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  1. I got bored with the gold, so I repainted it red! I also added an outboard motor and an acrylic shelf.
  2. Here's an update:I went in for a consultation yesterday with my Urologist, and he recommends removal over radiation treatment. His argument is that both treatments have the same results for the first ten years, but after that the recurrance of cancer comes into play and the death rate increases. They usually use radiation treatment on older patients, and removal on younger patients. I'm going in for surgery on June 10. No sense in messing around with this cancer thing--get it removed ASAP!
  3. OK here's the deal--I've just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I know it's pretty common, and the survival rate is good if caught early enough. I know a lot of guys have been through this, and my question is, what options do you think are best, and why? I know of the planting of the "magic beans", and also of removal of the prostate. Any advice/comments on which road is better? I've also heard of a fairly new treatment involving large horns, tube amps, and new vinyl of Jimi Hendrix played at 110 db. This procedure may not cure anything, but it sure can take your mind off of the stuff you don't want to think about! Part 2: What Celebs have died of prostate cancer? The only one I know of is Frank Zappa. Part 3: If Prostate cancer is so slow growing,treatable,etc., how could someone like Frank Zappa die from it? Part 4: All you guys over 50, have your PSA checked once a year!
  4. Thanks for all the advice, guys. I bought one tester on e-Bay and it ended up not working at all, so I resold it as a repair item at a loss. I then bought a Hickok 533A that works fine. I'm still figuring out how to use this tester to it's full potential, but right now I can test the 2 triode sides in my 12ax7's and at7's and see which ones are closely matched. Does it make a difference? I don't know, but I believe if you throw enough money at something, you'll eventually convince yourself that it sounds better! Plus I'm having a great time tube rolling and testing tubes just because I can!
  5. Roger Waters- The Wall 30th anniversary tour? C'mon Roger, why don't you go out and make some new music like Gilmour does?
  6. I'm thinking about buying a tube tester since I've been buying some tubes on e-Pay lately. Does anybody have advice on which brand/model I should buy? I've seen many for sale around $100.00, which is about what I'd like to spend. I plan to use it for testing 12at7, 12ax7, kt88 type tubes, nothing odd or rare. I appreciate any and all input. Thanks, Kevin
  7. Would it be politically correct to tell someone he has a "nice rack"? How about a "nice pair"?
  8. It's interesting that you extended the top and bottom piece beyond the side flare. Is there a sonic benefit for this or is it just asthetics? I like the light/dark contrast of the two wood colors.
  9. I'm rather new to tube rolling, but it isn't going to stop me from putting in my 2 cents! I recently rolled a trio of new Groove Tubes gold series 5751 tubes in my preamp, and they sound very nice - more on the mellow side. I have also had good luck with the Tung-sol reissue 12AX7 in the preamp. I tried the Mullard reissue 12AX7, but it sounded thin in comparison to the other "new" tubes. I said all that to say that I think some of the new reissue tubes are getting better, and it's a cheap alternative to tube rolling as compared to buying a bunch of vintage tubes. I have a question for you experienced tube rollers- I recently purchased an Amperex BB 12AT7 for my power amp. This tube is made in France. Does anyone have any experience with these tubes? Thanks, Kevin
  10. Put me on the list: Kevin-Flint, MI. 48507
  11. A few years ago when I purchased my Big Block 'Vette, a fellow shop worker said to me: "you should pull out that gas guzzling engine and put in a mild small block. It would get better gas mileage." Some people just don't get it.
  12. pic of the guts, showing the Jantzen caps.
  13. Hey Matt "CRASH" Schaffer, Thanks for the update. I've been listening to the last shipment of vinyl you sent me. Just opened up that AC/DC Back in Black last night. I didn't realize that was a 180 gram lp. It was awesome! Also listened to your Buddy- Buddy Rich. like I said before, I'm in no hurry. I had my system down for a few days while I recapped my preamp with Jantzen caps, and I turned the tubes around so they stick up through the roof. That way I can pop the tubes out for tube rolling without taking off the cover every time. Talk to you soon- Kevin
  14. Up here in the Great White North where our lawn equipment and other "Summer toys" sit for six months out of the year while the snowmobiles and snowblowers sit for the opposing six months, we run Stabil conditioner in every tank of gas. It has been reported to keep seals protected as well as keeping the gas from degrading. I use it in my '79 Vette (500 HP 454 ci) and never have a fuel problem. Also use it in my garden tractor, weed whipper, snow blower, lawnmower, roto-tiller, etc. Very cheap insurance!
  15. I understand where ALK is coming from. I'm currently running my 2" drivers at -11db attenuation to blend in with the other drivers. There is a lot of overkill power wise with the bigger drivers, and there is no sense in spending extra money for expensive drivers if you can't use all that power anyway.
  16. I'm really happy with the Selenium D405 (phenolic) 2" drivers on my big horns, and at $125.00 ea., they won't break the bank.
  17. I think I understand that. However....... There is a pretty solid manufacturing base in this country in the form of foreign auto makers and all of the newly opened factories here in the southeast. To be sure I wish they were all U.S. manufacturers, but at least BMW and Hyundai and Toyota and Kia and Mercedes Benz, etc. are building factories that will employ U.S. workers. And, I might add, due to the sophisticated manufacturing methods in these new plants, the workers are not only higher skilled but their pay is better too - i.e. they have more $$ to spend and pay more taxes. Mitsubishi Electronics is poised to build a new plant not far from where I live which will be a HUGE boost to the economy of that small town. Do we need more of this? I say absolutely for I'm a bit old school when it comes to my thinking about what type of industry this country needs to turn our economy around. However, for every one plant that GM shuts down there seems to be two that get built by foreign investors. Poo poo them all you want, but I'm gald the foriegn companies have faith that American workers can build a quality product and are spending their capital here. Tom I'm glad that Americans are able to make a decent wage at the foreign car plants here in America. But realize that they are only building here because it is cheaper for them to build here that export them, especially when the State and Federal governments are giving them huge tax abatements and other incentives to build here. Also remember that the profits are still going to the "Homeland", and not the USA. I'm afraid that the Foreign Companies will pull out of the USA as soon as it is unprofitable for them to manufacture their products here. If Americans can no longer afford to buy their products, they will shut their doors and move their operations to another Country, just as General Motors has. There is no loyalty towards consumers from the big corporations, only greed for the short term profit.
  18. Here's my latest weekend project. I purchased an Ariston RD-40 TT a while back, and decided to give it a makeover. Here's a pic of the original purchase
  19. I believe some of the Union websites still list items made in America. The list gets smaller every year. It's a sad time when we have to hunt for items that are made in our own country. Did'ja ever think what would happen if there was another World War and all our overseas supplies were cut off? Could we survive on the goods made by all the paper shufflers in their corner offices? I think not.
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