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  1. That's a good deal for sure! They did an excellent job restoring the first film, the rest of the movies are icing on the cake.
  2. A great movie with incredible LFE, they really ended the series on a high note.
  3. I have a pair of B-Tech that look identical, I'm using them for my rb-61s and the are very sturdy that haven't budged in two years.
  4. Since I'm done with this disc I can send it to you and you can try it out for yourself if you like, its been sitting on the shelf for over a year collecting dust.I'm sure shipping would only be a few dollars.
  5. I spent the afternoon with the Disney WOW calibration disc.I know it sounds goofy to hear that Disney has a calibration disc, check out the reviews on AVS, it was well worth the effort and at $40 well worth the price. It also has filter and sharpness tools. It also has an audio component as well with multiple frequency sweeps that helped me locate some rattles in my hvac
  6. It may be the latest but it sure isn't the greatest. I should have just gotten the regular slim model to replace the broken one. I still think the best one was the 80 gb fat, i could play ps2 games on it.
  7. Sorry I didn't mean to confuse you, about a month ago the released the super slim model its smaller then the slim mode. I took some quick pictures for comparison, sorry about the quality I'm using my tablet.
  8. I would use caution when getting the new super slim ps3. I bought one two weeks ago to replace my slim that fell. The top loading ps3 has two problems 1) it makes more noise the the slim especially when loading up the movie and game, just a thin plastic cover on top that slides. 2) it feels very, very poorly put together, I'm sure if young hands got a hold of it it could break. I would look at getting a regular slim unit instead, I know it won't come with Assassins creed 3 (a great game too!) but they still have bundles with uncharted 3 and others.
  9. Greetings JBD, I used to own the Quintet II system paired with the Klipsch sub 12 and I think this is a great satellite and sub combo. I was very happy with them and when the upgrade bug bit I just added a speaker or two at a time. There was also a post in the alert section of the forum for the HD 1000 system for $399 at onecall.com. I have never personally heard the HD 1000 but that seems to be a great price for a quality htib, just add a receiver and your off to the races.
  10. Hay Derrick I have the Auralex Great Gramma for my subs and they really do make a difference in my basement, I had a lot of rattles from my hvac at certian frequencies. The platforms cut down on 99% on the rattles and the only negative thing is that I had to turn up the gain a couple of clicks to compensate from the platform.
  11. A great way to spend 223 minutes, great audio and visuals as well as an epic story.
  12. I think the one "upgrade" they made was 3D 1.4hdmi. Other then that it seems very similar to the UMC-1. It still seems like a great deal to me at $599 for a preamp.
  13. I wanted to watch the race but it was blocked! I watched some qualifying and I was all set for the race!
  14. They definetley answered a lot of questions but brought up new ones. I would love to see them make a sequel but I think that was Ridley Scotts idea was to leave questions unanswered.
  15. Simply one of the best movies I recall seeing, outstanding audio (7.1) and some trully epic visuals. Ridley Scott ties in Alien(s) very well without overwhelming the story.
  16. Hay Scrappy I know Emotiva had a policy that if some goes on sale within a month of a purchase they will refund the difference, I dont known if the policy is still in effect. As for the cable they sure do look nice.
  17. Youthman I think your son will love this Spiderman, I took my son to see it in the theaters and I definitely think its the best installment of the Spiderman movies.
  18. I remember watching that movie with my older brother, he had to sneak me into the theater lol. Anyways I remember it being good.
  19. I rather enjoyed it, my wife did not for whatever reason. Some good audio and visuals mixed with a fun movie.
  20. Absolutely amazing! Nothing is out of place, man your system must sound (and look) great.
  21. That may be interesting role for him, there could definitely be worse actor's to play that role (Tom Cruise) Pretty sure he was joking lol. Russell did tryout for hansolo. Yes... It was a very weak attempt to bring in some humor... Ok my bad, I still think Tom Cruise will play a bad Luke Skywalker.
  22. It looks a bit to commercial for my taste.
  23. That may be interesting role for him, there could definitely be worse actor's to play that role (Tom Cruise)
  24. Are you sure it's your amp and not your PS3? On rare occassions, my PS3 makes a strange buzzing (maybe rattling) as the DVD Spins up. It's almost as if the disk is off balance for a few seconds. It's pretty loud and I've only heard it do it just a few times. Good question. I'm not very knowlegable when it comes to the inside of electronics. If you take the lid off, play the source and listen for the rattle to see if you can locate the source of the noise. Then, I would power the unit down, unplug and let it sit for 30 minutes (might be less time but that's just me). Hello again Youthman, It is definitely the amp, I have everything turned off and unplugged and I tapped the top of the amp and there is a ringing sound whenever I tap the top or side of the chassis. Very puzzling since the amp still works good?
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