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  1. Very nice build. I have two questions if you don't mind - 1. Which CNC system do you use? 2. The curved sides of the horn appear to be oak plywood or oak veneer covered and not bendable plywood. What exactly are they made of and how did you bend them? Thanks,
  2. Are the Khorns new or vintage? If they are vintage - do they have the original networks and drivers? I bought a pair of 72 khorns two years ago, hooked them up and was appalled at the sound. I discovered that the tweeters were DOA and the networks were bad - the original oil based capacitors had leaked empty of oil. After replacing the tweeters and networks they sounded much better but not how I remembered from 35 years ago. I then again replaced the networks with ALK universals and the horns and horn drivers with Greg horns and BMS drivers and now they sound divine (in my opinion anyway - and my opinion is the only one that matters when it comes to the sound of my Khorns.)
  3. Which crossover are you using with this driver and what is your bass cutoff frequency?
  4. Is is true that klipshorns do not need an inductor for the bass bin since it tops out at 400hz? If so can one biamp a khorn and amp the bass bin without the need of any type of crossover?
  5. dth31 - I couldn't agree with you more. You described the improvement exactly.
  6. I also upgraded with Greg's V-Trac's and BMS drivers/ALK Universal's. Also like you, I thought they sounded great but the bass didn't have the punch that I like to hear. My solution was to built just the bass bin of a Bob Crites' Cornscala and use it as a subwoofer powered by a Dayton SA1000 with a ceiling of 275hz. The power on the Dayton is barely on and I get the punch I was looking for. If I listen to Brahms or Mahler I usually turn it off.
  7. I agree 100%. If I had to remove the v-trac/2" BMS drivers, I would sell the speakers because I couldn't listen to them again.
  8. I built a Bob Crites cornscala bass bin (post is somewhere) with a 15' woofer or you could build 1/2 of jc's dbb cornscala which would be lower and wider. I'm running this through a Dayton HPSA1000R Subwoofer amp. It sounds great.
  9. I have a good HK amp running my Khorns for 2 channel stereo but I would like to get into SACD multichannel/surround using a pair of KSF 8.5s for satellites. I had a low end Pioneer 5.1 receiver (can't remember the model) which I got rid of because it had very little bass output and purchased my present HK amp. So......I would like a recommendation for a decent 5.1 receiver (under $500.00) which will allow my Khorns to sound good.
  10. Amazon.com has a boatload of sacd's There is also: http://www.musicdirect.com/category/2?gclid=CPqhheHqyZoCFQKHxwodChww3Q
  11. In the original DBB Cornscalla is there two layers of plywood between the bass bins?
  12. Well, I guess that answers that question. Thanks.
  13. Out of curiosity, you guys that use commercial active crossovers that have XLR connections - how do you wire the xlr connectors with speaker wire to go to your speakers? or amp? Maybe there is some intermediate connection?
  14. jwc, I know this is an old thread but I am relatively new to the forum and this concept intrigued me. I would like to ask you a couple of questions if you don't mind. 1) You hinted in the thread that the angled back end as opposed to a square back changed the sound. What change, in your opinion, did it actually make? 2) The ports only go halfway up the height of the bass bin. Is the width of the ports the same as if they were under the woofer? Is the height of the two ports combined equal to the usual underneath port? 3) Would it adversly affect the sound if the two side ports were the full height of the bass bin but only half the width? Thanks, LC
  15. Blues Brothers, "She Caught the Katy"
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