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  1. The Sweet Spot will be great. A little out of the sweet spot your midrange and highs will be reduced because of the dispersion of the K-700 horn. I is a 90X40 degree horn. Horizontal dispersion is 90 degrees and vertical dispersion is 40 degrees. When they are on their sides you have 40 degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical which makes your sweet spot narrower and if you have a flat smooth ceilings there will be a lot of reflection you wouldn't normally hear from the ceiling. It may satisfy you...if so enjoy it and ignore the specs. Bottom line...they are yours...do what you want! 😎 My profile picture is PWK in 1978 with me to his right.
  2. Well, He was a Rotary Club member...He took me to a Rotary Club meeting the first day I worked for him. However, he always had at least two wrist watches so I don't think that has much to do with the Masons. He always carried a black face Hamilton Railroad mans 24 hour pocket watch. He also had a little radio on his desk that was tuned to the WWV frequency only (World Cesium Time Standard) so he could keep his watch set accurately. There was beside the little radio a small de-magnetizer he ran his watch through a few times a day since he worked around magnets so much.
  3. I am using Gold Lion KT88s in my VTA ST70...They are great.
  4. No minimum amp requirement with the Heritage speakers or any high efficiency home speaker.
  5. In the '70s it was not uncommon to have special orders of many kinds. I saw it done many times.
  6. Ear level with the horns is better for general sound and the stage image...always was.
  7. Ok Mr. Hunter...checking in from Huntsville Alabama. Gonna try to but in and answer questions when I can. Curtis here.
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