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  1. In some form, there's interest on both of these. I'll update if we're at SP tonight or not.
  2. @wvu80 & @dwilawyer The History Kid is a modern and contemporary military historian. By and far the Civil War is outside my purview - save for the limited roles my installation had in the war, and the roles of key officers in the Civil War in the establishing of this installation. That being said, there's often fairly heated debate amongst military historians on the Civil War. On the one hand, you have individuals who believe that the South was indeed treasonous - omitting the sovereignty that was granted by the constitution - and was rightfully punished after the war. On the other hand, there are individuals who believe the South simply attempted to establish themselves by way of a second revolution. I've often sat in the middle of these two commentaries and argued both sides. No one can deny that many fought for their state, rather than the Confederacy, yet none can also argue about the onset at Fort Sumter. At any rate, I digress. I'm a Cold War / GWOT military historian first and foremost. COVID-19 Remarks: It is day 44 since I've been in the office and in my archives - and I am not happy. I need material to read and write on from there in relation to things I've been working on, I have tupperware in the fridge there that I'm sure is a biohazard, and I'm worried about my plant. >:[
  3. Of course it is. But do you really need it in most circumstances? Doubtful. The need is usually a short burst of low frequency effects, not continuous. At least with Klipsch speakers that's the truth. It varies on the speaker. That's why you want to look at the sensitivity of the speaker in all of this too. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  4. You won't get 105 WPC x5 out of that AVR. Power ratings on AVRs are excessively overstated and have numerous caveats. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. New week, but still quarantined bump. lol
  6. Adding an amp can in a roundabout way add power to the AVR. Consider the following two examples: Example 1: AVR Power, 590 W Total Power AVR Powers the front 3 channels Amp powers the rear 4. You're probably going to get somewhere between 55 and 100 WPC for the front 3 channels and whatever the amp power rating is for the rear 4. Example 2: Same AVR Power AVR powers all 7 channels. You're probably going to see something around 25 to 55 WPC for all 7 channels. An outboard amp will guarantee you clean power, as long as it's a decent one. It can take some of the excess load off the AVR too. The more power you're deriving from the AVR, the less and less power it has to use. I'd say on average most AVR's with all channels driven run between 30 and 70 WPC and do not exceed that. Adding an amp doesn't increase the overall power of the amp, but it can free up available power for the channels it is running, not to exceed it's own capacity.
  7. Good choice. I am using a 4200 for my configuration - though I am using all outboard amplifiers right now. It sounds like that's what you're working towards as well. That 4500 has great expansions that should serve you well into the future. It will put circles around any of those RX-V AVR's that's for sure.
  8. I advise the OP to look elsewhere than the Yamaha RX-V line. If you're set on Yamaha, you should look bare minimum at the RX-A Aventage lines. The RX-V's have replaced most of the HTR line as the entry level Yamaha receivers and do not meet the same quality as the older RX-V models. Make sure you look around for options on the RX-A's, they can be had for a decent price.
  9. Mine showed up today. So did my payment to the student loan company though...*ahem*
  10. I was referring to the Status. They do a good job with noise too. I did still buy another pair just now though, even though I already have a pair. Figure I'll use them at work when I go back.
  11. Scroll to the bottom of the first page of the thread.
  12. Weekend bump - would love to have the boxes out of the storage unit if anything else. lol
  13. They sound fantastic, but the padding - like Mark said - do not stand the test of time all that well. The fabric is wearing off on mine, but still usable.
  14. I'm glad you laughed at that joke, at least someone finds you funny - even if it's only yourself.
  15. You're damn right. I was rated world's best toaster for six consecutive years as a child.
  16. I've decided to quit school and devote myself to becoming a full time cactus. Just a cactus.
  17. Update with pics. w/ Painted Gen I Trim w/ Gen II Trim Both remain $700 shipped, ea. $1400 for the pair.
  18. Couldn't tell you as I bought it that way. I'm the second owner of each. The paint job looks to be really well done though. I can't tell that it's paint. Professor. Not a Doctor...yet.
  19. They are both Gen I. One has Gen I trim painted black, the other has Gen II trim.
  20. Gonna bump this in case anyone has interest despite the times. Also, will have some updated pictures tomorrow, since I'm not sure how long it'll stay up on Craigslist. Officially doing shipping only until further notice, by the way.
  21. I have a set of medical bills to pay. The rest I'll probably put on my student loans. It's *almost* another paycheck...but as I'm still getting paid and have extra put away, I'd rather just use it on debts.
  22. Give me something with gluten in it and I will. Just make sure it's tasty.
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