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  1. You shouldn't be having any issues with HDMI, I have never experienced anything like what you're talking about. I'm assuming you have your tv settings correct as well. And assume you're using the HDMI cable that came with the console? How often does the screen display at 1/4 of the display? Maybe run it directly to your tv, and see if you can reproduce the same issues. Have you enabled enhanced hdmi on the tv input you're using? Here are my Xbox One X settings. From Settings/Display & Sound/Video Output: Display Resolution: 4k UHD Advanced Video Modes: Allow 4k, and Allow HDR both checked Advanced Video fidelity & overscan: Display: Connection: Auto-detect (Recommended) Video fidelity: Color Depth 30 bits per pixel (10-bit) Color Space Standard (Recommended)
  2. What monitor/tv do you have? Have you setup the Xbox correctly? In settings under display & sound, video, video modes... do you have allow 4k and HDR checked? Depending on the the display, you might need to check the display modes.
  3. I hope this is ok to put here. I have a digital code for a movie I already have on digital so posting it here for someone to claim. Please only redeem this if you actually want it, and will use it. I hope someone doesn't try to sell this on ebay haha. Ghostbusters Answer the Call: //sonypictures.com/uvredeem 351G A4F3 REM8 YOS5
  4. Is that your actual placement of TV and components? I can't tell what is going on in this pic... What is to the right of your tv? Assuming your receiver currently sits in the tv stand? Do you use that fireplace? If not could you move the tv stand in front of it? Move the KG4 to the left and right up on the fireplace ledge, then put the center in the tv stand and aim it up a bit? Maybe get another little stand to hold your receiver and other components to the right of the tv. Do you have anymore pics of the room?
  5. That wouldn't solve anything... Software could be altered for the delay. They should however enforce login attempt limits, strong passwords, ReCaptcha, and never store passwords in plain text. Just my 2 cents as a Web Developer.
  6. I picked up one of these recently and love it. It replaced an Energy ESW-8... Huge difference, tight and super clean.
  7. Looking for a pair of these atmos speakers.
  8. Yea I thought that was odd as well, I had the sub at 1 o'clock when running audysse. Audysee says to set the sub to 50% but I have read on multiple forums where people suggest setting the SB-2000 to 1-2 o'clock. I will run the first stage of audysee and calculate until I can get it to around -5 range. I have also read a good range for this sub is -5 to -8. Once I get it around that, I will re-run the full calibration. Still unsure how many of the passes should be done, I usually only do 3-4.
  9. The Hobbit 3D last night, now to finish the trilogy in 3D.
  10. Thanks @wvu80 just posted pics of calibration results, I hope someone can provide some feedback on if that looks right, and yea thoughts on the Klipsch Atmos.
  11. Hello all, long time lurker, great forum. Thumbs up to @Youthman love your videos. I recently upgraded my front stage, and sub. I picked up an SVS SB2000, RP-250C, and RP-150M. SVS Sub replaced an Energy ESW-8 from the take classic line, huge difference here!!! RP-250C replaced Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-C22 sounds better, a bit cleaner. RP-150M replaced Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-BS22A-LR not as big of a difference here, sounds good though. Still have Pioneer SP-FS51 for surrounds. Thinking about replacing those with something like R-14 TV is an LG 60UH8500 wife and I still enjoy 3D, and this was the last 4k, hdr, 3D tv I could find. I'm running a Denon x1300 and have ran Audyssey a few times, for some reason it sets the fronts and center to 40hz... and sets all of the levels to low - I'm gong to run it again here in a few and will post pics of the results. Now I'm looking to get the RP-140SA to go on top of the RP-150m since I replaced the existing atmos speakers. I currently have the old SP-BS22A-LR on top of the RP-150's and I don't get much of an effect with atmos content, even the demos using the atmos app on xbox one x. 8' ceilings, flat ceilings, sit 9-10' from tv. The tops of the RP-150m are at 28 inches. Anyone have any thoughts on the RP-140SA I've been looking around and trying to find a good deal on them... hard to find apparently. Not sure why these speakers cost so as much as they do compared to other speakers in the RP line. If anyone knows where to get a deal on some of these please let me know, Old ones still sound good even though I'm not getting a lot of overhead effects, I still think it fills it out a bit. I will be selling the Pioneers as I obviously don't want to keep those on top like they currently are. Here is a pic of new setup. Just ran Audyssey and here are the results. Anything look off? Figured I would post pics so I can refer back to it, and easier than typing it all out. Usually I set all speakers to 80hz, but not sure on these klipsch. I only ran 6 passes, is this enough? The 7th wants to place the mic behind the couch, but the couch is pretty much up against the back wall.
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