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  1. I use an electrolux vacuum for such things. The end attachment brush is made of non-scratching, soft horsehair - perfect for delicate cleaning of electronics, furniture, curtains, etc. It is worthwhile to track down one of these end pieces (available at electrolux shops), even if you don't use their vacs (assuming that it fits your vac). This really works! ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  2. http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1299386991 As of the time of this posting, seller is offering "buy it now" for $1600.00. California seller. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  3. Success!!! I hit the jackpot today - I received an E-mail offering up a mint pair of Cornwall II's. They were less than three hours away, so I jumped in the truck and made the trek to the Chicago suburbs to check 'em out. They were as advertised, a 1989 mint pair of Cornwall II's. It is hard to believe that an article that is 12 years old could be in such condition. The owner had never moved them since the purchase 12 years ago - there is a very, very minor indent on a rear corner, and a spot or two, but my wife and I looked hard for those. 700 bucks! Simply a bargain! The seller knew what they were really worth too, but sold them to me anyway at that price with no negotiation - he seemed confident that I would appreciate them as much as he and his wife did. I will. I wish that every transaction I participate in would go as well. It was bound to be an adventure bringing them home in the topperless pickup truck though, as rain threatened in northern Illinois today. Me and the seller spent an hour wrapping the Cornwalls in multiple layers of blankets and plastic sheeting, then additional blankets on the truck bed, all of it loaded in my truck bed covered in tarps and tied down. Fortunately, only a few light sprinkles on the way home - the Cornwalls made it here in the same condition that they left Chicago. There was no chance of waiting until tomorrow to hook them up for a test run. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I was doing it today! They sound AWESOME!!!!! The Harman/Kardon 70 watt amp drives them well - more sound than I know what to do with. Simply jaw dropping. It is really an experience to own speakers of such quality - I have never owned any speaker that even comes close to this. I spent three years drooling all over a friend's pair (until he moved to Florida) - now I can drool on my own pair! Thanks for the leads I have received from you listers! This board has been very helpful; in only just a few short days of investigation I've gotten up to speed on what's up in the world of Klipsch these days, and I landed a set of wonderful speakers. It's fun to converse with similarly obsessed music lovers too - I'll still be browsing the boards. Just because I found what I was looking for doesn't mean that I won't still be hanging around! Proud to be a Klipsch owner Dave Text ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  4. They didn't last...I called about them Saturday afternoon, Nov 17, and they were sold. I was even plotting my schedule to go there from Illinois to pick them up, (I'll drive to get them)! Oh well, the search continues.... ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  5. This is my first post to the list after lurking for about a week. What a find to bump into a group of like minded Klipsch freaks! This seems the perfect place to begin the pursuit of a pair of Chorus or Cornwalls, as I do have a few questions. The Obvious: I'm looking for a used set of Chorus or Cornwalls. I live in Illinois and would like to see them, and avoid shipping hassles. I'll drive several hundred miles, if necessary. If this is inappopriate asking this here, I apologize. I did notice a few past posts regarding past sales, so I thought this would be OK. I actually called the Dallas Morning News ad about the Cherry Cornwalls for $500, even devising a plan ahead of time to schedule time off to go get them, and they were of course sold (big surprise)! Would a 70 WPC H/K AVR75 be adequate to run them effectively? I am aware that tube amps work the best with these speakers, but I got the H/K for a song, and have heard earlier H/K amps at 100W sound good with the Chorus II before. I just want to make sure that I won't be disappointed with that amp/speaker pairing. Is there any particular concerns that I should keep in mind when looking for these models? I read here that in general, the Chorus II is preferable to the Chorus, and the Cornwall is preferable to the Cornwall II. I'm sure I would be happy with any of the four, but I'm looking for some insight here from the group. I listen to rock and roll mostly, and these seem the ideal choice for me. I like the LaScalas too, but they are a bit large for the room. Thank you in advance for your collective knowledge. I look forward to being a Klipsch owner soon - hopefully very soon. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
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