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  1. https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/ele/d/riverview-klipsch-vintage-klipschorn/6843146430.html No affiliation, just appreciation
  2. The Aric Audio gear has gotten a lot of good press on the Tekton Double Impact forums. I bought a quad of the Russian 6p15p for my Decware amps off the Bay for less than $20. I didn't think I'd actually ever see them, but low and behold, about a month later they showed up. Sound really good and supposedly last forever.
  3. I'm afraid that he's going to catch a penalty for that move!
  4. Thanx guys. I do have an Academy that I haven’t tried. It’s oak and I would have to paint it black to match. I did see the ebay one and it looks interesting. I’m going to pass on the KV4 cabinet.
  5. I power my LaScalas with either a George Wright push/pull amp or Decware monoblocks and love the sound. You should be able to find either in your budget. On Audio Asylum there is a Dennis Had Inspire amp and a modified Dynaco that would serve you well.
  6. I’m looking for a KLF C7 center channel speaker to match up with my KLF 20s, preferably in Florida to avoid shipping. PM me. Thanx
  7. Folks, I recently acquired a pair of KLF 20's to use as fronts for my HT. I have available a C7 for $300 or a RC 62 for $200. What would be the better match? Thanx, Captmobley
  8. Guys, you can't beat these amps, for any amount of money. I had 45DRD's and traded them for a Nelson Pass First Watt M2. I still have Welborne Star Chiefs and Welborne Laurel 300B's. The only reason I got rid of my DRD's is that I had the Star Chiefs and another custom 45 tubed amp. They were sublime on my Khorns. So clear and precise, especially on female vocals. Good luck with your sale.
  9. Yes, I changed out the tweeter per Bob's orders!
  10. Breakdown7. I have LaScalas at my weekend cabin in Inverness. You are welcome to come hear them anytime.
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