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  1. You’ve had those forever. I bought the pair I had on your recommendation. I still have a pair of Laurel 300b’s I can’t seem to part with. Someone will be very happy with these.
  2. That was quick! Very nice amps. I had a pair myself.
  3. I have the solid plate 45’s. They actually came on a pair of custom 45 monoblocks I bought before I found the StarChiefs.
  4. When I had my Khorns, I went from solid state(ugh), to Welborne Laurel 300b's, to Welborne Moondog 2A3's, then to Welborne StarChief 45's with Emission Lab tubes, and I was done. The purity of sound was sublime. I had my stereo club over and everyone was amazed that I was using less that 1 watt. Midrange vocals, especially female vocals are to die for. Truly holographic. I still have the Laurels and the StarChiefs but am using KT120's to push my Tekton Double Impacts. I can't bring myself to get rid of these amps, especially the 45's.
  5. Thinking very hard about this, Joe. I need a table for my house in Hayesville, NC. Do you ever get over that way?
  6. It’s amazing what you find when you move after 25 years in the same house! I have a signed Klipsch poster, artist proof, #41/60 still in the shipping tube from when I bought it. It has never been framed. I don’t have any idea what these are going for these days, so you guys tell me what it is worth. I’m open for suggestions. I think I remember what I paid for it. It’s a great piece of Klipsch history.
  7. https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/ele/d/riverview-klipsch-vintage-klipschorn/6843146430.html No affiliation, just appreciation
  8. The Aric Audio gear has gotten a lot of good press on the Tekton Double Impact forums. I bought a quad of the Russian 6p15p for my Decware amps off the Bay for less than $20. I didn't think I'd actually ever see them, but low and behold, about a month later they showed up. Sound really good and supposedly last forever.
  9. I'm afraid that he's going to catch a penalty for that move!
  10. Thanx guys. I do have an Academy that I haven’t tried. It’s oak and I would have to paint it black to match. I did see the ebay one and it looks interesting. I’m going to pass on the KV4 cabinet.
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