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  1. Another good tune ! https://www.facebook.com/100088852669817/videos/857214089402879/?idorvanity=379100825612533&mibextid=W9rl1R
  2. nice 👍 my name cave https://www.facebook.com/groups/CanadianRecordCollectors/permalink/2237485033107427/?mibextid=W9rl1R
  3. I paid $67.87cd and that was with shipping greats deal !
  4. This is what it would cost from the good old USA
  5. I found one on Disdogs it came from overseas new I didn’t have to pay a fortune !
  6. the platforms look great and they should work well but I had a pair years ago and I had use 2”. 1/2 granite under each of them with pads stabilizers for a Washer. Nothing fell but I knew I was in a concert lol
  7. Lol I pretty much did the same thing tonight, Halloween was it worth it not at this moment lol 😂
  8. The shop that fix it was great , it wasn’t simple as one can see what had to come off to replace the switch! The left side used to look like the right side . Great job !
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