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  1. I have five different sets of stands for my Heresy II.
  2. Funny you mentioned this. I just saw this the other day.
  3. Klipsch market has become like the stock market. Ups and downs but the up prices are absurd.
  4. The true story about all this gossip with Decware and wait lists started specifically because of three youtube channels. Andrew Robinson, the Audiopheliac and Thomas Stereo. Right after those reviews were posted, Decware suddenly started getting mobbed with orders. The problem with this is that there a good number of amazing, small business's who build beautiful tube amps here in America who don't get the credit they deserve. The problem with most of these YouTube channels is that they end up being sellouts, no different than people who blame audio magazines for paid advertising by brands they review. The YouTube channels are no different. It amazes me how many amazing tube amps are available by other American sources that don't get reviewed by those channels. Instead, they mostly review mainstream products because they've monetized their channels. That's fine, but the problem is the people who close their minds from less popular companies because there's no reviews posted by these YouTube channels. Some of the most amazing things are things you don't know about. Popularity doesn't mean things are necessarily better, but that's what people get sucked into an it's nonsense. Decware make nice amps, don't get me wrong, BUT there are others equally nice if not, better. Look at Kevin's reviews. He's not even remotely in the mainstream, yet reviews tons of great and less popular brands that are amazing. http://www.glowinthedarkaudio.com/home.html
  5. I personally think the EL34 NessTone's have the sweetest, warmest, most pretty sound which is a phenomenal match for Heritage speakers. Ironically they are the least expensive too.
  6. It's amazing what a few youtube videos can do to a companies reputation like Decware. These wait periods are absolutely absurd when there are other fantastic options available but it's like famous pop stars, people just follow the cattle.
  7. Yea, I used to go to Houston's specifically for a Hawaiian ribeye once a month before Covid closed it down. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to try new things, but for example, this hifi buff has a new favorite something every three months or so, so he's obviously trying new things but he still no longer even has these after he said he was keeping them. Look at Jay's Audio Lab. The man is always switching gear like he's switching underwear. I think it's nice when you have a good hifi system and get lost in the music instead. I also think a lot of hifi gear is overpriced compared to other gear that sounds equally good and in many cases, actually better.
  8. My only issue is there are a lot of small business's making tube gear but the issue is a lot of it is very expensive. My ST35 and ST70 that Kenny Russell did using high quality components sound warm, sweet, smooth, beautiful, holographic and they're both under $2000 and can be had in just a couple of weeks. I'm done changing amps. I've seen so many people change gear and while it can be fun to try new gear, it does indicate that listeners are still in search of better sound. I love the way my system sounds and while I still listen to other gear, I always stick with my same Dynaco's because in my opinion, they sound more beautiful than anything I've compared to date with my Heritage speakers. They are an amazing match.
  9. MC30's were nice. Had them at one time.
  10. I realize this is an old post but she asked excellent questions and the same question was not repeated three times. Each question was different. Mr. K mostly chose to discuss distortion. 1. What's missing from a Klipschorn? 2. What would be the difference with a symphony between a radio and when you build the Klipschorn? 3. What sounds better about a Klipschorn? 4. What was the purpose of a center channel speaker? I would love to hear his answers to all these questions.
  11. Had I not tried it for myself, I wouldn't really know.
  12. Curious if others have tried this. Would love to hear your opinions. Thanks guys. ---daniel
  13. I compared the two here for those who may be interested. I mostly covered their sound characteristics.
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