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  1. ---------------- On 2/12/2005 6:23:18 PM marksdad wrote: its hard to tell what you are building towards? especially since 7.1 doesent exist yet, except for bragging rights? my suggestion is slow down, reacess everything, right now all of the suggested systems raise 1 question in my mind. why? slow down, ---------------- Yeah, what marksdad said.
  2. Yeah, but mostly in the bedroom, where I have a late 70s Yamaha CR-2020 receiver hooked up to a pair of JBL L-56s. I've had several component tuners in and out of my main system through the years, but NONE of them are even in the same league as the tuner on my Yammy. It is no BS, hands down, the most powerful tuner I have ever seen in my life. Hell, without even using an external anetnna, it will pull in stations near and far with the utmost clarity.
  3. #1 for me is Young Frankenstien Animal House Blues Brothers Caddy Shack Airplane Holy Grail Joe Dirt Fargo Friday / Next Friday And finally, and y'all may call me sick, but I have to throw in Sling Blade....Billy Bob and Dwight Yoakam(spelling?) cracked me up...mmm, lets go get us some o them french fried taters,mmm, or some bisquits & mustard, mmm, I could eat either one, I reckun, mmm.LOL I like uh way u tawk, mmmm.
  4. I bought the rat analog, and could not be happier. It is very sensitive.
  5. My 25th will be in '07. I have not attended one yet, and won't start at 25. I still live within 40 miles of my small town high school, and those whom I gave damn about back then are the same ones I give a damn about today. And we have always stayed in touch, more so than ever since the proliferation of the internet. And for the most part, hardly any of them have attended one yet either. Edit - WTF was I thinking?!! Hell, I graduated in 1980, so mine's THIS year. I was at work all night when I posted this and I guess I was thinking about the year I started with my company, 1982. Shows you what sleep depravatopn will do for you.LOL Still not going.
  6. Hello Wyatt. I don't know if the cables supplied will be of the shielded variety. I would go to Rat Shak and buy THIER brand of interconnects. They are quite good and very reasonably priced. DO NOT let them sell you Monster ANYTHING. Biggest rip off there is. As for speaker wire, go down to the local H. depot and get some 14 ga speaker wire. I bought a 250 ft roill for ~$ 40 or so four years ago, and it sounds just great with my Cornwalls. Take the cash you save and go buy yourself some DVDs. Yeah, what Gil said on the TV.
  7. ---------------- On 2/2/2005 3:22:27 PM maxg wrote: Most carts can be expected to last 1500 to 2500 hours give or take. (now prepare for the 7000 hour cartridge stories). ---------------- Hah, a mere 7000 hours? I have the "Googlephonic Turntable with the Moon Rock Needle", lasts forever. A comedian friend of mine turned me on to it back in the late 70s.
  8. ---------------- On 2/1/2005 10:24:16 AM NDIGuy wrote: Is this too much speaker for a 16 x 10 room? ---------------- Dude, have you LOOKED at the "let's see YOUR home theater" thread Pako started? There ain't NO SUCH THING as too much!!! Enjoy your new setup, and welcome to Klipsch.
  9. 1st pair - 168390321; 168390330 - Both produced on 168th day of 1993 2nd pair - 036298357 - 36th day of 1992 042290694 - 42nd day of 1992 Congrats on your fine new heritage speakers! "My wife's driving me nuts now because I walked into the house today with these monsters"...... Man, if you can carry four LaScallas into the house at one time, you are one bad mo fo!!!
  10. Richard Simmons - Sweatin to The Oldies...probably too heavy for some of you.
  11. Well hell, I just recently (like 3 weeks ago) spent my upgrade money on a new sunfire amp, and cannot make myself spend my ROTH IRA money on these, so hopefully someone else may want them. They were refinished, but look pretty good to me. I don't know if 1965 was a particularly good year for Khorns, but they are better than the Khorns I currently have, which is NONE. They are near Weatherford Tx, about 50 miles west of Ft. Worth. Oh yeah, $ 1500 BIN. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=61378&item=5748459871&rd=1
  12. Well, I see Thumple beat me to it by 22 seconds! LOL
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