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  1. Wouldn't you know there's a conflict that weekend, but should be able to free it up. Waiting to hear back from someone who can cover for me. Apologies for the chatter. Free bump!
  2. Excellent unit. I had one of those and reluctantly sold it. Wait a minute..... 😄 Good luck with your sale Jerry!
  3. Excellent price! Anyone on the fence should jump on this.
  4. @dian83 is looking for a pair of KLF-20s in Oak.
  5. Great front stage in that pic. I love my Chorus II's!
  6. Sounds great! Tell us what you find. Looking forward to seeing more of your new gear.
  7. Yes sir. 👍 Are you thinking of having an external amp for extra oomph? A good way to go.
  8. Agree totally. Great value in the KG series, especially these days. I've listened to all the KG models (one of those self imposed journeys), except for the KG-3. The ones that remained are KG-1s (two pair), KG 2.5s (many), and KG 4.2s. I'd own 4.5s again.
  9. KG-2 Heresy II's also have square and round terminal cups depending on their manufacture date. Don't know the reasons for the change.
  10. Wow. Two actives and two passives, per sub! Good luck with your sale. Those look downright scary.
  11. Cloth covered acoustic panels, commonly 2' x 4', placed on the walls to tame echoes. A good place to start is the first reflection point on the side walls. A combination of absorption and diffusion is a good goal. Below is a picture. Here is one source for panels. You can also make your own: https://www.gikacoustics.com/product/gik-acoustics-spot-panel/
  12. Welcome back! I remember you from way back. Congrats on the new gear and floor! Looks great.
  13. Sorry for thread crapping @Amoladikwig. Those are beautiful.
  14. Reduced price item due to very minor cosmetic issues or a veneer color that isn't up to spec. I've read many times where the owner can't find anything wrong with their B stock Klipsch.
  15. I listen to a good amount of heavy stuff and the recordings are commonly not the greatest. Turning it up can make it sound worse as it's already compressed and tweaked. Still.....I listen to many bands that enjoy distortion. The new Tool release is refreshingly not loud/compressed sounding. You can crank that one. If your setup is capable of sounding awesome with movies it can do the same with music. Don't have a suggestion as to how with your receiver....not familiar with Marantz receivers. Do you have any room treatments? Something to tame the first reflection coming off your mains.
  16. Same thing happened with our LG tv. If your TV has an unused USB and HDMI, a base line Roku can stream Netflix and Youtube. Here it is: https://www.roku.com/products/roku-express
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