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    Family room: Yamaha Aventage 3070 + Outlaw 5000. RF-7II/RC-64II, CDT-5800II front and rear height, RSL C43E side surround ,SVS Ultra bookshelf back surround
    Office: NAD C372, Forte II. Fed by Tidal PC + Schiit Modi multibit and a mid entry level Fluance RT81 in walnut
    Girls room: Yamaha WXA-50, Martin Logan Motion 15, SVS SB-1000
    Garage: Yamaha Aventage 860, HIP-2, R-14m, Outlaw LFM-1
  1. Emotiva or Yamaha for RF-82 II

    I like a good Yamaha amp, they in general tend to have a good clean neutral sound with a bit of muscle. I also like how robust and reliable they have been for me personally over the years. I have not used/listened to Emotiva. Seems like good bang for the buck. I have read many times that Marantz typically has good synergy with Klipsch, so maybe research that a bit since it is an option for you. Rotel ... costly IMO, and the sound of the Rotel's I've heard were thin sounding to my ears. Perhaps not a good match for Klipsch. Happy to be wrong on that Anyway of your options, my list would be shortened to Yamaha and Marantz. Can you demo them in your space on your speakers?
  2. Listening to my Forte II (also with Crites xo and ti tweet) as I read your ad. Wondering why you'd sell these gems. But I get it. I see them as forever speakers (somewhere in the house anyway!) but life changes. For those that might ask - Do you have the original xo and tweeter?
  3. FS Parasound A52

    I'm often shocked at how poorly people pack things that are heavy or bulky, or anything at all. Even companies are guilty of this. Amazon for example - I ordered brake rotors big ones, heavy. They came packed in thin wall cardboard box, thrown into a larger thin wall box with a 2 or 3 air pocket thingies. One of the rotors was ok but the other one had a major impact/ding in the rotor. So I RMA'd it, got the refund and re-ordered. Thankfully the replacement survived the trip.
  4. Cornwall 1's in Austin/San Antonio

    Saw them on FB marketplace - they look near pristine - seller is asking $700. Seems fair / decent price. Dunno what the version 1's go for. Other than most people selling any old heritage Klipsch in my area usually want stupid money, so this one stands out a bit. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/225557224663589
  5. Parasound A23 + P3 vs. NAD C372

    I guess. Again just going by what the internet voices tell me to think. I am curious and would like to compare, but maybe not worth dropping 1k for something I don't "need"
  6. So. I get upgrade-itis, pretty much all the time for everything. I've noticed in my local CL a nice little preamp and amp set for sale. (https://austin.craigslist.org/ele/d/parasound-halo-a23-amplifier/6516428257.html) I know the pre section of my integrated NAD C372 isn't the best, but the amp is generally pretty darn good. I also know from hearsay that the internet tells me (it must be true then) that Parasound amps and preamps are very good. The real questions are 1. would I even notice and 2. is it worth the cost if there is some tangible difference I feed the NAD C372 mostly streamed files from Tidal (occasional vinyl from a mid-entry level player) fed through a Multibit DAC (Schiit modi multi). I'm happy with the sound as is, my limitations are the room and positioning more than anything. But still. Parasound. Halo...it's got Halo in the name so it must be amazing, no? How do Parasound amps/pres pair with Klipsch? (Yes it matters, yes amps affect the sound )
  7. Looking at a new receiver

    Honestly I wish I had just bought a Marantz and enjoyed it. I get to a point of obsessively researching, going down different rabbit holes, reaching analysis paralysis - finally reaching a vague sort of impression. If you look hard enough you'll find good or bad comments about anything. The rock solid stability and reliability of my Yamahas over the years has been an influence for sure. If I glean any hint that I won't have that with something else I shy away. This comes from a few years with Denon and NAD AVRs that were not so solid. It's really just my bs human bias that I have developed. I like to pride myself on being open minded, but I don't know how much that's really true anymore for anything. I am just a stupid human after all
  8. Looking at a new receiver

    No. When I was researching reviews of Marantz (I was pretty dead set on buying a Marantz this time) I was disheartened at how often I read about odd glitches or issues. This is not scientific at all, but as a potential customer I was turned off. Last thing I want to deal with when spending that much on a new AVR is to have down time and dealing with warranty repairs. As I said it was probably not enough of a reason to discard Marantz but I didn't see nearly as many (or any) complaints with the new Yamahas. Perception is reality, regardless of truth
  9. Looking at a new receiver

    IMO the Yamaha has plenty of dynamic reserve for real world use. I'm in it (3070) for the audio processing, at a bargain price for what you get compared to a decent Pre/pro. Paired with a 5 channel external amp, + use of onboard amp for height channels makes for a perfect AVR for me. Frankly I am biased at this point as I've really gotten into bed with Yamaha because of historically reliable performance, and lately I have really gotten to like MusicCast. I think they sound pretty good for the money as well. The Yamahas just WORK for me without fail (uh oh, famous last words haha), and their app integration is really good. It's quite surprising and telling in the effort they put forth to make it a good experience. (compared to tech in general - most things are just not what they're cracked up to be - glitchy at best). I've used the 3070 to power all of my channels (except for rear height) and it knocks it out of the park. I almost didn't bother plugging back into my external amp for 5 of the channels. At what point will you ever drive all channels 100%? Only while testing in a lab. Who cares? Granted - I do wish they performed better with all channels driven - but it just doesn't matter - and easily remedied with external amps. Most AVRs out there will be similar - such that your best bet is to utilize a serious external amp if you care that much about multichannel performance at max chat. Ok - if I had 9 channels of RF-7II's or some similar that I wanted to run in full range - then no, of course I would not want to do that with my 3070. But who would do that with any AVR and no external amps?? And then - most of my speakers are crossed at 80Hz, most of the time. That really takes a load off of the amps, leaning on my 1k watt RMS/3.6k watt peak sub to pick up the slack. I have repeatedly read that Marantz makes a very good pairing with most Klipsch, and they have rather nice amplification sections. Reliability concerns held me back - probably not a good enough reason but it was just enough with my existing bias not to go Marantz (I'm sure the reliability stuff is really small percentages). I have developed a probably unjustified dislike for Denon (experience owning a few Denon AVRs - I don't like their sound, and I don't like their interface) - to which I also associate to Marantz (same company) but that is also unfair since they are not the same AVR with a different skin. I know this, but the bias continues to influence me. Yeah I'm a self-aware mess I had no point, other than to cheerlead for Yamaha, and...oh yes congrats on an excellent purchase with the Marantz! I'm afraid to demo one at home as I might like it too much. If I wanted to be more spendy, I'd ditch this AVR nonsense of course, and get some real amps (Parasound...maybe Pa$$ labs...etc) and a decent pre/pro. I'll keep it lower budget. I don't even have a theater room so there is no point.
  10. What can you tell me about Fortes

    hahaha. Can't argue with that! Room and space has a lot to do with position. MLP for me is 7-8ft from the F2 which are maybe 5-6ft apart (small room, too small for the Forte!). So then, in this case, to me, slight toe in works better than aggressive toe in.
  11. What can you tell me about Fortes

    Toed in slightly sounds best to me, in my space with my modded Forte II. (Crites xo and ti tweets)
  12. 2 Channel/amp

    Great photos on flickr. Nice equipment.
  13. Which In-Ceiling Speakers for atmos sound ?

    Probably. If you can hear the difference Yeah they are the new generation in-ceiling, so in theory should match the new gen RP and RF better.
  14. RP-280 upgrade to RF-7ii or iii

    It's getting salty in here...
  15. I haven't had a chance to hear them. Agreed - we hear what we hear and like what we like. Some people swore the Martin Logan motion 15 I have were superior but not to me, not by a long shot. I hear ya. Sorry I'm hijacking your thread a bit as I love a good bookshelf speaker. Always fascinates me how good they can sound, how big they can sound in a small package.