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  1. UPA-2 is a very good amp. All of our amps are Emotiva. Sold the other brands. It's always good to have a reserve or two just in case!!
  2. We had a 75" TV in our media room and a few months ago replaced it with a BenQ short throw projector. Short throw because our ceiling fan is in the middle of the room and it would have been too much of a hassle to move it and install the projector. We painted the wall with SW base white paint (researched as the best paint for a projector wall) and the picture is out of this world. Would never go back to a TV, no matter how large.
  3. I have 2 QSC 2 channel amps. GX-3 & GX-5. Go to qsc.com for specs. Excellent condition. $355 for both amps shipped to CONUS. More pics available if needed.
  4. Anyone have any experience with this Outlaw amp? Their products overall are very good quality. Curious: How well does it perform overall. How well does it perform specifically with Klipsch speakers.
  5. My thoughts exactly. Someone will get a great deal on some great speakers!!
  6. I have had Crown amps in the past. Currently I have 2 QSC/GX-5 amps powering center & rears. I think they are solid amps and work great in a home system for both music and movies. Yes you can faintly hear the fans but even at low volumes, the fans disappear.
  7. I have a pair of RP150 and RP160. The 150s are our TV speakers and the 160s are our rear surrounds in the movie room. Both are great speakers for their size and capacity. I think I am most amazed at the output of the 150s, both bass and higher end. Just my 2 cents!!
  8. It always intrigues me when I hear "they sound good but might sound better". What does that even mean? What are we measuring against? How do I know they sound good now or later? I'm not picking, I'm talking to myself because I have said this so many times myself. I know what sounds good to me is what I want but I'm usually looking for more but not even sure what that more is. It opens up a lot of questions, debates and curiosity!!
  9. How are the IIIs? Would sure like to have a pair.
  10. These sounded great stock but after I upgraded them with Crites tweeter diaphragms and crossovers, they just blew out the 280s in our room. 3 ways are awesome, even 30 year old 3 ways!!
  11. This was never about the 280s sounding bad or anything negative about them. They are great speakers. This was about what speakers sounded best to us in our media room and the Forte's won so they stay. Win win either way. 280s are sold and on their way to the new owner. Happy listening!!
  12. Seems to be clearer, crisper, cleaner and felt right there in the room with me. It's hard for me to put in words sometimes what I'm hearing but the sound from the Fortes is more real than the 280s. Sensitivity also. I bought a Sansui AU-217 for fun and I barely turn the volume and I have beautiful powerful sound. Same with the 280s but just not as real. Some of my descriptions are subjective and maybe even meaningless to some. That's why I said, I just liked the sound from the Fortes better. It's all in the ears & head!!
  13. This might be the wrong place for this post so mods, feel free to move if needed. I just sold my RP-280 floors because I believe my Forte 1 w/Crites upgrades are a better sounding speaker both for music and movies. I have a 450 center. Am I crazy? No, because I kept what sounded best to me. :-)
  14. It didn t say 280S, it said 280s as in plural. :-)
  15. Beautiful pair of cherry RP-280s. Less than a year old with low hours. Had to move to a smaller room and bought a pair of Fortes right after these. The Fortes fit better so I have been using them and the 280s are just sitting. Local pickup in or around Houston, TX. Asking $700 OBO. More pics available if needed.
  16. Interesting discussion. Good news is that the Fortes are awesome speakers and sound great with each different amp. Bad (not really bad) news is I need (want) to pick one to keep and sell the others. Gotta love this hobby!!
  17. Yes your are most correct, I meant amps not sources.
  18. Yes, the Luxman is a very special piece of equipment. The seller of the fortes threw it in for free because they felt it was the only piece that could drive the Fortes like they should be driven. One of those once in a lifetime deals!!
  19. I have a pair of Fortes w/Crites upgrades. Love the sound!! I have powered them with a Luxman R-117 (was part of the package), a Yamaha RA-860, a Sansui AU-217 and a Kenwood KA-5700. The Kenwood and Sansui are both vintage integrated amps. I read about people all the time trying different samps with their speakers and how they can tell a difference in the SQ, sometimes small and sometimes huge. Maybe I'm just an old guy with damaged ears because of too many rock concerts in the day, but I just can't tell that much difference in any of the above amps with the Fortes. Maybe some difference between the Yamaha and the others but basically no significant difference with the other amps. So either I do hear differences and just don't recognize them, maybe there really isn't that much difference to be recognized or maybe my ears are beyond recognizing!! All I know is that the Fortes sound great with all 4 amps. But it does sorta tick me off that if there really are significant differences, I don't seem to notice!! :-)
  20. I just bought a Kenwood KA-5700 and a Sansui AU-217 integrated amp. I'll pair each of these with a pair of Fortes with Crites upgrades. The Kenwood sounds awesome. Haven't tried the Sansui yet. In fact, the Kenwood sounds so good that I have put my RP-280s up for sale. Really don't need them.
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