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  1. Hey prod. What do you think you are gaining by posting your flames? You call everyone idiots and then wine about flames? You said we need to get some brains? Man you are really swift. I don't need to go back and read your posts. I have seen enough ignorance for one day. Forget my suggestion about joining the Marines. You probably would not like them. They teach duty, honor, and respect. Jethro
  2. Kain can say he likes Americans all he wants, but I remember he said Americans were stupid way back in the 911 thread. I know that you can still like someone even if they are stupid but the things he says about us makes it very hard for me to believe he likes Americans. He recently said that the American soldiers were COWARDS! Yes he really likes us. I am surprised that anyone takes the time to answer any of his boring and asinine questions since he talks this way about the good old U.S.A. Prod. You call everyone here idiots? I guess you are a mental giant. You need to learn how to write and spell before you call others idiots. A few years in the Marines would be a good move for you. Then you would learn what courage means. It takes honor to have true courage. The terrorist that you and Kain admire had no honor. They were cowardly sissyboys. Jethro
  3. Well Ear, now that I have your attention, lets see what you think. I have the Dynaudio C-3s, powered by the Krell Showcase pre & power. I am thinking about getting a sub. The C-3s are pretty satisfying for music but I will use the sub for music & HT. I'm not a total base head, but I know I need a good quality sub to keep up with the quality and detail of these speakers. Any suggestions? I will use only one sub for now. Jethro.
  4. Mike Lindsey. Great post. Especially the middle paragraph. You really hit the nail on the head. Kain asked all those questions, and had them answered mostly by Americans. Then he has the nerve to state that Americans are stupd & ignorant! A perfect example of biting the hand that feeds you. What gets me is he is still over on some of the other forums asking questions. I don't know why anyone from the good old USA would bother to help him now. Wonder if he is going to send back his American made speakers since they are built by stupid Americans? BTW. Are there any highend middle eastern Muslim speaker companies? Ranger I agree. That is a good photo. Ken Interesting link. Thanks. Jethro
  5. Lone Palm Thanks for the recommendation. Noticed you are in Louisiana. Do you like zydeco? jethro
  6. forrest. Well, TM did blow up a nursery! Lots of babies and little kids. I really can't see how anything could be any more evil. INTENT, VALUES, IDEALS? TM was a traitor. He was an American killing other Americans. That is about as treacherous and evil as you can get. Those people in the federal building were also normal everyday citizens. A lot of them may not have agreed with the policies of our government. They were only associated with the government cause they had a job assisting people with social security or other such business. They were not policy makers. They were not collateral damage caused because the enemy opposition was was hiding among civilians. I took your previous statement about TM to mean you almost approved of him. If I was wrong, then I apologize. I find it interesting that you say "people should be able to do as they please if it doesn't hurt anybody." That was the mantra of the radical liberal hippies you so dislike. Well now. It seems you have more in common with those liberals than you think. jethro
  7. deang. That may be, but I feel TM is a poor example for that comparision. TM was not a soldier. He was a terrorist. He planted a bomb next to a building full of innocent people. He was not trying to attack a military target. He is in the same boat as the 9/11 scum. jethro....
  8. forrest, In comparing pallys & obl terrorists to tim mcvey you stated, "Timothy Mcvey was not in the same boat as these thugs. His aim was not to kill innocent women and children but take them along with the US government workers. He did not do that to just kill women and children and never would." That has to be one of the most ignorant statements I have ever read. Man, defending tim mcvey. That is really just way to right for any true American conservative. TM was a gutless coward. He blew up a building with innocent women & children inside, but did not AIM to KILL them? He just took them along with the US government workers! So its o.k. to kill US government workers? Some of those workers were women. I guess since they were government workers, they were not innocent women? Were they all liberals that worked there? I'm sure that if they were indeed all liberals then that is how you and your hero mcvey were able to justify the bombing. You give us conservatives a bad name. Jethro.....
  9. Flason. Thanks. I will check it out. Jethro.... ------------------
  10. Just listining to Keepin Me Up Nights by Asleep At The Wheel, and wondering if anyone could recommend some similar stuff by some other bands. I know Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen do some excellent Texas swing ( Along with Hot Rod Lincoln ) and SRV dabbles in that sound, but who does it better than Asleep At The Wheel? Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys? I don't really care for pure country, but really like this swinging stuff, so lets hear some names of your favorite groups. Thanks Jethro.....
  11. Ken. I can name another forum. The Crownline Boat Company has a very nice forum. It is a whole lot like this one. Open to anyone, nice people, lots of expert advice, a little bit of bickering, occasional trolls. They do have more photos & a used boat marketplace. ( hello Klipsch moderators ) Crownline also sponsers a 3 to 4 day rally at a different lake every summer. Dozens of crazed Crownies hitch up their boats and head for the rally. Some travel for hundreds of miles. They not only get to meet other forum members, but also the board moderators. No stalkers. Maybe Klipsch could sponser a speaker rally every year? Would be a hassle hauling all those speakers to Hope. Horned, & Theears would need a semi. BTW, Ken. Just to let you know Arkansas is Ar not Ak. Alaska is Ak. Jethro...... ------------------
  12. Hey DNTBY4N. You said " Can't say I feel sorry for the fireman, that is the job they chose." If you are trolling, that is a real sorry way to do it. If you really feel that way about the dead fireman, then your statement is outrageous! I suppose you don't feel sorry for our brave people in the armed forces that have died, since they too chose that job. I have other things to say, but I better not! I'm sure others will put in their .02 concerning your statement. Jethro.......... ------------------
  13. Hey guys. Check out these two cds. Alligator Records 20th anniversary collection & their 25th anniversary collection. These have songs by some of the artist you have mentioned plus many more. Both cds are double discs, and I believe all songs were recorded in the 70s thru 90s. Good stuff. Jethro...... ------------------
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