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  1. The diagonal pattern to the two sets of two screws on the motorboard indicates some 2 x ? braces front to back at the 10:00 and 2:00 as mentioned above. You don't have to get into one to see what was done. Eventually when someone does this that will be the report they make I am certain. I see the exact same thing with pro bass boxes that I have been into so there is no doubt or question in my mind. Yes the shelf is gone.
  2. Darned right it is. There were two front to back braces I could see figuring the screw heads at the 10:00 and 2:00 o'clock positions were braces. Ended my number 1 boomy box complaint I have had until CW4.
  3. OK folks here we are Thanksgiving morning and it is a day to be grateful to live in the best country on the face of the planet. It is also home to amazing but true science and the audio field has benefited from this in many ways. Of course Klipsch is very high on that list and I would like to present another somewhat obscure but totally awesome audio product that could very well change sound as we know it for all time. Still available for purchase and for all you scoffers has a money back guarantee so you can't lose. http://machinadynamica.com/machina60.htm Babies R Us Coupons MACHINA DYNAMICA'S HOME PAGE Machina Dynamica's Teleportation Tweak Long-Distance Audio and Video System Enhancement The Only Audio Product that doesn't Require Shipping Copyright 2007 ... Geoff Kait, Machina Dynamica Machina Dynamica's Teleportation Tweak $60 Fiery the angels fell. Deep thunder rolled around their shores ... Burning with the fires of Orc. 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  4. Delayed reaction Coytee? Precisely this, the latest La Scala is still a La Scala and has the limits a small bass bin produces. I have fond memories of La Scalas as they were what I first owned from Klipsch and they were awesome to me at the time. The latest La Scala I have listened to and of the Heresy, Forte, Cornwall and La Scala we heard in Hope recently the LS was the least improved. There is a legacy sound there many like and you change the bass bin it goes away. As a matter of personal preference I prefer other things now. As an aside here I made some LSI type bass bins that were just three inches deeper and it stopped almost all of that resonance at certain frequencies. I wonder if Klipsch will ever alter the bass bin at some point in time. HEY Coytee the S-MWM's are MWM stompers and if you are ever over here you are welcome to stop in and grin.
  5. We have all been seeking audio nirvana in unproductive ways. Here is someone who can show you what can be done. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8221
  6. OK I will look. Thanks for the tip. Excellent summary. Mumps are patent worthy. The time spent with Roy made the expense and travel worth while. The rest of it not so much.
  7. Say Allhartfidelity I went to your web site to see your system and there is nothing there. Whats up with that?
  8. Any good technology out there gets a look at by Klipsch since audio is an evolving art. Now I say art because for instance internal baffles to stop standing waves has no modeling software so experience has to determine where you start and how you move forward. Some things are measured like output from drivers/horns but then integration has to go from there. There is nothing out there that is not based in large part on prior work from everywhere and this is true with all speaker builders. I saw Roy's sound lab and it was littered with examples of research into product improvement and I think the DIY group here might bring ideas to the table Klipsch considers but by far it is the whole industry and dedicated hobbiests world wide that have contributed to ideas that move things forward. Those mumps for instance. Simple thing when you think about it and corner treatments on horns have been done for some time but Roy took it further and made something of it. Roy also has a superb testing environment to see exactly what each thing does. I believe the Cornwall has been undergoing research and testing for some time and yes Klipsch pays attention to the outside world for ideas but the sum total was designed and built by Klipsch. If there was no forum at all advancement would still go on. Yes the new port has a tractix flare inside and out and it is claimed that the overall efficiency of the speaker is slightly improved. The less the drivers have to work to get to X db the les the distortion so like all the rest it all adds up.s The process of research and elimination at Klipsch is not try this and see if it works if they are lucky. It can easily take years to make the final determinations and juggle that with how many ongoing projects at the same time. I think I have one of Roy's first examples of traxtix horn and if I am correct it was the 506 on the KPT-456's and that goes back some years so Roy has been a proponent of them for some time. The Mumps are new corner treatments which is why Klipsch was granted a patent just like they were with the K-402. If they did not provably do something different then the patent would not have been granted. I like to build stuff too but I don't for one second think I do more than just dabble compared to people like Roy who design with standards in mind and accountant restrictions on quality of ingredients allowed and must come up with superb sound for dozens of speakers.
  9. How about three of them. It was a progression and each was an eye opener to dramatically better audio. First was the KPT-456's. Huge sound stage and presence. Then I lucked into a set of MCM 1900's and it was a big leap up but lacked some deeper bass I had with the 456's. Really fine speakers though and the powerful clear MWM's made the bass they produced really nice and in truth was deep enough for most all my music but the 456's had teased me with deeper pipe organ notes. This led to the Super MWMs which fulfilled all my needs. I had gone through many pro boxes and everything but KHorns and Belles here and many were nice but the three that made my audio world change were the ones I mentioned above. Each one when I finally had them set up right was a revelation. I have some 415 bass bins coming in soon and I might try those 402's on them for the heck of it.
  10. I never grow tired of reading the various ways the audio gullible are parted from their money by inventive minds. How ever I still want to know whats under the tar and now I want to know what secret audio principle is being revealed here.
  11. You are from Detroit so you know Hoffa is in a NJ land fill.
  12. Hey Carl, wasn't this the thread that was going to get the breathalyzer?
  13. I heard a set of them in Hope a few weeks ago in Roy's sound room. They were pretty remarkable and up until now I could care less about Cornwalls. The CW4 had none of that boomy box sound I so dislike and was very musical. They had the latest Heresy, Forte, La Scala and Cornwall there and my favorite by far was the CW4. If I remember right you have a CW of some sort and unless you did some serious mods to it up to and including cutting the motorboard for a better mid horn there is no way you could ever make the old stuff sound as good as this CW4. Everything was balanced appropriately to me and every component was well match to all the others. I saw two sets of two screws on the front which I assume means they have finally run braces front to back and it killed the boomy box completely. While the LS was more efficient the CW4 was far more musical than the LS for my tastes. I could be OK with a set of these as my daily listeners if space was an issue. Although I have to say all that pro gear you just got rid of would skunk these. You really have to stop making a career out of speaker of the week you know. Sadly it is MDF + veneer so no where near as durable as all that pro gear you gave up. What really are you looking for anyway?
  14. True and I have a little amp I can run off my van power point if need be. It never got that far though as I tuned out when he told me how many of these he had handled before implying I did not know what a deal these were. Forgot to mention those K-55-M's were in there too.
  15. OK I have seen these about 7 months ago. I have no idea when that picture was taken but since then they have been poorly stored in a portable storage unit. When I went there to see them they were sitting in his driveway ON THE DIRT and no way to play them. AL crossovers and dirty filthy with water damage on the grilles. You go there and waste your time don't say you were not warned. I would not let this dude sell me anything and I left there commenting to him I would not believe a word he said. Total waste of a 200 mile round trip.
  16. Amen brother. There are so many things of greater import to fiddle with. One of my favorites are people with bad music files trying to make electrical or new super duper equipment correct the problem. I know what I have in my shop and see the looks on the faces of first time listeners and it all went through that lovely zip cord. Speaker wire is the last thing I worry about other than guage although the connections at the ends do matter. If I can I use fork end crimp connectors on typical Klipsch inputs and they wont come loose until I make it so. Most of those screw in end banana plugs work loose for no evident reason and if you don't catch it will give you problems.
  17. I boiled a set in Carolina Reapers one day when making hot sauce and it kept burning my speakers up.
  18. Hmmm, I bet they will sell you some and report back to us when you get them:D
  19. OK whats that tube thing in the middle, a phase aligned espresso unit?
  20. HEY you want deep chest thumping bass you gotta cook your cables. Audiogon has lots of cable kookers if you need to read upon it.
  21. When Form takes over Function. No price listed and I did not dig for one. I am in awe at how tasteless pursuit of a new look can become. I think there were things like this on the Queen Mary in LA.
  22. I would have to think that would interfere with output. I would measure with something like REW and a block of wood shaped like the tweeter in question in place and compare to one without. I will get dimensions to you later today on the horn lens. The MEH idea I think does not include big protrusions into the horn lens path.
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