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  1. Just doing what I do... Luckily we've had work at the shop... (our state considers us "essential") .....actually quite busy when our state was 1st shut down. I thought we'd have no work. But customers just dropped off cars that they've been putting off repairs, they were not using their cars for work, I was surprised. Changes coming... The Boss and I are looking for another house. Want a smaller house with some land.. just looking for a few acres... enough to build a nice shop on. I finally convinced her that we don't need a five bedroom house, it's just me and her. We might not have a shop this time next year.... my landlord just passed two weeks ago. don't know what's gonna happen. just the property alone is worth a ton of coin. so his kids might just sell it off once the estate is settled. Don't Know if the use car guys next to my shop will buy the place, they have deep pockets. But they haven't been moving any cars. So the plan has been for us to relocate, build a shop and take my best customers with me, people that are just more that customers. People that have been coming to the shop for years, I've got some that I've known 20+ years...... So maybe get a part time gig.....something like trimming cannabis plants in a grow house and work on cars at my house part time.. This has kinda been the plan for some time, but the boss didn't want to sell the house. We were thinking about putting a building here but she's finally onboard with moving...it makes more sense. So plans have been moved up. So if you remember the boss's mom past couple years back and we still have stuff from their estate. The boss wasn't ready to get rid of things but we have a new plan....everything goes, we list crap on market place every day...I'm selling all kinds of stuff... I'm even unloading a bunch of my Klipsch and my JBL's might also be going. We have acquired quite a hoard over the years....and it can't come with us. But we're ok... we are strong. Since covid hit all we do is go to the shop and come home. We haven't been out to eat and will not do so until the "mask" thing is done. We've only got carry out food three times since covid hit....and this has nothing to do with the virus.. I'm just not spending money.. Anyway.... The Boss says Hi to all I'll be back😉 MKP
  2. All is good here... good vibes to you my man.. The Boss and I just doing our thing like always, got work, paying the bills and waiting for the chaos to settle. I see you made you way back here😉 MKP
  3. I came across an ad in market place the other day for a Chorus I woofer. It was advertised as a K-48E from a Chorus I. The ad went on to say that is not a K48 from a Chorus II and there was a difference in the two woofers. The K-48E in the Chorus I was made by Eminence and is a 4 ohms, the K-48 in the Chorus II was made by Pyle and 8 ohms. I question the seller and was quite adamant about his facts... I understand that Klipsch used different manufactures for drivers but I always thought that the woofers in the Chorus I's & II's were the same... In the sales brochure for both I's and II's it says K-48E in both. But over the years I think I've seen K-48 and K-48E in one or the other?? I have both I's and II's not looking to pull woofers out.... both sets are in the storage room and not being used at this time....and I don't need any woofers... I just gotta know lol lol MKP 🙂
  4. sometimes on a super hot day after working in the shop all day I could drink a ice cold beer..... then another.....then another.....then another.......... and that's why I stopped drinking 31 years this past June. But they still look good lol lol
  5. Just doing my thing with the BOSS... Thinking about closing the shop in the next couple of years....maybe sooner... selling the house...down sizing... might even be selling bunch of my speakers... I stop in once in awhile to check up on you guys lol lol.. My best to all my coffee peeps....take care my friends..
  6. Just doing my thing with the BOSS... Thinking about closing the shop in the next couple of years....maybe sooner... selling the house...down sizing... might even be selling bunch of my speakers... I stop in once in awhile to check up on you guys lol lol.. My best to all my coffee peeps....take care my friends..
  7. Maybe it wasn't drool... Pics..... Just for my unbiased opinion😉
  8. So over the years me and The BOSS have been through several Cuisinarts.....they work good for a year or so and something happens to them. After talking with you guys years ago we went for the BUNN A-10 and never looked back. It's been serving us now close to 4 years... The only "issue" that seems to happen is the drip head gets clogged up from the water we have here. We have well water. So the drip head get cleaned every few weeks. MKP
  9. Happy Friday my peeps.... A good weekend to all. Looks like we're getting some weather Saturday.... snow, ice, rain oh boy. Fire place gonna be working overtime.. Later.. MKP 🙂
  10. When I go to Philadelphia (China Town) there's a Indonesian restaurant that has a whole deep fried cat fish... it's off the chart delicious. Two types of hot sauce...They call it chili'..... The hot one is served in a stone bowl, spoon it out and put it on what ever you. It's served with the cat fish, I like to mix it with my rice..... It's quite quite hot. The other hot chili' is severed in a little plastic container....a few spoon fulls. This is the one that takes no prisoners.....Even my Indonesian bud can't hang with it...but his wife eats it down with no problems.. A few years back we were going to Philly 4/5 times a month so I became accustom to these chilis' and really got a liking for them.... but the problem for me is the next day.... It usually starts in the wee hours of the morning..... The term I use is liquid fire🔥 The Boss asks me why do I do this to myself......it's just sooo good Actually we're going to China Town for the Chinese New Year.... We haven't been in a year so I'll have to take it easy on the chili' MKP
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