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  1. I am using a Linear Tube Audio MZ2. It is absolutely wonderful and will not break the bank. https://www.lineartubeaudio.com/products/mz2mz2-s
  2. Congratulations! Looks beautiful. I was thinking of trying the Rhumba because it has XLR in/out. What amp are you driving with it?
  3. Maybe they count the tweeter/mid horn as a 2-way with its dual voice coil? It is confusing, but I have to say works VERY well to my ear. Smooth and slightly sweet, full bass, so easy to listen to for hours and hours. Yes, retail is $15K. Here are some YouTube vids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjQCIFOOOFc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH1AZxPUFrk https://youtu.be/_o1Fiuq69G4 https://youtu.be/Fo3iZF_aX2U https://youtu.be/oCTwiy3O75M https://youtu.be/UosApHgUJIc https://youtu.be/rBodEBsh8VE
  4. There's lots of stuff that I wish I never had sold. I understand
  5. Thank you soooooo much. I did not realize. That is an awesome feature. Thank you for the comment as well.
  6. Thank you so much. I've owned and only really heard the Cornwall III's. I loved them but admit that they were a little forward and a tiny bit aggressive to my ear. The Cornwalls begged to be cranked and were so clear that I did not realize how loud I was playing until the music stopped. Whew, wonderful and fun speakers. These JBL's (my first horn based having owned JBL 4312D studio monitors) are so smooth, ballsy, wide sound stage, seem to have very little room interaction, slightly sweet and warm (perfect for my taste) and just a wonderful presentation. To me, they remind me of perfected Cornwalls.
  7. I started out wanting Klipsch Jubilee speakers but reality and room considerations set in. I'm back with Klipsch (bookshelf speakers) and loving them immensely. At one point I wanted JBL M2 speakers but they required specific amps and electronic crossover setup that was not only limiting gear-wise but possibly not my cup of tea. It also required major dealer involvement for proper setup. Once JBL announced a consumer version of the M2, called the 4367, I felt they'd be perfect. The 4367 have a built in passive crossover and you can use your own amps. They finally arrived last week and I absolutely love them. http://www.jblsynthesis.com/productdetail/id-4367.html Thank you so much.
  8. Tomorrow afternoon the amps will have been running for the week straight. Already notice some changes for the better. Overall, these are right up there with some of the best amps I've heard for low level late night listening. The noise floor is so low, it's nonexistent. Everything can be clearly heard. Amazing. If anything bothers me, it usually a bite or sibilant vocal. Treble and vocals are getting very smooth. These have wonderful 3D, air, separation, and seemingly limitless power. Very impressive.
  9. For me, tubes truly satisfy like no other amps. My problem is that I love to have music playing usually 10-12 hours a day. I know, a little excessive but it can be very relaxing and mood enhancing. Obviously I don't always listen critically but I am hoping these amps, the Nord One UP, bridge the gap and tick all the right boxes. Fingers crossed.
  10. Thank you Peter! Colin (the owner of the company?) has been extremely responsive and even refunded some shipping charges when I ordered a set of cables the next evening. He's going to put them in the amp boxes. I did not expect any refund or any extra compensation but he did it right away. All around, so far, Colin has been a pleasure to deal with. I think I will be a happy camper. More to come.....
  11. Thank you Peter. The world seems smaller now because of the internet and this company came highly recommended to me, so I took a chance. The conversion rate on the amps I purchased ended up costing me almost $2288. From amount $2,287.96 USD To amount £1,534.00 GBP Exchange rate: 1 U.S. Dollar = 0.670466 British Pounds Not inexpensive but way less expensive than other options in the long run and supposedly as good or even better sonically. I just received an update that they may be shipped Monday. As soon as I get tracking info, I'll know more.
  12. I am tentatively hoping to see them by the end of next week and I am sure they will need a little break in time as well. I will absolutely let you guys know what I think. That was what the blurb on their website. Don't read anything negative into it. I am sure from what I've been told by owners that they are FAR from grainy and actually smooth and slightly sweet. EXACTLY what I am looking for in an amp. Stay tuned..... Here is a link to someone who has the standard op amp and will be posting about a different op amp soon. http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=139002.msg1486509#msg1486509
  13. I have to be honest. I've had my LS-50 one or two days before I received my Klipsch speakers. I hooked up my Klipsch speakers and never looked back. I don't even remember what the KEF LS-50 sound like. I need to hook them up and revisit the KEF speakers. The LS50 need a lot more power to sing, so I guess I've been focused on my lower powered amps and enjoying the heck out of my Klipsch speakers. Do I remember the LS50 being a little more "refined"? Yes, probably a little more audiophile in all areas but really what strikes me is how fun, enjoyable and amazing the Klipsch speakers sound. I am talking about the RP-160, RB-75 and even the P17b are so awesome, I can not bear to tear myself away from them. I will promise to come back to the LS50 once and for all and make some mental notes on performance. Right now, dollar for dollar, Klipsch KILLS !!!!! I would also like to know how the RP-160 compares to the KEF LS50. I'm considering grabbing a pair this summer.
  14. I may be crazy but I did an impulse buy of these Nord One Hypex Amplifiers by iQ Speakers. http://www.iqspeakers.co.uk/#!hypex-amps/avuyk http://www.iqspeakers.co.uk/#!product-page/onbar/c9c31e89-cc60-19a6-a18e-4612342e130b I ordered the upgraded model One Nord amps with the Sparkos op amp. The Sparkos op amps are supposed to add Texture and Warmth.
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