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  1. Almost every panel TV I’ve ever owned I’ve used the vivid setting, and tweaked it a little bit (I usually bring down the contrast and back light a bit)… A lot of people prefer the standard or cinema preset, but me personally I really like when colors are bright, and pop.
  2. You beat me to it. A lot of these TV displays have different titled enhancement features that come on default… what people like is going to be different obviously, but the first thing I recommend anyone doing is going in their settings, and toggling the enhancement features on off.
  3. Right, and there was a time where you could own people as property, and you could do whatever you wanted with them, and you wouldn’t be breaking any rules or laws. ** my point is is just because something is within the rules doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right** No one is arguing that Klipsch is not within their right to do whatever they want on this forum. If you throw a party are you seriously going to tell people to stop talking about a movie you don’t like just because it’s your house and you can boss people around?
  4. OK, fair enough, but who is the person that made these rules and enforcing them? I’ll be happy to retract what I said if I’m wrong.
  5. Some of the off-limit topics on this forum weren’t always the off-limit topics (that has changed a lot!). And I would say that this is not Klipsch ‘s house (their barely ever here), IMHO we should be the ones that dictate what type of discussions we wanna have as long as we’re not disrespecting anyone in the process I don’t see the issue. If I want to compare this with that, or if I want to talk about upgrading this, or modifying that …who cares 🤷‍♂️. Again I’m speaking my opinion so I’m not expecting anyone to agree or disagree. I just think the policing, and censorship has really ripped this forum apart., and drove so many former members away …There’s barely anyone ever logged in compared to what it was years ago. That didn’t happen on accident. I’ve had plenty of conversations with people that have left this forum, and why… so I’m not just making this up.
  6. Transparent screens are super nice. I love the clean look, and being able to have a matching center channel… Personally, I’m a big fan of a phantom center depending on what center you’re trying to run. I’ve had my share of smaller center channel speakers, and no thank you. Unless the center channel is just as good as the right and left channels it ends up being a downgrade vs a phantom…The voice is to important too use a smaller/lesser speaker in my opinion (music and movies).
  7. That’s not my room anymore. I sold that house a few years ago.
  8. Those were on sale for 2200 a few weeks ago
  9. Until very recently, 100 inch LED TV was basically impossible from a budget standpoint. Now there half the price of a nice projector set up. They’re even cheaper than a nice screen lol. You might be right though about 100 inches being too small. I would have to see an outline or something on the wall to know for sure.
  10. I really like the nearfield projector idea…the AWOL VISION LTV-2500 projector for example. It has a lot of what I’m looking for (don’t have to ceiling mount a projector and run wires plus 3-D and awesome picture). Pretty expensive, and I’ve read dialing in the image on the screen can be a pain. Not great for false wall set ups either. Definitely still on my list of ideas though.
  11. You make a lot of great points that I agree with… I had a JVC reference line projector the PQ was pretty awesome. Plus, having the ability to have a scope screen is another huge advantage. I also love having everything behind the screen and having that clean look.
  12. If it’s good enough for our countries first amendment…. it definitely should be good enough on speaker forum. “ freedom of speech: is the right to express opinions without government interference or censorship”
  13. Did Paul ever design any commercial subwoofers? What models?
  14. I am sad that 3-D has died on flat panels… 3-D is awesome when it’s done right… that’s one of the major lingering issues that makes me still wanna still go projector (besides size ) 3-D is still really relevant in the projector world. Sitting about 10 feet away from a 125 inch screen with good 3-D is really hard to beat.
  15. So true… with projector everything is a monster hassle. But there is a pretty big difference between 100 inch and 125 for example
  16. Soon I’ll be building another dedicated home theatre room. I always assumed I would be going with a projector/screen again, but with the cost of these big panel TVs coming down so much I’m having serious second thoughts…. Some of these 98-100” tvs are in the 2k range (really tempting 😳).. I’m curious of the thoughts of you all on this topic.
  17. Wow I actually had to Google those … pretty rare when I don’t recognize a Klipsch model number 😊.
  18. I don’t have an opinion on any of those models (I haven’t owned any of them)… but personally I would move heaven, and earth to make Atmos happen in your amazing room 💕……When Atmos first came out, I kind of thought it was more of a gimmick than anything, but I’m definitely sold on it now… It truly creates a 3-D sound. The atmosphere is the biggest part, and is fully immersive…As far as keeping up I would be very surprised if anything from the pro line didn’t work for Atmos duty… as mentioned earlier, they are technically a full range channel, but if you’re crossing them over at 80 or 100 I don’t think it really matters. I have owned the 1201s that you have, and I would definitely go with those (ceiling mounting probably won’t be very easy though)… but I really like that 1.75 compression driver (I had a pair of them in my set up as sides surrounds)…. Atmos don’t technically have to be on the ceiling though. You could bump them up to where they’re pushing the ceiling on the sidewalls for example.
  19. Is it just one of the speakers?…. I would return it personally.
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