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  1. Talk 'em down to $150. I had a pair of 3.5s I used as surrounds for a while and they were great. as long as Granny's not selling them... I thought the same thing. LOL [] Dennie
  2. Congratulations Teresa, remember to look into updating the crossovers, they will blow your mind when brought back to original specifications! [<)] They are nearly 30 years old and the capacitors are probably a little dried out. Sure they sound great, but you just wait! [] Dennie []
  3. Congratulations Sasqwatch, your music listening will never be the same. [<)] What will you be driving them with? Have you seen the threads on how to seal them up to the wall? Do a search, there are many. We'd love to see pictures when you get a chance. Again, Congratulations,. you done good! [Y] Dennie
  4. The crossovers went to visit Bob about two years ago. I love the bass. Sometimes I do fill like I need just a little ooumph in the very bottom. I've got a couple paradigm servo 15's that I bought from hogman. Most of the time I don't think they need anything, but on certain songs I will likely supplement them a little. That is how I feel about them also. Typically, at normal listening volumes, a sub isn't really needed. But at times, it is a must. A well integrated sub fills in the bottom end nicely. Congratulations and enjoy, Dennie [Y]
  5. Beautiful speakers! [Y] I know you said you bought them off a forum member, but have the crossovers been updated? What do you think of the Horn loaded bass? I love my La Scalas and the bass is like know other speaker I've ever heard! [] Congratulations. [<)] Dennie
  6. Sorry, I got carried away. You bet she did. Bill No problem at all, Bill. We all got a little carried away and I was startin' to feel bad for Teresa. Thanks, Dennie
  7. In the New Testament there are two different Greek words which have been translated repent. The word repent is an English word. It is an obsolete old English word and means nothing to us today. It was not even used in the Bible until the King James Bible came along in 1611. It was translated from the compound Greek words Metanoeo and Metamellamai. These two words have completely different meanings and remember in the coine Greek a word can have only one meaning so how can anyone give one definition or numerous definitions to the word repent? There must be two and only two definitions for repent. 1. Metanoeo. This is a compound word. “Meta” means change “noeo” means thinking. This word is derived from “nous” which means mind. So, metanoeo means to “change your mind” 2. Metamellamai. This is also a compound word. “Meta” means change “mellamai” means emotions. It means to have a “change of emotions”. If you go by these two translations of Greek words, I would say Theresa did repent. Her circumstances are no different than if I was to get angry at someone and "thought" about smacking them but repented(changed mind, changed emotions) for whatever reason, spiritually driven or worldly driven. The fact that I did not carry out that thought is a good thing in itself. Bill Way off topic! Let's bring this back to Teresa's thread. Did she do good? In my opinion, she did GREAT!!!! I can't wait to hear she's upgraded to La Scalas or Khorns!! [<)] You know what happens when the "Bug Bites"!! Congratulations Teresa and we're looking forward to pictures! [] Dennie []
  8. GET OFF OF YOUR HIGH HORSE!!! Who made you the watchdog for sellers? Sad? She almost got a better deal, but decided to take her winnings and leave while she was ahead. You my friend have some real issues. GO DEAL WITH THEM! Then we'll be glad to welcome you back. If you want to talk $hit about someone, go do it somewhere else. IT IS NOT WELCOME HERE! Dennie
  9. Do you see how we are confused? [:S] Go have a beer or smoke a joint or what ever you need to do and quit crapping on this thread. As mentioned, if you don't like it, don't post. SIMPLE! You've been around here a while now and are often respected in you opinion. But you are way off base with this one. Maybe you can't see it, but others can. Reread the thread if you don't think so. Teresa, you got a great deal on some great speakers, don't let a GROUCH take that away. Many of us are very happy for you and completely understand your enthusiasm. As far as paying it forward, I think you must of done so in the past and now you're being rewarded. [<)] You don't owe anyone anything. ENJOY the music. [Y] Dennie
  10. You are taking this way to personally. What the hell does it matter to you. Did your Grandma get ripped off or something? We all try to get the best deal we can, right? Don't (continue to) be an idiot. If you don't like the post, ignore it. If your Grandma got ripped off call the Craigslist police, don't take it out on a respected forum member, just move on. Dennie
  11. I just can't understand what got up your A$$? She got a good deal on speakers, from someone's (possibly deceased) Grandma. We don't see your point, if you can't tell. Either speak your peace or move on, stop harassing Teresa about a good deal. Best regards, Dennie
  12. Hey Teresa, I think you did great. Congratulations!! [<)] You may want to update the crossovers one day, as they are 28 years old and probably out of spec., but as Boxx said, ENJOY!! There are a few places to get the parts or replace the crossovers. Here is one that I used and am completely satisfied with --> CRITESSPEAKERS.Com Dennie
  13. Congratulations Youth, Those are some amazing speakers. I know you're going to be happy for a long time! [<)] Dennie
  14. Amazing Photos, Thanks!! [Y] Dennie
  15. If you want full sound traveling through the whole house, without ever needing to think of upgrading again.... LA SCALAS.... [<)] Dennie
  16. Pretty sure I will need permission to show as I'll be posting something on our neighborhood group Facebook page and (hopefully) putting a couple signs up. I think you are OK as long as you don't collect money for showing the movie. However, still look it up to make sure. I know I wouldn't want to face those fines and jail time! No, that's not true. Collecting money dosen't make any difference. It will be interesting to find out what the rule/law is?!! They show movies at the Park near me, which is usually "Grease", every Summer. I do know that DVD/Blu Rays are for "Private Use Only". But I don't know the rules/laws. Dennie
  17. This is a great idea Riv.! I've said many times "The Garage Door Opener Has Killed The Community"!!! We don't even see our neighbors anymore! Good idea Bruce. At the beginning of every DVD I've ever watch has a disclaimer about "use rights". So, you'll want to check out the legalities! Also, call the City/County about a permit to use the park. If the cost is high, maybe the elementary school will donate the space. Just a thought.Dennie
  18. Man, there is nothing like "Customer Support". Glad to hear you got some. Most places now a days don't even know what it means, but they think they have it! [N] Dennie
  19. With my Pioneer Elite, if you have the mains set to large, you have to set the sub to "Sub Plus", as Wuzzzer said. Keep us posted, Dennie
  20. Or, as I like to say... Season to taste! [Y] No shame in that! [] Dennie
  21. You should also check out AudioKarma.org ---> CLICK HERE A lot of "us" can be found there too. Dennie
  22. I agree with Dave, it you trust the guy and it's local and works... Go for it! [<)] Keep us posted, Dennie
  23. Congratulations Duder! [<)] That is what we all strive for.... Audio Nirvana. [Y] By all means, spend as much time with your set up as you can and try some different (to you) genres, you might be surprised what you like now that you have that awesome set up. Cheers.... Dennie
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