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  1. Yes, something to be concerned about, but i would definitely give them a call and get specifics before purchase.
  2. Fezz Audio Lybra 300B (Legacy) Vacuum Tube Integrated Amp (audio46.com) Anyone know anything about these amps? I'm curious as to the quality of the build as well as how well they sound to the critical ear. Thanks
  3. Ok, With the threads of the DBB in the past, i didnt think it would be an issue to post that. Thanks for the info, I will get those priced out to see the difference. I was thinking MDF anyway, because these will get veneered in dark ebony.
  4. Been thinking about this DBB build and originally was gonna build them myself, but i would have to buy a new table saw, joiner and few other tools for the job and think it might be a more economical to hire an old work friend who is a cabinet maker/wood worker to build these for me. I have the build plans thanks to a member here. My question is what type of wood is best to use for the build? I think i might get these cabs built for now and i can finish later. Thanks
  5. Those amps are just stunning to look at. They certainly look top notch. I have thought of purchasing one in the future, but the 10w/ch bugged me. I understand the low watt rating is deceiving, but you say the bass out of this amp is plenty. What db levels do you listen at and what are the extreme levels it can hit? I may take another look. I mostly listen at 80-90db levels now thru Cornscala's in a medium-large room. Thanks for the update.
  6. Where are people finding these horns? I didn't think klipsch sold these loose.
  7. You can find bad reviews on most. you just need to give them a try and see.
  8. Yes, i read that on his page. Looks to have a large selection.
  9. I bought a quad of KT77 GL from upscale and a quad of JJ from viva. I like the EH 6ca7 as well and may pick up a quad of those as well.
  10. I agree and not to turn this post to politics, but we are where we are at by design not happenstance. What a shame we were in such a good place 2yrs ago.
  11. Thanks, i forgot about him. I bought from him before. I checked his list and didn't find what i was looking for. I'll keep looking.
  12. Whats going on with the prices and availability of the vacuum tubes now days. Haven't bought any tubes in a couple years. I'm now looking for a quad of KT77. I like the JJ's, But are hard to find from a good dealer. I did order a quad of KT77 GL from Kevin Deal, but still looking for other KT77 in a good price range. Where are you guys now buying your tubes? I was also looking for the psvane MKii gray glass, but can't find any in the states. Who do you guys by these from?
  13. Well, i'm really happy to hear the Carver 275 is a very good amp after all, I had my mind set on that amp for a while because i just could not afford the Ayon spirit V at $6000ish and really wanting the Triton at $10,000plus. So the Carver fits my budget much easier and i hope to be an upstep to my trusty old modified Audcom Chinese amp of 20yrs, which sounds fantastic and proven its reliability.
  14. Ok, so the Black Magic is superior to the 275, but the 275 really is a good amp after all? Glad to here that as i really like what i read in the good review of it and its a very nice looking amp as well.
  15. I'm a bit confused with the Carver275 being a good amp. I had it on my list of amps to purchase and after more research including a thread on here, i found 1 long positive review on it and a bunch or really bad reviews. A glued in meter, an output transformer no bigger than an autoformer and an output of about 20w/ch after testing. Rated at 75/ch, so i moved on to looking at the Ayon amps once again. so can someone clear this up as to the 275 being a good amp or a not so good amp? After reading this post it has me wanting a Carver again, just need to know the outstanding models to buy. I'll keep on eye on your post for awhile. Glad you got a good one.
  16. Yeah, looks like i will never be able to get a pair of Khorns and the Jubes will take a sizable lottery winning.
  17. I agree. Those aren't worth $500.
  18. Now that my system is in a much bigger room, i find 80-90 is good. 70-75 used to be the norm.
  19. Those amps are simply a work of art. I would love to own one. I will be replacing my 20yr old Chinese EL34 amp with something new after Christmas. I have the Tool Shed, Ayon and Bob Carvers Crimson 275 on my list. The Crimson looks like a bargain compared to these other 2. The Ayon and 275 are rated at 75w/ch. The TS is 8w/ch i think. I'm driving a pair of CornScala's using B&C mid drivers. Can 8w's drive these to 90db levels with plenty of low and mid bass punch?
  20. Just tried the tung sol JAN 12SL7GT. Dont like them. I have to twist the volume up quite a bit to hear music. JAN 12SL7 sound pretty good, these are a metal can style. I just need to find a real good pair.
  21. Ok, Thanks. Will see what happens. When the MM cartridge is ready for replacement I will be stepping up to the MC.
  22. I dont have the ART9xi. I have the MM Ortophon Black 250, which i think sounds very nice, but with be moving up to the AT ART9xi hoping for a bit more clearity or more life like should i say.
  23. The gentleman tells me he ran a MC Denon 103 cartridge which has a similar voltage output as the ART9 with this phono pre amp and had no issues doing it.
  24. Absolutely. It will be done real soon. I bought another stereo rack to match my current one. This way i can get the TT together with the rest of the audio equipment.
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