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  1. thanks for the responses! i don't have banana plugs - yet. that will be another project... as well as looking at binding posts on ebay
  2. Hi. The binding post works fine, just missing one cap on one speaker. How did this happen? I bought them this way several years ago. Electrical tape is not a solution. Any suggestions on where I can get a cap for a Chorus 2 speaker. Has anyone got a cap they want to sell? Rich Tulsa
  3. The cabinets are tempting since I live in Tulsa, but as wvu80 has pointed out - the costs do add up. If I am going to do something like this, plug and play Heresy for $400 is a better idea....or wait and see if a guy in Broken Arrow will come down anymore on his Heresy 3's ...currently at $1050. He was at $1200....
  4. Same here in Tulsa. Just saw some nice Heresy 1 with cane grills sold quickly for $650 on CL As a matter of fact, I am here because I am waiting patiently for this same speaker in my area.....
  5. https://oklahomacity.craigslist.org/ele/5945739996.html It might be pushing 6 hours - one way?
  6. Nice. I've got a similar model being used with Chorus II speakers. Anyone looking for a great sub at a good price should jump on this. Shipping? Ahhh, you and Japosey will have to work that one out
  7. pm to Gregg. That NAD 1155 would work for me if dwillie doesn't grab it. Harmony08
  8. Jaten, There are quite a few folks in here that have forgotten more about speakers than I will ever know - or want to know. Welcome to the forum. Last year, I picked up some Chorus 2's for $400 they were black and I was 3rd owner. I had to have some patience to find these ...and had to drive a ways to get them. harmony08
  9. Marantz 1060 preamp, marantz 112 tunner, marantz model 6100 turnable CL - no relationship - http://tulsa.craigslist.org/ele/5463069813.html in another CL posting - http://tulsa.craigslist.org/ele/5447753165.html model 240 power amplifier...
  10. my daughter would take one .....put her on the list. thanks. Rich
  11. Wanting to add one speaker to a theater surround sound. I can't find one rs62......Kipsch said that the RP-160M should blend in.... harmony in Tulsa
  12. Any possibility of putting some Klipsch speakers in it with a Kicker sub...and some fancy amplifier....I wonder if we could get those steel doors to vibrate...?
  13. http://tulsa.craigslist.org/search/sss?sort=rel&query=klipsch Check out the Tulsa CL for some Klipsch speakers...or even nearby in Ft. Smith Heresy 2's for $500 No affiliation. For six months, I searched around for some Klipsch speakers. I had to drive to get the Chorus 2's I have - and am happy. Content. No more speakers. None. No way....except for.... Harmony08
  14. Thanks. The CL ad is for the rs 62 II The front on these are rounded I believe. I have the rs with the triangular front. My wife will definitely know I added the speaker if they don't all look the same! We can't have her noticing such things
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