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  1. Here is my current setup subject to change frequently depending on what I am working on. Generally it is a pair of Pro La Scalas which are hidden behind the KP-301 II's right now. Second is a picture of my bookshelf
  2. Yes. Well at least they came from Arkansas and the guy met me in Memphis so I did not have to drive all the way. Did the Ti diaphragms make a real difference? I am kind of thinking the magic here is the mid driver. Didn't realize the Chorus and 301's were within a few cubic inches cabinet volume.
  3. Deang, As the other commentor said get a store. I don't like Ebay fees but I have sold everything there from rock slabs to faceted gemstones to used equipment from my business and this past year a fair amount of Klipsch gear. You can also use EBay to drive sales to a personal site if you have one. You have your items listed and people can google what you are selling and find your site through that and it is cheap advertisement to a huge audience. I don't have a web site but I do sell the same things on Craigslist and probably half my buyers there came from EBay listings. It is generally understood if you state on your EBay listing that have your item listed locally and listing subject to end at any time people know to check for the same listing "title" on Craigslist and then you don't pay the fee. Crites has a big presence there and you know there is a fee mark it up to compensate and still arrive at the profit you want. I don't worry to much about the EBay commission because I have sold more things there by far than any where else and I did not have to open a physical store to do it.
  4. I play my music out in the shop due to space, WAF and the volumes I like to play at sometimes. It is rare that my wife has anything good to say about "noise" that invades her house space from the shop. She commented on how nice the 301 II's sounded. I bought these primarily for a guy who is setting up portable sound systems for fledgling bands to use. He does not know I have them and he may never get to hear them either. When I have people over to buy speakers they see the Industrial Pro La Scalas and I tell them you get to hear them AFTER you make up your mind on the speakers you came to see. I the 301's will also be in that category. Why did you get rid of them?
  5. Pictures later today. I bought a pair of KP-301 II's and KP-115 subs yesterday so new looking it was spooky. Brought them home and had a listen and wow. Recapped the crossovers in the 301 II's and these are clearly better than the 301's I have. They sound good enough that I am thinking do I keep the La Scala Pro's for the shop or these. The La Scalas have better punch but the 301's have better definition of a wider range of instruments and seem to have better stereo separation in my listening environment. Oh and bass to if I want it but nothing floor pounding deep but better than the La Scalas for sure.
  6. I like those cool Molybdenum Disulfide impregnated Delrin plug bodies. They make it all worth while.
  7. Yesterday I bought what was supposed to be a pair of KP-201's. What they really are I don't know. Inside on the mid horns though was a pair of soldered lug K-55V's. Now researching these led to discussions on K-55M vs K-55V and K-55V soldered lug drivers and how some (K-55M) would sound to bright on, you guessed it, AL-3 crossovers. Different behavior on A and AA crossovers. All things being equal with a pair of La Scalas the AL-3 were brighter than the AA's were with a K-55M driver but I liked the highs the K-55M brought to things like cymbals on this setup. The K-55M on the AA crossover was more muted on mid and high range but sounded better with blues and old pipe organ music. So add to the mix matching the driver to the crossover. Apparently K-55 whatevers and crossovers are not mix and match. For the first time I had newly recapped crossovers and a pair of La Scalas to play with at the same time and I am finding out the mid drivers need to be matched to them to complete the effort.
  8. There is a study quoted often out there where a guy used "high end" capacitors which cost up to four and five hundred each. 10% tolerance for many of these jewels and I figure it was tuning sound by inducing distortion for lack of a better word that the end user preferred over stock sound. I tend towards wanting to hear exactly what I would hear at a concert and I know their amps do not use these fancy costly designer caps. I am happy with what I have used and that is what counts and it did not break the bank. "I have been a Ham for nearly 37 years, so not into hocus pocus. Honestly, I think a lot of the differences people hear in Caps comes from replacing bad old caps, with new Poly ones. I have re capped many vintage speakers, using decent quality bipolar electrolytic capacitors, with excellent results." THAT is the best viewpoint and if you are well pleased with the result this is good and you saved money doing it. I like the polys and have no problem finding any value I need and from all I read they have a longer life than I figure I have left and there is always a noticeable improvement over the old stuff.
  9. I was referring to the lust for more bigger better different etc not components. Components can be a slippery slope too if you start going for those fancy hand rolled capacitors with mink oil and beeswax between Platinum and Gold foil and pure oxygen free stabilized Silver leads.
  10. That's a slippery slope you are contemplating and you can ask John what your future might be
  11. Probably will be fine. Companies have a habit of cutting corners where they can and if it does not hurt the product to much and meets their "minimum" specs. After measuring what I did with the old electrolytics I decided to do away with them since I could at $38.00 per board. Lots of great sounding La Scalas out there with these in them.
  12. I just finished recapping a pair of AL-3's and I used the Erse 68uf Pulse-X at I think $19 and change each. The old electrolytics measured right at 120uf and bad ESR. I happened to have a set of AA's recapped at the same time and the difference between the two types in La Scalas is pretty significant. I been told and have read that the electrolytics are OK to use like this but after seeing how degraded the electrolytics were compared to the other capacitors which were OK (no not as good compared to new polys with ESR higher than I choose to use) still I decided to change them all out and future proof this crossover for decades to come. I always figure that design specs are there for a reason and the closer I can get the better and polypropolene beats electrolytic.
  13. Woofers are different for sure. K-42-KP for later 250's and K-42-K for these earlier ones. Stamped basket VS cast aluminum. I will try to answer your question regarding crossovers later as I make time to check these out. Hoping to pick up a pair of HIP's today for "parts" as the listing says. I have no idea what that means but I am going to find out.
  14. I have two pairs of KP-250's that are different than any I have had before. They have a cloth on masonite grille cover, K-42-K woofers instead of KP-42-KP's and a build date QA tag from 1989. The only information I can find from Klipsch talks about 2000 to 2004 for KP-250 builds. These are far more musical than the later KP-250's I have had. Does anyone have information on these?
  15. Hmm, well dogs chew. Of course some Dave's Insanity hot sauce applied to the chew marks quickly ends repeat episodes.
  16. No replies as of tonight. Parts Express has some sizes but mostly for their own speaker line and some flat pieces but then you have to cut and bend it from there if required. I am looking at some 4' x 8' sheets 16g with a 62% open area. Stainless steel is about 40& more than plain steel and I am thinking about using it since I like the color of Stainless and it will not ever need paint. Keep in touch and I might start making some as I have a shear and metal brake. I have about given up finding any for sale.
  17. I guess it depends on where you live. I am driving to GA tomorrow to pick up a pair of La Scalas with those "lovely" AL crossovers and paying $1,000 to do it. You absolutely can't buy La Scalas around here that I can find in good shape with desirable crossovers for less than $1,500 and even more with upgrades for the last six plus months. It seems like prices have just gone crazy. Maybe there are private sales where people know each other but not any public ones. Anyone within a few hundred miles of Nashville with a pair wanting to sell I am looking. Last pair I saw on Craigslist in this general area was up for almost two months and the guy would not budge on pricing. I figure he got what he asked for because he said he would take no less. He has had a pair of Belles for sale for just as long and has not sold them yet and I am sure it is because he is adamant about getting what he is asking. Yes I see them in southern FL and read about them out west but not around here. Oddly enough if you like Cornwalls there are some of those around for $900 to $1,000. They were scarce as hens teeth for some time but not now.
  18. And with those lovely AL crossovers to!
  19. I have had to go the Eminence route on some of my speakers but they were never the same exact size as the cast aluminum frame K-42-KP's were. I think they are proprietary manufactured for Klipsch to be different than any of the for sale to the public speakers. Sales reps at USSpeaker and Partsexpress do not have anything with the same exact physical dimensions. I have a collection of bad KP-42-KP's going looking for a good re-coner.
  20. Thanks Edgar for clarifying that. This SAE stuff comes attached to a Cornwall I would like to get but I think I will pass. My setup will not yield the very best audio experience and I know that since my "sound room" is out in my metal working shop where hard flat surfaces abound so I think I will stick with what I have for amplification and source. Oddly enough I go through cabinet speakers and invariably end up back with my Pro La Scalas since they seem to have the ability to overcome my listening environment limits better than anything else I have had in here. I do like the bass in the Cornwalls though.
  21. OK does anyone who is reminiscing have an opinion of fair price or whether these are worth getting? My questions were is it worth getting equipment this old and if so what would be a fair price to pay. I have a limited amount of time to respond before these go away and I have no idea of what I am looking at. Personally I am happy with a good PC with an HDMI signal splitter and Crown XLi 800. I have been to all the sites referenced and more but no current real world values and they are sites with an SAE love fest going on so they are not impartial sources of information. Very few sites too I might add which has always been an alarm bell for me. I really like what I have now where I can hook up to my Quadro M4000 graphics card HDMI port and get pretty good quality sound and this older stuff has no where near the hook up options.
  22. Not right now. You don't happen to have any K-42-KP's do you?
  23. The KP-260 will go down to 50HZ and up to 15KHZ according to specs. The crossovers were rebuilt by Crites and there are new Eminence woofers in there. To darned hard to find K-42-KP woofers or even get them reconed at any reasonable price so eminence it was. Duratex coated. These sound pretty darned good and are in very good shape now. I have two pairs and they are $500 per. Personally I prefer these over the KP-262's KP-262's which have been talked about in various places in the forums before. See attachment for specs. These have the crossovers rebuilt and recoated with duratex and are in very good cosmetic and aural condition. They do not have grilles and came from a church where they were flown. These are $475 per pair and I have two pairs. If there is interest I will post pictures. Did not today because I have to get my camera back before I can do so. KP-262.pdf
  24. I have a guy who called me with an old stereo system and I want to get feedback on the components. They are as follows. SAE T102 turner, SAE C102 cassette, SAE P102 pre amplifier, SAE A502 power amplifier, Sound shaper equalizer/analyzer model SS-525X and finally a Pioneer PD-M450 CD player. I have looked online for info and there is some but not a lot of feedback on reliability and actual user comments on quality. Normally on something this old I would have absolutely no interest but I don't want to pass up something worthwhile. Boat anchor or vintage thing of beauty? Whats a fair price on a system like this assuming it all works right?
  25. Add to that Erse. Never used Misicaps but I have used the other three on probably 12 sets of crossovers now and every time was a noticeable to very noticeable improvement and they don't break the bank like fru fru fancy caps do.
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