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  1. I had similar problems with an ST-120 I put together as a kit from VTA. Either the rectifier tube would blow, taking the fuse with it, or one of the right side 6550 powers tube would red plate. That got expensive fast. I wouldn't have another kit amp for one very good reason, no warranty. If something goes wrong it's always your fault, it is never a problem with parts, etc. Ask me how I know! I sold that amp, gave the buyer full disclosure in case you're wondering, and eventually bought a 'Chi-Fi' Muzishare X7 (KT88 in push-pull) integrated amp. It has a one year warranty, and as we all know, if anything is going to go wrong, it usually manifests itself in the first few weeks of use. It sounds every bit as good as the ST-120, and it works!
  2. I've had a Yamaha A-S1000 for 6-7 years now, bought it used. Even though I've replaced it in the audio rack I won't sell it. It is not going to fetch a lot of $$$'s on the used market, and IMO it will outlast the tube integrated that I'm using now for 2 channel. I'm sure my son will enjoy this amp and Salk speakers long after I've checked out. Some things are more difficult to let go of than other things. Internally I think it's the same amp as the S1100/1200/S2000/S2100/S2200, but not positive about that. I think the S3xxx series has more power and slightly different internals. It has a great sounding phono section, probably one of the best I've ever owned, and I've owned a lot of gear over the years. I'm 73yo, started out in this hobby at 18yo when I bought a brand new Sansui 500a tube receiver. Been hooked on good sounds ever since, and I still have decent hearing to enjoy the sounds. I watched that video of Andrew Robinson, his points about the A-S1200 could be said of the A-S1000 as well. I've read some reviews where the reviewer tend not to like the highs in these amps, finding them too bright. I find the highs to be nearly perfect, and especially with a great tweeter, which my Salk speaker have IMO, the Hiquphon OW2, made in Denmark. The name makes it sound as if it's a Chinese brand.
  3. VTA ST-120 6550 powered amp. I put this together as a kit from VTA. Sounded wonderful while it lasted. I don't know if it was something I did or a bad part(s) from VTA. Since they have NO warranty I decided to sell it and look around for something roughly equivalent to it with a warranty. I found this on Amazon: It's a KT88 powered integrated amp with ~45wpc, with a so-so phono section, and for the HT enthusiast, HT bypass, which is rare in the tube world of integrated amps. I don't use the HT bypass, I've set up my system so the stereo setup is separate from the HT stuff, with digital music from the HTPC sharing the signal with a Yamaha RX-A2070 AVR, no other common connections. The Muzishare X7 drives a pair of Salk Song Towers in either ultra-linear , or triode mode(~35wpc). I usually keep it in ultra-linear mode. The HT speakers are Klipsch RP-150's L/R, RP-440c center, and RP-140SA Atmos speakers, and Emotiva ERD-1 surrounds, and a pair of subs. No subs are used with the X7/Song Towers. The X7 sounds very 'SS' like, with a velvety mid range that clearly outshines most SS amps I've owned prior. The X7 replaced a very good Yamaha A-S1000 integrated amp, which is on standby should something go wrong with the X7. The X7 is well built, and has some nice built in features such as 30 second delay circuitry to allow the heater elements to get things warmed up before applying power to the tubes. The remote is as basic as it gets, with only volume up/down & mute. I bought this thinking I would use it in the HT system to drive the Salk speakers for movies. That all changed when I decided to buy the Klipsch speakers and heard how dynamic they are for movies, and how easily the Yamaha AVR drove them. I'll complete the HT side when I find some Klipsch RP-240s or RP-250s. The ERD-1's are very good too. So, that's my system, SS & tubes. And just so you know, this isn't my first rodeo with tubes, my first tube gear was a brand new Sansui 500a tube receiver, which I bought it 1966, in Japan.
  4. I recall you being on that for sale thread where I bought it from jlfx64. I've had this Acurus for almost 2 years. I hate to sell it but I have too much audio gear already. And I'm looking to buy another AVR that will replace the Yamaha CX-A5000. Its a great processor but the need for external amps means little or no room in the audio rack. Currently I'm using the bedroom 2 channel AVR - a Yamaha RX-V773 - old yes - but it works fine. And I could use the remote without having to turn on a light - so it needs to go back in the bedroom. As for the Yamaha A-S1000 - what can I say? It drives my Salk Song Towers wonderfully. It has plenty of power for producing low bass - no subs needed with this combo. With it's direct amp inputs it also does double duty for multi channel stuff - driving the front mains just fine. It has plenty of power and it is very neutral sounding. As are most Yamaha electronics, I've found.. I may update to the A-S1100 or A-S2100 in a year or so. Time to start saving! Good Lord! I'm becoming a Yamaha fanboi! I haven't had one Yamaha die on me yet. Can't say that about all brands - and most of all Onkyo/Integra products. 3 for 3 dead HDMI boards! Hey Teaman Tim! Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it!
  5. SOLD SOLD I have a very nice 3 channel Acurus amplifier for sale. Since I bought it here I thought I'd see if there were any interest in this fine amp. I bought it in July 2016 and it's been in continuous service until recently. I bought a Yamaha A-S1000 a few weeks ago so the Acurus is no longer needed. I almost hate to sell it - they don't come up for sale very often. I'm willing to ship to Canada but be forewarned that shipping from the US to Canada is getting very expensive. But if you simply must have this amp I'll send you an inflated shipping charge and will refund any of that chunk of money that doesn't go to shipping. I'm not trying to make money on shipping - just being pragmatic. I've been srcooed (SIC!) on shipping to Ca. twice. It won't happen a third time. I'm looking to get $325 shipped to CONUS addresses. Thanks for looking!
  6. Sorry I could make a local deal happen but glad you got them sold. Knucklehead, I think you will be very pleased. Bill I've owned 3 Acurus amps in the past few years and really enjoyed them. First came an A150 - then a pair - an A200x3 and A200 stereo amps. Since I don't require huge power for my Salk Song Towers the A100x3 will do me just fine. I may add an A100 2 channel amp in the future. Thanks to teaman for pointing me to this forum and this amp - and to Mr. Fox for the great deal.
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