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  1. You could try calling klipsch if that dosn't work try Home Depot, they sell machine screws.
  2. Thanks for the link, I just found a pair of RF-62's that I will have to look at.[]
  3. Hi everyone, I am considering buying a used pair of speakers (RF-62) and I was wondering what I should look for, any way I can check for abuse. I am upgrading from Quintets so I’m sure anything at the moment will sound better so is there any nuances I should look for? I know I should bring familiar music as a demo, but besides that I’m lost how else I can check for quality degradation. I plan on keeping these speakers for a long time so is it better to just buy new? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks NK
  4. Wow, the more posts I read the more I learn how passionate people are about quility sound.[] Thanks for the link, I guess my new stands should be sand filled then? NK
  5. X2 on the Sub-12, you can't beat it for the price. For $100 more (list) you get 50% more power and it plays down to 24Hz vs 28Hz[]
  6. Wow thanks guys, I got some great ideas from those links. I will post some pictures when I'm done. Again thank you. NK
  7. Thanks for the reply, I've seen a couple of nice solid wood stands, way over priced (one set was almost $700) I will keep on looking until I find something that I like.
  8. Hay guys I’m going to be making a pair of speaker stands at home and I was wondering if you would be able to post some pictures of your speaker stands. It doesn’t matter if they are home made or store bought, I would just like to get some possible ideas. I’m thinking of making them from Oak or MDF since I’ve heard that it’s better to use a denser material. The stands will be for medium sized bookshelf units that will be used in a 2 channel/home theater application. Thank you in advance. NK
  9. Sorry Wuzzer I made a mistake. My room is 12x15 not 12x10, do you think this would be ok?
  10. Hello everyone the time has come for me to upgrade my Quintets to something better, and I could use some input into what speakers to buy next. I have really started to enjoy 2 channel music, mostly Pink Floyd and the Doors (classic rock?) Something the Quintets couldn’t reproduce at anything other then low volumes, and they still didn’t sound good. I also enjoy movies and video games but from what I understand that the center channel is key to both not the mains, I will get what ever center speaker matches the mains. I am looking at a bookshelf speaker because of size and WAF. I already have a Sub-12 so I guess I am looking for mid and hi range capabilities. I am considering the RB-51 or RB-61 models. My room size is 12x10 so I assume bookshelf speakers will be ok. Nathan
  11. Very nice set-up. how do you like the center and surrounds?
  12. Try hockey tape, it will give it some more "bite" when you re-tighten the screws for the bracket.
  13. This is a common problem. Check the architectural section, there is a couple of solutions in there.
  14. Looks good JC, so I guess you like your new Sub!?
  15. I have a membership to both Costco and Sams club, for just two reasons. Sams club; one of the few places in Canada where I could get the factory 20 inch Pireli's, they are half the price of the Ford dealership. Costco; Great deals on lagre amounts of meat and sour keys (candy[])
  16. That is kind of funny[] Ive used that line before with co-workers but never my boss.
  17. My sub-12 is within 2 feet of my "old crt tv" and I have no problems.
  18. Congrats glad you like it![]
  19. Who would steal a semi and think to take it on a cop case?? He must know that he would never out run the cops? I guess its a good thing most criminals are not so smart.[:|]
  20. A few subs back I owned the PS-1000, it was a great sub. This was the first sub I listened to that really played low enouph to feal not just hear. I ended up returning it do to many noise Complaints (I should have just turned down the gain) I ended up with the PDR series instead. I only had the sub for a week but it rocked, the only draw back was its size, it was bigger then my first TV.
  21. Cool!! I thought the first one was great, I can't wait to see this at the theater, then at home.
  22. There are plenty of books that can teach you the basics of woodworking. Check out some off the Black&Decker home projects books, I now they have some easier mantle shelf builds.
  23. Roaddog its coming together very well, are you going to stain it or leave it natural? It looks like you have a nice work shop at home. How many anchor spots do you have for it? When you get to that stage please let me know, I would like to see how you secure it to the wall. Keep up the great work.[]
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