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  1. I found those KT-170's Fido! http://www.banzaimusic.com/kt170-tungsol-platinum-matched.html I know you like your KT-150's but I wonder what these being to the table played through Forte 4's 😳
  2. Ah... Found some in Germany. Unfortunately, the US eBay seller does not ship to the UK. http://www.banzaimusic.com/kt170-tungsol-platinum-matched.html
  3. Hi Fido, What a fascinating (and envious) lifestyle you've led! Mine only comes close by way of working for Sir Ralph Halpern who owned a chain of stores in the UK called Top Shop & Top Man.... I worked for him whenever there was a Miss World Competition as they sponsored it way back then.... Used to meet each of the winners for six years, chatting and drinking with them, then taking official photos for promotional material and then the Public store appearances which were also taken by myself. That was a most enjoyable period for me!
  4. Are they available for sale now? Can't seem to find them....
  5. Congratulations! I look forward to hearing how they sound on your Primaluna Amp!
  6. Yes. I understand the issue Darkscience. Perhaps you could either: remove and replace the attached plinth with a taller version as these are only screwed on to the underside of the cabinet or place them on inert blocks of the same square area as the speaker base?
  7. I hear where you're coming from Darkscience 😀
  8. On gosh...! 😱 What are Museum Forte 4's!! My wallet is getting more and more squeaky as more info comes in.... 💸
  9. Oh Boy!! I shouldn't have watched that! 😜
  10. Gosh.... Only had mine for ten months... Hope I don't get the upgrade fever... 😷
  11. Hi Pezcore67, I came over from a Pioneer SX-1980 Receiver to a Primaluna EVO 400 Integrated Tube Amp. Also playing through my Klipsch Forte III's sounding brilliant. No regrets on my decision to change to Tubes. Absolutely fantastic! Now about to 'Tube Roll' to explore more sound avenues.
  12. I think I'm going to get myself a set of KT150's.. 💷💷 😱 Sounds like it's the way to go... I think Fido's sound searching is very much like mine. Has the same Brimar's as myself so I can't wait to hear what each these have to offer.
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