvage and reconcile with him.  I believe just about everyone on the moderating team (excluding Christy) was called all sorts of names as you can see below in one of my replies to him. 


    On 10/5/2018 at 5:06 PM, Youthman said:

    I cannot help but find humor in all of this.  Look back at any of my comments.  I would be curious to see what you feel is non-adult like conversation. 

    Read back through any of my comments on this forum and you will not once find where I have called you any names...yet I find it interesting that I have been referred by you as "a clown", "silly", a "dog", "stupid", a "fool", a "joker" and an "idiot".  Did I miss any?   


    I feel I have been very courteous, kind, and have attempted to demonstrate patience.  Frankly it's just getting old. 


    I myself along with other moderators attempted to diffuse the situation and reason with him but it just seemed like he wanted to argue. 

    We have moderators and TOS to try and keep the forum and this community a place that everyone can enjoy. 

    Bottom line, he got offended, demanded for us to delete his posts and account (which is a bit selfish since the content that he shared is valuable for others not only today but in years to come)
    .  It was mentioned that if he felt this community was no longer a place for him, then he could gladly move on...yet he continued to go back and forth arguing with all of the mods.   It was getting old and wearisome. 


    16 hours ago, ishwash said:

    I don't intend to respond further except to say that all my recommendations could improve your forum if you decide you want to do them. Whatever you do I am relieving you of my burden. I thank all who have helped me with my problems. This is my last post. Good luck with whatever you decide.

    If you choose to leave this incredible community that is your choice.  Wishing you the best.

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  3. 16 minutes ago, CoryGillmore said:

    It is infinitely annoying to me that even the best most respected receiver manufacturers don't include power ratings for all channels being driven. I mean who the hell buys a 7.2 receiver to listen to stereo? No one does. So that 2-channel spec is completely useless. And they literally ALL do it! Even on the high end models. 

    I agree...it's frustrating for sure but companies have always done that, even when I was into car audio.  There really isn't a standard either.  My Marantz SR8012 claims 205 x 7 on their website, then the manual says 140 x 7 and then you have Audioholics who bench tested it and it was 95 x 7 channels.  With that said, I can easily reach reference levels and beyond power 3 LaScalas, 4 RS62 II surrounds and 4 CDT-5800-C II In-Ceiling Atmos speakers.

    You should definitely have no problem powering your system with the 4400.

  4. 1 minute ago, Ceptorman said:

    Would a sub change your decision much?

    The RF7 series has always provided a very LARGE enveloping sound in my room.  Not sure if you would consider that a wide sound stage or presence.  I always have difficulty expressing what my ears are hearing.  The Forte III didn't have that same amount of presence.  I'm wondering if it's because the tweeters are not in line with your ears.  I've always struggled with that with the Heresy III (which sounded very small in comparison to the RF7 II). 

    The RF7 II and RF7 III are also better suited for the style of music that I listen to. 

    Here one example of the style of music I like





    As you can see, this isn't Bob Dylan or Janis Joplin.  It's not Jazz or Classical.  Although Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" sounds great, it doesn't do anything for me and is not the style of music that I typically listen to.

    I typically listen to modern pop music and many would not consider it "real music" but that's ok.  I love music with a strong beat, that has meaning and soul. 


    I also love acoustic music like these two songs. 





  5. 4 months ago, I purchased and installed 4 Klipsch CDT-5800-C II In-Ceiling speakers to use for Atmos.  Problem is my receiver was an older Onkyo TX-NR5008 (non Dolby Atmos) receiver.  I began researching 11.2 channel receivers since I have found that since I purchased my 3 LaScalas, I no longer hear a difference when using an external amp.


    Denon sent me their AVR-X6400H, Marantz sent me their SR8012 and Anthem sent me their 1120.  Before hooking any of them up, I was already leaning towards the Marantz as I had my first experience with Marantz about 6 months ago when visiting a friend's home who had a Marantz Pre-Pro.  Typically when I make a new purchase, I don't like to buy the lowest but I don't buy the cheapest because it typically will lack things I want and I don't buy the most expensive because many times you are paying a premium so the "middle road" is usually more than adequate for my needs.


    After several months with all 3 receivers, I chose the Marantz.  It's simply an incredible unit.  Sounds fantastic and has a ton of bells and whistles that I actually use. 


    I do like the Anthem but for some reason, it trimmed a LOT of bottom end from my system.  When watching Michael Jackson's "This is It" bluray, I just didn't get that thump in my chest with the Anthem.  I reached out to Anthem and they had me email them my ARC file.  The tweaked it a bit and sent it back.  Their file added a bit more tactile feel but still wasn't the same experience in the bottom end so I felt like I was missing that excitement and energy that the Marantz provided.


    Some have suggested they think it's because of Dynamic EQ in the Marantz.  Whatever it is....I REALLY like it.  LOL


    Here are two videos I made on the Marantz.




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  6. A few weeks ago, I decided to begin the rabbit trail of voice automation with Alexa so I pre-ordered the new Amazon Echo Dot.  My Lutron Spacer system does not natively work with it since my current Lutron SPS-600 dimmers are IR based.  I was able to get them to work using the Harmony Hub and an IR blaster inside the cabinet where the Lutron Dimmers are but decided it's time to upgrade to a more modern lighting system.


    Looking on Facebook Marketplace, I found a lady that was 2hrs away that was selling 5 Lutron Caseta Dimmers for $30 each.  I ended up purchasing all five for $125 shipped which seems like a sweet deal considering they are $55 each on Amazon.

    The Echo Dot is scheduled to arrive on October 11th so my plan is to try and get the dimmers installed by then.


    Honestly, I'm really looking foward to being able to walk into the room and ask Alexa to turn on the lights or say, "Alexa, it's movie time" and she sends a command to the Harmony Elite and Hub to turn on projector, receiver, dim the lights etc. 

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  7. A friend of mine was selling a Denon AVR-X4200W receiver that I thought would be a great upgrade for my son's RF7 II / RC64 II bedroom setup.  My friend said he would sell it to my son for $200 and said he would throw in a Harmony Elite with Harmony Hub with the deal.   NO BRAINER!  My son bought the receiver and let me keep the Harmony Elite and Harmony Hub for the theater room. 

    My friend was getting his home ready to sell and while I was there, I helped him uninstall and move his RF7's, RSW15's and RS7's and before I left, he gave me a Panamax 5500 for helping him which was super nice of him. 


    Check out the recap video here



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