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  1. I have got to believe that if the bass is comparable to the Khorns then the Khorns are not properly sealed in corners. Just the physics of the designs, it seems that something is amiss.
  2. Yeh that sounds cool. I have no idea what VRD or BBX are but I will check it out. Shoot me a PM with your Phone Number and we can hook up. I have been spending most of my time with CRT overhead projectors as it has begun to consume all my free time. I am currently getting rid of my inventory but at one time had 6 of them. Erik
  3. Mike, Are you still in Oviedo?? Erik
  4. Q, Yeh I would love to have you over. I am taking good care of the LaScala's and I still just love them. Sometimes I wish my whole system was just LaScalas cause they are so tight sounding. Anyhow I would love to have you by sometime. You need to see the 106" front projection CRT setup that I have. Next time you will be in the area drop me a email and we can make an afternoon of it. Erik
  5. Damn, that sucks! I felt a wave of sorrow come over me when I saw that. I'm speechless. Maybe klipsch will warranty that stuff(moderators hint hint, wink wink). That would be an awesome gesture especially to it loyal forum members. Stay strong. Erik
  6. Hey Q. Are you just getting rid of inventory. Did you ever get those other Horns going that you were working on last time I saw you? Erik
  7. Glad to hear you are OK and on the right side of the levee. Thanks for posting, It's nice to hear some positive news from that area. Erik
  8. I use Lascala's for front and rear center with my Khorns and soundstage is seamless. You don't want to use just the top cab if that's what your implying, not that you could split belle anyway. There are some older Lascala's that were used for sound reinformcent applications that came in two pieces. EJ
  9. Heresey I's Use the heresey for the fronts and the 301's as stands for them. EJ
  10. Trey, Theres nothing wrong with the sub or anything it still pumps major bass with no problems, I just got a little concerned when I felt thr rear driver and it was quite warm. As far as the sound quality ofthr unit I haven't nticed any loss. BTW the room is 25'x 30'x9.5' and it sit in one of the rear corners. If this component that you spoke of was fried would everything still work ok? BTW I use the BLACK BOX that is optional with the SVS Dual Ultra's that incidetally sit on top of my Khorns. Erik
  11. Yeh i probably was overdriving it. My common sense should have kicked in. I know better than that. That RSW Driver is one hell of a tough unit. Erik
  12. I was just doing some pretty serious jamming and I noticed that the driver in my RSW 15 was getting quite hot. I could smell the heat. I'm not sure if it has done this before but is this normal? I felt the drivers on my SVS Dual Ultra's and they were totally cool. Any Ideas? Is it possible that i am not feeding the amp enough juice, 15 amp wall socket? I have never heard any popping from the driver or noticed any type of failure? I do have it hooked throght the marchland box that I got with the svs so it can get some pretty serious gain pumped into it and I've come to realize that that rsw driver can handle just about anything you can throw at it, but I also realize that heat will kill it. Am I just pushing it too hard? I mean it seems to take whatever I throw at at but without producing additional bass. Maybe I just need to find that middle ground. Ive been fiddling around alot with pplace ment and whatnot lately so it kind has gotten uncalibrated with everything else. Erik
  13. Any other dishetwork customers out there out waiting for this unit to become available? If you don't know about it here is a link to the cut sheet. www.accsat.com/DISHRCVRS/DISH921.pdf I can't wait to start recording HDTV. EJ
  14. Great post scooter! I think I will do mine this weekend. EJ
  15. Thanks guys. I am still trying to figure out what to get and have been doing a ton of reasearch but these comments definetily are helping me narrow things down. EJ
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