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    Family room: Yamaha Aventage 3070 + Outlaw 5000. RF-7II/RC-64II, CDT-5800II front and rear height, RSL C43E side surround ,SVS Ultra bookshelf back surround
    Office: NAD C372, Forte II. Fed by Tidal PC + Schiit Modi multibit and a mid entry level Fluance RT81 in walnut
    Girls room: Yamaha WXA-50, Martin Logan Motion 15, SVS SB-1000
    Garage: Yamaha Aventage 860, HIP-2, R-14m, Outlaw LFM-1
  1. I have some new schiit coming.

    I bought them for my Sennheiser HD 650. I wind up using the modi2 between my PC and my NAD integrated that feeds my Forte II. Sounds so good! I usually stream Tidal but also have a lot of FLAC files I ripped from our old CD collection.
  2. I have some new schiit coming.

    I have Multi-bit modi 2, and the asgard 2.
  3. Yamaha 3070 or Marantz 7011. I chose the 3070, because of my personal positive experience with Yamaha for quite some time. Marantz makes good stuff too. I don't like Denon as much, from a couple of their AVR's I had, but they are well liked by others.
  4. kind of surprised they aren't getting loud enough. Maybe too big of an efficiency difference. Have you played them on their own to see if they sound ok? Deftechs aren't shy about getting loud in my experience. in-ceiling are generally underwhelming compared to in room speakers. I'm thinking about a pair of in-ceiling deftech UIW RCS II for the kitchen. They will have to play stand alone (no sub) so I wanted something that can play reasonably full range. What I like about them is they are well reviewed, and come complete with their own back box. Anyway. In the living room I installed 4x Klipsch CDT-5800II. They work quite well as front and rear height channels. They sound pretty decent on their own, and add nice fill when I'm in the mood for multi channel music listening.
  5. New AVR for my simple setup

  6. I'd have to say, if it was between my Forte II or my RF-7II in the room where the RF-7II live, I'd choose the RF's also. This is with Bob Crites crossovers and titanium tweeter in the Forte II. I know this is not relevant to your comparison of the RF-7II vs Forte III, I just thought I'd share since I was somewhat inspired to do my own listening comparison from your video. For me, Forte II vs RF-7II: The bass with the RF-7II was very good, energized while being more controlled, tighter. The RF-7II was a bit brighter, with a bit more detail to be heard. The Forte II had good bass in the room, but not as controlled and therefore a tad bit bloated by comparison. The Forte II had more information coming at me, which is good or not so good depending on the volume level and the type of music being played (and the quality of the recording). The imaging with the Forte II is almost supernaturally wide which is pretty cool. This is so much about placement and where you're sitting. My listening session was quite loud, and from 15' back. I wasn't trying to achieve maximum SPL, rather wanted the speakers a chance to really sing in a large room, and show me their dynamic qualities. With that kind of listening, the RF-7II was definitely in my happy place. The Forte II were quite good as well, but in the end I prefer them at a lower volume, and with sweeter kind of music, jazz and other types of more chill listening as I do in the office where the Forte normally live anyway. To really rock out at stupid volumes, the RF-7II takes the cake. That said, my preference for the RFs is something like 55/45 in favor. If all I had was the Forte II, I'd be quite happy with them, and I am. My placement was like yours, Fortes on the outside (which could explain the imaging being wider ). I had them equally pulled out from the wall about 3 feet.
  7. I used FLAC. Trying to play directly off of my PC is a PITA without a good player (like JRiver or similar). But typically I access the files from something like Yamaha Music cast which sorts by artists/album name etc quite nicely, or from Play-FI app, which is also good at sorting music automagically.
  8. I was thinking you could stagger them (Left to Right: Forte III, RF-7II, Forte III, RF-7II) Though in a recent comparison session I had with my RF-7II and Forte II, I wound up with a similar configuration to yours, just for expediency sake. It worked well enough for my purposes. Thanks for putting together the comparison / review, I know that's a lot of work!
  9. How loud can Klipsch speakers get?

    I dunno. I was listening to my RF-7II vs Forte II the other night. Very informal, and I had a highly accurate app on my phone to measure spl From about 15' away, with either speaker, my phone app was measuring peaks of 106dB depending on what tracks I was playing. I wasn't trying to find max volume, rather I was listening at a volume for the room that brought out their best dynamic qualities to my ears. Yeah I need to get a proper SPL meter if I'm going to do any serious tuning or what have ya. More of a curiosity than anything for this fun run. My actual goal was to finally listen to my Forte II in a room where they can really be opened up, which is where my RF-7II's live.
  10. Sub Phase

    I haven't done extensive sub tuning. Basic theory would have the phase of the front subs at 0*, side subs at 90*, and rears at 180*. I imagine the best case is to take measurements, listen, and adjust as works best in the room.
  11. General thoughts on Klipsch for HT?

    Klipsch are very good at clear dialogue. Klipsch are efficient, dynamic, have clear dialogue and oomph to spare, which is ideal for home theater use IMO. There are plenty of other options out there that are also great for home theater for similar reasons, but you are here in the Klipsch forums
  12. Bi-Amp Klipsch R-28F with Yamaha RX-V681

    When you bi-amp, you're sending the full signal to each set of binding posts (usually, unless you're using other signal processing equipment). You let the speaker network/crossover take what it will from the signal. That said, I don't think you'll see much if any benefit using the v681 to bi-amp. The best way to bi-amp is to use a individual amps or a multi channel amp that can truly deliver advertised watts per channel, which receivers simply do not. You're not wasting the other channels on your receiver if you're only using 2. Using 2 for that receiver is the best case scenario for what power it makes, let the speaker crossovers handle the rest.
  13. FORTE III as a 2 WAY !!!!

    I hope everyone can watch their "tone" Kidding, calm down. Accurate speakers...what does that really mean? I use that all the time in describing speakers, but I don't think it's an "accurate" representation. Everything in line of your playback equipment is going to affect the tone, change it from what it sounded like on stage, or in the studio (not to mention the equipment and processing during recording and mastering). Then, your room, your ears, your brain. The placement of the speakers, the toe, where you sit, how high or low you sit. The materials in the room. The ugly Christmas sweater you're wearing, your haircut, ear wax buildup. Two different speakers can measure "flat" or darn close to it, being practically identical according to the graph. But will they sound the same? No. The speaker box, the speaker network, the drivers, all affect a change. I usually listen with no tone applied from my pre, but sometimes I might nudge bass or treble a touch depending on mood and the music I'm listening to. Modifying the speaker will change it too of course. I think it's great you're doing what you want with your speakers. Taking offense at that is kind of pointless.
  14. SVS PB Ultra 13 Arkansas members $1000.00

    I'm sad/glad you're not in a reasonable driving distance
  15. FORTE III as a 2 WAY !!!!

    The heresy is a 3-way