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  1. Magnificent gospel from Prestonwood Choir! Maynard
  2. Getting up and dancing to this gospel performance left me and my wife weak!!! Maynard
  3. I assume you want to match tubes for push-pull operation. If that is the case they need to be matched using a curve tracer to ensure proper balance under signal conditions. In my opinion and experience that is the only way to go if that is important to you. Whether you will be able to hear much difference is for you to judge. You can get some insight about this here: http://aeaaudio.com/matching-tubes-with-a-curve-tracer/ Maynard
  4. Gerald Wolfe and Greater Vision with First Baptist Atlanta. Wonderful harmony! Maynard
  5. Very nice Dave! Thanks for posting it! Maynard
  6. Terrific gospel tune with Vince Gill and Del McCoury band! Maynard
  7. Another beautiful performance by First Baptist Dallas! Maynard
  8. Is this a SEP, or is the 6V6 triode strapped? If you post the schematic it should be easy to come up with a solution. Maynard
  9. Beautiful and powerful gospel solo by Janet Paschal. Maynard
  10. This amp features Deckert’s Hazen grid wiring which connects the suppressor to the cathode through a capacitor (normally it is connected directly). I have never tried it to see if it produces the claimed results. You can read more about it here: https://www.decware.com/newsite/paper146.html Maynard
  11. Still amazing! Maynard
  12. Sorry about the confusion of the call signs. In this instance, the contact was with voice (“phone”). Yes, QSL cards were exchanged and used as proof of contacts with states, provinces, countries, etc. They were also needed as proof for the abundant awards which existed. So, if this is your dad’s card which he sent to the ham in Minnesota, how did your dad get it back? Maynard
  13. Some may be familiar with using the 807 in audio applications. Here’s an example of how the ham operators used it; https://worldradiohistory.com/UK/Short-Wave-News/Short-Wave-News-1949-11.pdf Maynard
  14. Not difficult to interpret: W6IYD is the guy your dad spoke with. QSO is a conversation with the date and time specified (on 28 mHz voice in this case). The signal report of 59 can be interpreted from this: http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~maxwell/RSTInfo.html The guy’s transmitter used push pull 807s to produce 70 watts, and his receiver was a converted military surplus unit (very popular and readily available after the war). http://www.tuberadio.com/robinson/museum/command/ Hope this helps! Maynard
  15. Wire antennas can be extremely effective, and can easily be arranged for HF on small lots. You can get some ideas here: https://www.qsl.net/va3iul/Antenna/Wire Antennas for Ham Radio/Wire_antennas_for_ham_radio.htm I spent my youth under the tutelage of “old timers” who knew more electronics than the EEs in many cases, and I was involved in countless antenna projects. Maynard
  16. More magic from First Baptist Atlanta. The talent of the vocalists is remarkable! Maynard
  17. Incredible mezzo soprano Katherine Jenkins! Maynard
  18. Yes, if we are talking about the filter section of a power supply I would agree with you. In audio one can find claims about anything. There are some who claim that the color of the insulation on wires has a profound effect on the sound! The bottom line is do whatever makes you happy and just enjoy the music! Maynard
  19. In my opinion it can’t! If you read the description about the percent improvement in sound it is obvious that it is all hype. A rectifier is not in the signal path. Its job is to provide the circuit with the voltage required for the tubes to operate within their design parameters. If it does that, especially in a preamp with a near constant current draw, all is well. There are all sorts of claims out there about rectifiers such as the size and shape of a getter affecting the sound. About the only thing this device may possibly do is to ensure a constant voltage under very variable current draw conditions (such as those encountered in very high power push pull power amps). But I would have to see the schematic of the device and real world measurements to be convinced. http://www.thebestamp.com/Accessories/Super_Rectifiers.php Maynard
  20. I totally agree that Jim Cross, the owner, is honest and reliable. I have bought all my tubes from him for more years than I can remember. Maynard
  21. That is a wonderful offer John. I used the 9x7 chassis which allows ample room for maneuvering underneath. One of the biggest deterrents for prospective diy-ers is the chassis prep. I hope you get lots of interest! Maynard
  22. The emotion conveyed here is palpable- First Baptist Atlanta Maynard
  23. Beautiful rendition of the popular Leonard Cohen song. Maynard
  24. Awesome performance— First Baptist Atlanta Maynard
  25. Another gospel masterpiece by the Gaithers: Maynard
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