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  1. I switched out the new drivers and put all the originals back in.
  2. Shred your ears? Everybody’s ears are different of course , but I’ve never experienced anything close to that with anything I’ve listened to on the 396s. Do you use any room treatments? What kind of surfaces do you have in your room? Do you have tall vaulted ceilings? A few pictures of the room layout might help for some of the people on here to give advice. If you’re experiencing any harshness, I would definitely look at the room. It is just as important as any other piece of equipment that you can have, and probably the most overlooked. The room is a literal speaker box enclosure. I personally have acoustic panels all over the place. I know a lot of people think it’s snake oil, but they are so wrong.
  3. Well, it’s been about three months and I thought it was about time I share a small review after giving a lot of hours listening to the 396s…I really believe that sound is a muscle memory and anything different can seem better, worse, or just different. So I believe it needs time to give a good true impression… First things first the 396s are just fantastic speakers.…. They are definitely right there with the KPT904s… especially in the voice (wow just wow)… I know a lot of you that have time with the 510 or better (402) know what I’m talking about…. the 510 is so much better than other commercial speaker drivers I’ve heard... It’s really hilarious.. I have owned so many speakers, and they just wipe the floor with them. So I have been pushing them mostly with just normal listening level music, movies, tv, and even a lot of basic podcasts….I work remote, and spend most of my time in the room they are sitting in (these speakers do not collect dust). I have also opened them way up with music, and movies as well and they sound amazing on everything…I have said this in other posts (and forums), but it’s worth repeating…the VOICE … right away you hear it. It’s so big compared to other speakers… for example I would go to the movie theatre, and I would hear that giant voice. That was the one thing in the home that I missed… I could replicate the bass…I could replicate the surround-sound, but the voice was always smaller. Only the 904s, and the 396s (510s) match that in the speakers that I have owned. For as good as La Scala sound, they don’t have that, the RF7s they don’t have that, the Cornwalls they don’t have that etc. etc. Spending $3500 on a pair of speakers Is a ton of money, especially when I think back to what I would spend 20 years ago….I can’t necessarily say that they’re better than a $1000 pair of speakers when you’re talking bang for buck (everyone’s ears, and wallets are different). But as I sit here today writing this review I couldn’t be happier….. Well done Klipsch.
  4. It could be acoustically transparent.
  5. No stands yet. The grills have that foam. I wonder what it’s there for? they’re not normally behind a screen so I don’t get it…. has anyone gotten any technical data on the purpose?
  6. I haven’t done anything yet. Been super busy. I have had them on for watching normal tv, but other than the day they came last week I haven’t done much with them.
  7. When I had the 904s it was in a different room than I’m in now, but in that same room I had a ton of different speakers that i messed with..like Cornwalls, RF7ii, and a bunch of lesser models in the reference line and even the extended heritage line. There were a lot of differences, but the main difference was the voice (size and sound)…. as much as I enjoyed the other speakers (all of them really) in terms of the voice they were all toys…… The room itself is such a big part of the sound. So I hesitate to compare anything I heard from another room, but that giant voice is definitely back with the 396s.
  8. I’ve been flipping though a bunch, but Lindsey Stirling crystallize was the first one I went too.
  9. That’s hilarious….. it actually worked out pretty good for me (I work four 10 hour days and don’t work Mondays) …. But I have absolutely taken plenty of days off when I have speakers on the way.
  10. Brand new speakers being delivered is the adult version of Christmas.
  11. Generally, most of these can be technically upgraded in every way. Depending on how old they are the crossovers might be the best move first.. (replacing old caps).
  12. Sorry, I just noticed I posted this in the wrong section. I reposted it in the right section so if one of the mods could delete this please.
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