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  1. Hello, It was suggested I contact you regarding the DE-120's? I will only require a pair of drivers since I already have the mahl v1 walnut lens'. Perhaps you have a nice used pair?
  2. I'm wrapping up a recent experiment. I've already assembled; KPT-904-LF Cabinets (dual15" bass). These cabinets are currently configured 2-way Altec 511B metal horn lens' w/k-55-m drivers DE-120 Drivers (replacements for k-77-m) My situation is obvious. I need a 3-way crossover network. The only thing I can find that is close to what I am doing (within current Klipsch inventory) is the KPT-435-N setup. Needless to say, a totally different mid/high horns and drivers approach. The way I see it, I have a slightly upgraded version of the Khorn with 2-15" woofers instead of one. Add to that the arguably better, DE-120 hf drivers. A bit more brilliance to these old ears. I plead to the "Crossover Gods" within the magic land of Klipsch to bestow their knowledge upon me. Please forgive me as I do not understand anything more than retrofitting replacement crossovers to my Khorns or Lascala's in years passed, and that's about it folks! Since I've never learned, I do not comprehend techy stuff very well. The only bad "frequency" I understand is low quality speakers. Thanks to all, Tony
  3. That's what I thought Randy. But it seems they're backordered (on ebay) and just put my inquiry out there in hopes of getting them sooner than later. It seems patience must be exercised here. Thanks for the kind lead.
  4. Looking for a pair of nice/clean DE 120 drivers for a project of mine. Thanks!
  5. Thank you anyway and good luck to you in your sale.
  6. what is your asking price please?
  7. I just reviewed previous information. From what I gather, one is an "M", and the other is not? I can see you performed an Impedance Check (6.1) on one of them yet, I cannot see that you ran a check on the other tweeter. Similar to the first 6.1 reading? Thanks again
  8. To be sure, both are K-77-M's? Also, I cannot determine what your asking price is for both. Thank you
  9. Both are old you said? Do you have one or two for sale. Within your ad, it looks like a singular K77(m) to me.
  10. Thanks RPLACE for the impeccable packaging. Dropped off horn lens' at the powder coating factory. Will send you pictures after picking them up. THANKS AGAIN!
  11. I also desire Khons
  12. So what's next? Maybe avocado colored fridges? Heck, let's throw in the old 8-track players! Gotta luv that console!
  13. Ha! Good Eye. I think you're right i
  14. I think the asking price should have been $1999.99 Just to give it that retail feeling.
  15. certainly NOT serious. I always chuckle at the all important "SEQUENTIAL" notations. Have yet to figure out just what this has to do with anything other than wood veneer.
  16. As everyone ALWAYS knows, just because they have "non sequential" numbers, they sound VASTLY different .... right?! Heck, 600.00 suddenly looks like a steep price to me! Goodness sakes, one cannot possibly own a pair of Klipsch speakers that do not have SEQUENTIAL NUMBERS. It just wouldn't be right!
  17. No I haven't. Your point makes sense regarding application of the "plasti-dip" and I believe that is the proper way to go. I like the variety of colors they offer which will nicely contrast the powder coat coloring. Thanks to all! I will post pictures later.
  18. I'm curious, where did you obtain the rope caulk?
  19. Moving to Utah or California by chance?
  20. I know the stuff. I've heard it pronounced as "bitchathayne". Just a guess on the spelling. Anyway, I actually thought about this in place of the expensive stuff. I previously used it on mountain cabin (buried) cement foundations
  21. I have several metal horns within my existing speakers. In addition, I am delving into other (non Klipsch) horns while entering into another audiophile phase of mine. I begin to wonder if it wouldn't be a bad idea to simply apply deadening to all. Cannot hurt right?
  22. I ask this because there are many other materials out there that claim to have similar if not, the very same results. For instance, there's; Noico Sound Deadening Mat Kilmat " " " Hushmat Fatmat .... and the list goes on. My question is this ... Has anyone tried other manufacturers of "butyl" materials that are suitable for dampening horns? Heck, I once owned a BMW where I used aftermarket parts. Seemed to work just fine for me! Always love saving money especially where certain makers of parts (*Dynamat*) profits greatly from their name alone.
  23. That little amp is cute as a bugs ear! 😁
  24. Tony T


    four hundred today, FIVE hundred tomorrow? Better hurry folks!
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