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  1. Thanks Budman, ordered a pair this morning. Along with 3 yards of British style small weave cane fabric 😛 Hmmm, now to address the crossovers 🤔
  2. Naw, haven't had the chance to play with placement yet. Just a quick tune and make sure everything works as it should. Get to play more this weekend 🤓
  3. Anyone willing to part with a badge 🤔 I used to have the pair but one somehow got lost over the past couple years. Have torn my house apart searching to no avail. Bueller... Bueller... Bueller... LOL
  4. Well I brought the CHT-15 home tonight. Initial impressions are good. It is kind of a booger to tune though. Going to have to play around with it this weekend, placement & controls. It has a nice tight sound and the odd placement does not seem to slow it down nor cause a directional effect. One thumb up for now. Perhaps, after I get it dialed in, we'll see two thumbs to the sky.
  5. yeap, believe them be the Frats... Damn memory 🤨 edit: just remembered, the 1st Betty's were factory black and that is how they ended up staying black. However, can't remember for the life of me where I originally got the Scala's I have now. 7 or 8 pairs later, I loose track...
  6. I think you are correct, Sir. The whole reason for the coating you applied to them. Damn memory was never very good to start with. Not getting any better HaHa. Forgot all about you taking a pair of the beaters...
  7. I do not think these are the Frat house speakers. The Frat house must have been the original Black Beauty's... The tops and corners are just in too good of shape to have been those
  8. WooHoo - they are on their way! ...feeling a little giddy 🤪
  9. Feeling like a noob here 🤓 ...a little confused - Of course La Scala II, beautiful specimens they are. However, AL5? What is this AL5? Someone wrote me in a PM asking about AL5 and I thought it was an upgraded AL3 crossover. I may have given a very misguided response LOL
  10. Hell, I don't remember! The original Black Betty's may have been the fraternity speakers. Shoot, been so long ago... OYE 🥴
  11. Yes, Cincymat's Plum Mahogany are my favorites too! Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, this is the pair I paid $125 for that came out of a fraternity house. They are not a candidate for full restoration and will have to be painted. The bones are good but there is a lot of wood filler on them from all the years of abuse. ...and so it will be, Black Betty II 🤪 - revisited
  12. They will need some work - end goal, - Piano Black with the tri Cane grills.
  13. Sort of... Even trade for my RF-7's. Going to box them up tonight and he is bring the LS before work in the morning. After work tomorrow, coming to Warrenton to pick up a Velodyne CHT-15 for 250. Looks to be in very good condition and the seller has been very accommodating.
  14. a hint, Sir Mookie 🤔 The woofers and crossovers made travels from StL one day...
  15. great news Guys & Gals !!! My new La Scala's are being delivered at 7:15 tomorrow morning 🥳
  16. Anyone have experience with the Velodyne CHT-15? Thinking of picking one up tomorrow evening to replace a pair of RW-10. Thanks
  17. Matthews


    Budding engine builder myself. This is my 1st one, 383 stroker. Soon to revisit, the hobby of La Scala restoration too...
  18. Matthews


    your stained glass is awesome !!! Would love to have some in my vaulted windows, WOW...
  19. very long story, very short, yes this is my new house Sept 2019. Thank you. I love it!!! Has a big shop outside too YES YES YES !!!
  20. La Scalla II's, mint, at 3K, hell yeah, I'd take that deal all day long... $1500 for beaters, not gonna happen. Will do without LOL. Not gonna spend over a grand on a pair that need restoration. Just have to be happy with what I gotz, RF-7's ...they are certainly not slouches and I do enjoy them immensely ⬇️⬇️⬇️
  21. looks like you have too many Belle's, Sir Mookie ...perhaps I can help you out 🤔 - hook the trailer and can be there in 2 🥳
  22. Oh but I do, Sir! Installed a trailer hitch on my daily 🤪
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