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  1. Yeah, it was that setup that had me fall in love with Klipsch speakers. Was definitely sound you could feel. I'm just glad I can pass it along to someone else to enjoy the same thing as I did. Get rocked!
  2. Yeah, no kidding. Congrats billybob!
  3. Yes, I have the remote, and I think somewhere I still have the owners manual too.
  4. I've come across a few things that I need to get rid of in storage recently and figured I'd give the community the first crack at it. I enjoyed this system when I was younger, but have since moved onto bigger and better things. Has some ridiculous loudness associated with it. It's an AV-500, apparently most people had either a love or hate relationship with it - I always tended to have good luck with it. Never powered Klipsch to it, as by the time I had acquired my first pair, I was using Yamaha components. Does have 5.1, but I think it's better off at this point in time as a garage unit or something just to listen to music. Video wise it's pretty much seen its day. I believe it's rated at 110 Watts in the front channels and 60 Watts in the rear. Tested it fully today, and it still works and sounds like a charm. Asking is $50 plus shipping unless you wanna take a roadtrip to the cornfields of Iowa. If no takers...don't worry you won't hurt my feelings. I just don't have a room for this guy anymore and he needs to go. Cheers!
  5. Reference II will remain as is. It's hard to get a good idea of how good something sounds within a big box store, just keep that in mind. As we've stated before, the new Reference line will have something for just about everybody. We're just getting started! Oh don't get me wrong, I fully accept that. I just know that even in a larger space it seems like my RF-3 II towers had a better sound than the newer line. Of course, all I can do is go off memory there. The only thing I'll stick to my guns on really is appearance, I'm really not super excited about that. But then again, I was never a fan of the Icon series. I also admit if I ever had to bite the bullet on sound over image, sound would win just about every time.
  6. Yeah, I'm sure I am. I dunno...just something about those old caps just seem so much more appealing to me. I could probably even deal with them being copper like the rest of the driver, but I'm just not digging the flat design. Personal preference though, that's not hardly a deal breaker. lol
  7. The voice coil covers? Or I guess they're just referred to as dustcaps. I understand why most speakers don't have them, but they sell a speakers appearance IMO.
  8. I'm really hoping the new (potentially) line of speakers, along with Reference II remains of a higher quality. I happened to listen to a pair of these new speakers at Best Buy today when getting a new TV for school and was totally disappointed with what I heard and saw. Might just be my preference to the II's or the environment, but these just sounded bland to me and certainly didn't make me very excited for what was new. What it did do though is make me thankful for the sets that I currently own. I remain optimistic at what new comes to the other lines though. But I have to admit, I'd love to see coil covers again. The older reference speakers were just absolutely beautiful.
  9. Thought so. (Thanks for the welcome! ) Honestly, I know I'm overpowered for the room I have my setup in at this time, but I plan on moving relatively soon and with that move I intend to of course have more space. Actually, the room is a bit embarrassingly small. I do tend to enjoy higher levels of music, but I'm more interested in the depth and clarity than anything with an equal balance in sound. Most of the time audio is being fed in through the TV via Digital Optical, that includes music and movies. Rarely is a line source used.
  10. Hey Klipsch community! I'm not really sure why I haven't joined sooner, since I've been using Klipsch products for well over ten years now. (Must have lost that message in the mail.) Anyway...here's my dilemma and I'm fully ready to shell this off to someone with a bit more knowledge on the Klipsch line than I: Not too long ago I purchased a Yamaha RX-V2500. I have a thing about the newer amplifiers, and was super excited about finding something a bit older that would still have some of the driving Yamaha sound I'm used to (I don't find their newer lines to be very appealing - even when setup with decent speakers...but that's just me). I had a pair of RF-3 II's left over from my old system as well as a whole 5.1 setup of Jamo speakers, which I eventually phased out into another room and created a whole 'nother system with. I replaced my two surrounds with a pair of RS-42 II's and the center with an RC-52 II. I also shelved off the subwoofer for a Polk PRO660. I honestly would have preferred keeping with the RC-3 II and RS-3 II's by finding them on eBay or something, but a local shop in town was going out of business and was selling these guys off at wicked cheap prices. At any rate, the RF-3 II's are wired into both A & B terminals on the amp, but if anyone knows the 2500 they know it's a 7 channel unit with heights. I have four speaker posts still available to me, and I'm just itching to fill those up. Here's what I'm ultimately wondering though: would it benefit me to continue searching for RS/C-3 II's to fill in the gaps, or would any Klipsch Reference line that meets wattage specs work? I'd honestly love to put an RC-3 in place of the 52, add two RS-3's and use two RC-52's as heights. Would this make any sense though is my next question? Music is where I excel and I don't think this configuration would be too bad there, but what about movies? Input is appreciated, and if anyone can help me snuff out some of these speakers that'd be awesome too! Thanks!
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