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  1. These tractrix tweeters will be the "riser between the bass bins and the 210 horns when finished. They will be painted black.
  2. Hey CB, Glad to see that the bigger is better horn bug has bitten someone besides just me. You can't beat a big horn! Great job on the build. How big will your next one be? -Kevin
  3. I have a little experience with older turntables. I would suggest this test first and foremost: turn on your turntable as if you were going to play an album, but don't lower the needle onto the record. With the tonearm suspended over the record, slowly turn up the volume to the point where you usually hear the noise. If the noise starts, you might be experiencing rumble coming from the motor, especially on a direct drive turntable, or from a bad bushing on a belt drive unit. If you get no noise, try this again with the needle on the record, but during a spot where there is no music playing, like at the end of the record. Turn up the volume again and see if you get noise. This will tell you whether the noise is coming from the turntable itself. If the noise only appears when music is playing, then you probably have a feedback type of problem. Using the HiFi News test record(or any other test record) is an excellent way of troubleshooting turntable problems, and will help take out the guesswork of finding your problem.
  4. I think those are the very rare DIY kit Heresy's you never hear of.
  5. I still believe in treating people the way you would want to be treated. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who would rather take advantage of and think of only themselves. It can get discouraging, but I have to believe in the saying that "what goes around comes around"! Someday your good deeds will be rewarded. I've been truly blessed in dealing with the people on this forum. I've met some great people and got a boatload of great advice and useful information. I don't always agree with everyone's opinion, but then again, that's what makes us individuals. Matt (Clermontcop) is a straight shooter, and I've had some good conversations with him (ran my battery dead on the phone once!), and we've had some good transactions between us. I understand his frustrations, and can only hope he doesn't get hardened by the bad things in life, but rather keep his hopes up that there is still a world of good out there.
  6. I'm running the Mullard 4024's in mine also. I started out with some Jan 12AT7's, and the Mullards were a big improvement. I'm running Sovtek KT88's, and plan on trying the Gold Lion reissues some day. I had a Ruby rectifier tube, but it only lasted about 2 days before it went haywire and I couldn't bias the tubes. I don't know if it was a bad tube, or if all the extra capacatence upgrades took it's toll on it. I'm now running the Weber coppercap ss rectifier with great results. You are gonna love your new amp!
  7. Happy New Year Matt and all the great Forum Members! Please don't drink and drive!
  8. Matt, I'm not getting your emails or pms. I sent you an email.
  9. Yeah Matt, that's my Man Cave. Too bad the builder's in FLA can't figure out how to dig 'em. Then you can put your stereo right underneath the bedroom where your wife's trying to sleep! If I keep it up, those big horns might become flower pots in the front yard next spring. It's 18 degrees outside right now, so I'm safe for a couple of months.
  10. You could always do the bi-amp thing and use a powerful ultralinear amp for the bass "slam" and a SET amp for the sweet mids and highs they are famous for. That's gonna be my next step.
  11. Re-did the tint of the finish for a better match to the bass bins
  12. Yeah, Mike brought his hand made single ended amp over and we listened to some sweet 5 watt tube music! Now he's got me thinking of bi-amping the Behemoths! -Kevin
  13. I think the Khorn corner placement is a great speaker style if you want corner speakers. I think too many people are trying to make the Khorns into something they are not. Beyond the great improvements with the different crossovers and tractrix horns, I think the Khorn bass bin is the "anchor" to the whole corner loaded design. Any modifications to the bass bin along with the mid and high designs,you no longer have a Khorn. I'm not saying that the Khorn is the best a speaker can be, I'm saying that a Khorn is pretty good at being a Khorn. But I've often wondered what would a Khorn bass bin sound like with a direct radiating mid woofer unit built on the front. The cabinet would stick out further, but still sit in the corner. That way you could have the benefits of corner loading and direct radiation. Just a thought.
  14. I'm wanting to replace my McIntosh C-39 SS pre with a tube pre to drive my Latino ST120 tube amp. right now I'm looking at used Rogue Audio, Cary, ARC, Conrad-Johnson, etc. Anybody got suggestions/recommendations? I would also like to have a tube phono stage and remote. I might go with a seperate phono stage, so I would like advice on a good tube phono preamp as well. Also-I'm willing to trade my McIntosh C-39 and 2125 amp for tube stuff if anyone is interested. Thanks, Kevin
  15. Wow CB, great score! I'll be interested in your results with the JBL's crossing down to 400 hz. I don't think you will have a problem at all, especially if you use a "universal" type of crossover. I got mine from Gothover, and they sound fantastic. Hopefully I'll be able to hook up my new Selenium driven 210hz monsters this weekend for a trial listen.
  16. Thebes, I didn't get a link. Is it perhaps.. "the missing link"?
  17. I just purchased an Ariston RD-40 TT off A'gon, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a source for parts for these. I really only need an original record clamp (spindle is threaded), and maybe replacement suspension springs. I've also read they offered a "heavy platter" option that sounds interesting. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. This is my 4th turntable! Time to start unloading unused TT's!
  18. I'm going to use my Crites drivers for the tweeters to start with, and might play around with other drivers if I don't like the sound-kevin
  19. Love the comparison. Horn looks great! Is it destined to be in view, on top of the Khorn or are you considering trying to build it into its own top? (clearly it won't fit in stock form nor shape because of its height) When the project is done, the oak horn will be on top with the black top that I have now. The tweeter will be in the middle, painted black to look like the original riser. Both the tweeter and oak squaker will be nekkid (no grill cloth) The tweeter will be a wooden tractrix horn driven by a Crites (APT50) driver.
  20. I use ALK universal crossover clones built by Gothover which are wired to have a 8 ohm load present to the amp no matter what impedance drivers you use. This way I can use my K-55V 16 ohm or my SelenuimD405 8 ohm drivers without changing anything, (except big ole horns and drivers). -kev
  21. I was really suprised how well that horn sounded sitting on top of the K-horn. My plan was to hinge the horn so I could angle it down a tad (the tweeter will be underneath it), but I might not have to. I didn't notice a lot of difference from sitting or standing. My listening room isn't really big enough to worry about off axis sound (18' X 12').
  22. My goal is to match them to the bass bins. This one is a little lighter right now, but I'm going to darken it a bit. It's not really that far off, but the finish is too glossy and reflects light too much. The other one I'm making turned out much better, of course!
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