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  1. beautiful - no more back-breaking
  2. Hi Carbon 66 - I remember seeing this thread before and I thank you for posting it as your work is excellent - these 1 inch scalas were just superb - Regards Randy -
  3. Interesting. It looks like the photo for the Jubilee is the incorrect model. Please explain
  4. you can pm mustang guy on this forum - he is the reconing guru -
  5. c-mon not all Acer products are bad - they do have good stuff too - their wide screen laptops are tanks -
  6. OO1

    RIP Doug Sax

    yep - he worked on tons of recordings - RIP Doug Sax , thanks for the music
  7. Bracing won't restore the outer panels. thanks Carl -Jason - Morey , I hear you , here is Marshall's (groomlakearea51) restoration threads HERITAGE BIBLE https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/147117-marshalls-groomlakearea51-restoration-threads-heritage-bible/
  8. Bracing won't restore the outer panels. thanks Carl -Morey I hear you , 1)here is Marshall's (groomlakearea51) restoration threads HERITAGE BIBLE 2)here is Carbon 66 Lascala restoration that included adding 1 inch wall to the scala by adding a 1/4 inch MDF panels to all sides and the dog house - then veneer - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/147117-marshalls-groomlakearea51-restoration-threads-heritage-bible/ 2)here is Carbon 66 Lascala restoration that included adding 1 inch wall to the scala by adding a 1/4 inch MDF panels to all sides and the dog house - then veneer - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/113839-la-scala-1/
  9. we have to get the Jubilees in a proper perspective as they are PWK last speaker design with a lifetime of experience - : the Jubilees are huge , they tend to be a TRUE REPRODUCER - versus per example a Scala or Khorn - -they are a life-like speaker that will reproduce the source material impeccably and without coloring the sound at all - the recording on the CD will ensue through your ears , accurately - as if you were in the recording studio - flat -right down to any deficiency in the recording or by that matter all of it's qualities --the bass is tighter , more defined than a k-horn -and in comparison with the scala , the bass bins are taller and wider -resulting in a wider sound experience - the first time you will hear a Jubilee , you will
  10. Hi Jason - are all glues the same - I hear of all these special wood glues - is there any type in particular that would be better - tx
  11. I need to restore 1 set of Cornwalls - 2 sets of heresies - 3 scalas - -I am looking for threads on this forum that can show me how to add 1/4" or 3/8" panels to restore CW-Scala or Heresy cabs - thanks for the help
  12. duratex is so hard to remove after it is applied -it leaves a coarse surface -
  13. is there an easy easy way to cross these at 100khz - 100khz? I think some super-ultra-mega tweeters are in order oops 100htz - yep -oops 100htz
  14. is there an easy easy way to cross these at 100hz - a correction is in order sorry guys 100htz
  15. is there an easy easy way to cross these at 100khz -by that I mean , do you modify the crossover
  16. Happy Easter Jim ---- pictures of the cabs would be cool - and I thought old ladies took care of their stuff -
  17. the average CW gets banged up on the sides and top panels -scalas the bottoms as well -to get gorgeous cabs , I either replace these panels with 3/4 inch or 1 inch - also simply adding a 1/4" or 3/8" veneered or non-veneered panel is a viable solution if the panels can be glued over with brads -
  18. Chorus 2 are worth 1000$ minimum - so yes great deal and they look in great condition -these holes could have been there for years due to house work or moving - you have the seal the holes before they get bigger - very minor damage either way - and not visible -
  19. yep . - why not - anything but black paint - thanks for the link
  20. Stay strong for the family - these are tough times - our prayers are with Charley - God Bless -
  21. You have not been here long enough to know, but Greg started out on this FORUM right here and learned most of his speaker information right here on these pages from others here. Same goes for his woodworking skills, trial and error on veneer right here on these pages and learned about different veneer techniques and bubbled some of his first veneers right here! While I remain very impressed with his skill that he has achieved with veneer, I think he is overpriced on his work, but he gets the money he asks for.... A quote from PT Barnum comes to mind here. I worked in a custom cabinets shop for years, then later, a custom laminate shop and can tell you that greg has done some good woodworking, but I surely would not quote him here as some sort of a definitive answer to anything except veneer work. Roger Hi Roger -Jason - MinerMark - JIM know has all the answer he needs - I also need to restore 3 scala cabs but I will go the route of adding a 1/4 or 3/8 inch raw birch panel to the sides and top - thanks guys
  22. how long before the Bondo hardens -
  23. Bondo is just a generic name for product that requires a hardener ...just like Epoxy which without a hardener will never dry/cure. Its been used on all types of surfaces that will be painted. A skilled Furniture Restorer will also use a Bondo type product on an unpainted ( stained ) surface but it will require graining and extensive color touch up. Other products like Shellac Burn In Sticks can be used as well but again.. they will require the knowledge to make the repair completely invisible to the naked eye. In short...a Bondo type product will suffice for a painted finish.p perfect -
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