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  1. My Academy sits on top of my subwoofer, which places it at the same elevation as the horns on the Fortes. 52" Sharp Aquos LCD is mounted on the wall, directly above the Academy/sub.
  2. as far as I know, Frzinvt's approach would just insert the .pdf icon into your .ppt file - meaning there would be a 'clickable" icon there. if you want the actual image inserted into the .ppt, try this: open the .pdf image. crop out the area you want (or to eliminate the white edge) - then "save as .jpg" then insert the .jpg version into your .ppt presentation.
  3. do they look like these: http://www.atsacoustics.com/ or like these: http://www.realtraps.com/products.htm scanning in a picture would really help.
  4. you gotta be kidding - this isn't even snake oil for interconnects - it's a power cord? I can't see how it moves electrons any more better. besides, what kind of wire is the electricity flowing in before it gets to the wall outlet? before it gets to your circuit breaker panel? upgrading the last 3 feet of conductor is a joke.
  5. the AMT product was a "model car" offered for sale as a tie-in to the show. He drove a real 1965 Sunbeam Tiger in the show, which was actually his, as his contract stipulated that he got to keep the car used to shoot the credits. They used a Sunbeam Alpine (the four-cylinder version of the same body style) in lots of the stunts, as it was easier to get the other goodies under the hood (like the rocket launcher, etc.) I can speak from experience - with a 289 shoe-horned into the front of my 1967 Tiger II, there was very little room for anything else - in order to change the two rear spark plugs, you'd pull rubber plugs out of the fire wall to access them... it dynoed ~320 HP, did a 13.1 quarter mile - without positraction, leaving a single black mark was very easy. got 24 mpg on the highway loafing along. with the light weight and lots of torque, you could slowly let the clutch out at idle and not stall. 2nd or 3rd gear starts in the wet. but, way too fast for a 21-year old Navy ensign. 20/20 hindsight does not agree, though.
  6. yes, and I wish I could have both. Tiger got sold in 1988 to fund the downpayment on my first house. At today's prices, it could now pay for the first year or two of college for my daughter...
  7. and a view from the door on the right side, looking in. media closet on far side also holds equipment. mirror on wall shows me and a flash ;-) dog bed holds Cara Mia, a mixed breed (pit/boxer/?). couch holds George, #1 of 5 cats in paw display mode
  8. A view looking in from the sliding door...
  9. 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon. 5-spd manual. 54,000 miles in 2.5 years. first Subaru that could get out of it's own way, with 250 HP / 250 ft-lbs torque. very fun, great in the snow. but, my favorite of all time was the 67' Sunbeam Tiger II. built 289, solid lifter cam, holley 650, headers, accel dual point. the funny thing is that the Subaru is almost as fast as the Tiger, stops faster, holds lots more, and with 6 airbags, is much safer....
  10. maybe 5 quartets? not that you see that many of those around. I've got 4 fortes, an academy, and a big SVS sub in a 14' x 15' room. it helps to have all the gear in an adjacent medial closet. it made the room even bigger to dump the 36" CRT TV and hang a 52" LCD on the wall. seeing as there isn't much going on in the corners, I think you could put bigger speakers in each, and not feel too cramped. but it will be very cozy for more than 2-3 viewers/watchers.
  11. in the requested footprint size, I'd think the Forte or Forte II is the choice for the Klipsch product best suited to "rocking out". not that I'm biased or anything. but I'd take the Forte over the Heresys any day. and agree, Cornwalls for jazz / classical. but Forte for rock.
  12. My TV is mounted on the wall. My center channel sits on top of my subwoofer, which places it at the same height as the horns on my Fortes.
  13. How about buying some panels from http://www.atsacoustics.com/ ? I saw these mentioned somewhere else in this forum, and am about to spend a few $ with them in an attempt to tame some room brightness in my HT. Any other members have experience with ATS?
  14. Welcome aboard. off the top of my head, it sounds like it will be very tight to fit 5 recliners in that space, and the screen size seems like overkill. I've got a 52" LCD in a 14' x 15' room, sit ~ 9' back from it, and it is big enough - doubling it might be out of control, not that that is a bad thing. We've got a leather club chair and a leather sofa comfy for 3-4 adults in there, so maybe 5 recliners isn't such a push. Where will the rest of the components be housed? (i.e., receiver or preamp/amp, DVD, CD, etc)? Think about building them into an alcove in the new wall, that way they won't take up floor space. the next question is budget - you could go for the THX ultra 2 at the high end, a nice floorstanding option built around the RF series, or book shelf. My thought is that in the space you have, THX ultra 2 is way too much. A mid-size floorstanding speaker system would likely fill that space at all acceptable sound levels. Rear effects will be an issue with the seats 1' from the back wall - I think it would work out better to move the seating forward a bit, reduce the screen size, and give the rear speakers a little more breathing room... And start considering some wall treatments to cut down on echo/reflections.
  15. Oppo 981 - best deal going, with best PQ
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