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  1. Never...Maybe you have me mistaken for someone else?
  2. What ever gives you an idea I live in dfw?
  3. It is Saturday. Hope all is good with all here at this forum...Cheers to all here🍻 Got some snow falling in me neighborhood. I talked to an old flame via text. Interesting is all I can say... I initiated the back and forth, it is better than I thought..LOL Music and beer or what ever floats your boat, is what I think
  4. New year new Yabba Dabba Do.
  5. ^^^ I have grieved more for my pets than family members... I'm afraid the above will come across as pets are not family members...not true pets are very much a part... I'm talking brothers, sisters, moms and dads
  6. Pictures πŸ™‚ W4S core data and Roon playing and a picture of my setup
  7. Happy Friday to all here at Klipsch Forum. I love the W4S MS. I think Roon Music Player on the Mac Min and Music Server on the W4S is so much better than running Channel D Pure Music on the Mac Mini. The sound coming from the RF-7ii's is really really good.
  8. LOL....I'm in need of this LOL.... I'm big and harry, I don't even want to tackle it.
  9. I almost got to the end of this thread and realized "in my opinion" it is about liability to the host of this free "without tracking your a$$ advertisements involved" "no algorithm watching and capturing your likes and dislikes just to influence your decisions. Someone had posted this isn't a social media site. Well in a way it is. I think change to laws are coming to the likes of social media and the host will be liable for content that is not moderated to the host liking.
  10. you'll have to let me know what you think of Denafrips dac... I will let you know what I think of the W4S Music server, this will be compared to my Mac Mini running Channel D Pure Music.
  11. Sorry @grasshopper Just start your own races... My Ex's brother-in-law started his own RC car racing, "built a track and all" Did real good with it.
  12. Ohhh Yeah....The Wyred4Sound MS Music Server I ordered should arrive this Wednesday πŸ‘
  13. Drink flowing and tunes are on...dunkin donuts coffee sucks, "the stuff packaged and available in the stores" Not much else to say, Took the F150 in for diags on the Airbag light staying on...Clock spring seems to be the issue..
  14. I used to go hiking in the winter, I would take Robin the "pit bull" with me into Fontenelle Forest. Robin was the happiest pit bull ever πŸ™‚ Edit to add a picture of Robin.... Edit to add, I love and miss you Robin....
  15. Like growing a tomato...Except where you can't because of "BS"
  16. It can suck...And to think I used to play in the stuff as a kid...Building snow forts and having snowball fights....LOL
  17. Yep, the evil stuff that was banished in the USA...is here to stay....Money man.... Oh yeah!!! it's about time.
  18. No argument here...I was turned on to Klipsch because of my brother "Skip" Tube amps and Klipsch for sure..πŸ™‚
  19. Yes....^^^ and the vast knowledge that is available here...I think it pertains to audio, not just Klipsch πŸ™‚
  20. Mine too...My sister would take me to a local department store so I could purchase 45's... Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song played a big influence in my musical tastes Edit to include... This is where I'm at...... https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=0t1Pm2HHcQo&list=RDAMVM0t1Pm2HHcQo https://www.npr.org/2020/12/07/943255476/black-pumas-tiny-desk-home-concert
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