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    Marantz av805a, 3 K402MEHs, 3 Icepower 50asx2 BTLs, (4)Klipsch RP150Ms for heights,2 MEH minis work in progress.. Xilica XP4080, Panasonic ub820, Denafrips Pontus ii, Denafrips Athena Preamp, Lumin U1 Mini, Project RP 1.3 Carbon turntable, DIY 7 B&O amp modules for the front 3 Celestion woofer pairs, and a 86" LG 4K FP for movies.

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  1. I love my cabinetless MEHs...maybe someday I will replace my celestion woofers and get some real OB woofers.
  2. Did you solder or crimp your wires? I have not been able to find any female spades that can hold a 12 gauge speaker wire.
  3. @MMurg In your pic of the Celestion axi2050...what kind of connector does it use for your speaker wires? I purchased a pair direct from a Celestion dealer and they have a male spade. I hate the spade and am trying to find out what other connector might be available. I had a Allen's screw type banana jack for attaching to the spade and it is ok, but I would love to be able to have a direct spade or screw terminal instead.
  4. Yamaha 1010 or 2010 integrated or receivers are vintage (late 1970s), and sound great with Klipsch speakers. The one, I had, had a switch on the front to switch to class A too. Class A is nice for low level listening at its best and great for Klipsch speakers!
  5. REWhas a feature i found where can run all your speaker individually and the bring up the phase readout or impulse and you can align each speaker phase or impulse to be the same.
  6. I also need to learn how to align the phase from one speaker to the next in REW.
  7. I am playing around with the crossover point still...currently trying 40hz. I am also running a Harmon curve. Sounds good, and def digs deep! I will be doing some mods to the setup and then retuning.
  8. Here is a closeup to part of the temporary stand...the stand is attached to the k402 horn.
  9. Here is a side shot..you can just barely see the support going to the front and the piece it is attached to, that is screwed to the horn mouth frame.
  10. The speaker grill were some black mesh grills I picked up off of Amazon. The current stands are for temp use and most likely I wil design a new style from the current ones and have them made out of Mesquite hardwood. https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Speaker-Stereo-Fabric-Dustproof/dp/B07W3J5WX7/ref=sr_1_8?crid=1UGYLQ4J7TPT&keywords=Black+speaker+grill+material&qid=1701968324&sprefix=black+speaker+grill+material%2Caps%2C349&sr=8-8
  11. Here is the new configuration with the f20 horns, and the MEHs setup as a 3 way.
  12. I think it was a gain setting, problem with the mics not set properly. I used the Celestion settings Chris posted and matched the levels...which now included me having to lower the AXI2050 an additional 10db to match the OB MEHs.
  13. The Mesquite was first mounted with screws from the inside of the horn like Danley does...once that was done we removed the Mesquite and then glued them in place and tightened down the screws. All 4 sides of the horn mesquite are glued and screwed to the horn. We did this as it is permanent. I have another pair I debating on adding the Mesquite to, but i have also thought about selling them and the Mesquite makes these very heavy. If I keep them I will use them for my surrounds. I do not get the bass spl out of the Celestions without a cabinet, but also am not getting I the spl out of the compression driver either. I went cabinetless because I have the bass horn for 20hz performance. I was getting 20hz with the cabinet too, but I felt I a was driving it to hard, as sometimes the woofer complained. I still hit 90db on peaks when listening to my music @13' away with a passive Denafrips Athena stereo preamp. The volume works basically like a faucet...you do not get to full power until it is wide open. Wide open on the preamp is 60 and I hit 90s @10 on the volume control. Currently I am only using the Celestion woofers for the 200 to 500hz. The compression driver goes up to 20khz, and the bass horn goes down to 20hz.
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