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  1. So sorry. I forgot the address. I am in Northern NJ, 07848. Can I post a phone number here?
  2. Pair of Klipsch Heresy 3 speakers in black ash. Beautiful condition. Only minor surface scratches as shown in pictures. Original owner. Fantastic sound. Functionally 100% like new. Original boxes and owners manuals included. Matched set with consecutive serial numbers. Pickup preferred. Will consider shipping at buyers expense. Located in Northern New Jersey, 07848.
  3. I have a set of like-new Heresy 3 speakers in black ash that I plan to sell and I was wondering how much they are worth. I have the boxes and all the packing. Also, where is a good place to list them? Thanks for any input
  4. rjp

    WTB - Heresy II

    I plan to sell my H3's soon. I bought them new about a year ago. They are in perfect condition. Black ash. I have the boxes of course but probably pretty expensive to ship to CA. I really don't even know how much these are fetching used now but I could look into if you are interested.
  5. I agree technically of course with replacing all the caps, diodes, and out of spec resistors. The amp should not be used or even turned on as is. But at the same time, it is such a shame to ruin the authenticity. This amp is a real thing of beauty as is. Just looking at the effort put into hand wiring and routing of component leads and the way the labels are all aligned tells of a time of great pride in craftsmanship. It is a work of art. I would hate to see those beautiful vintage components replaced with modern equivalents. Just look at how the few blue metal film resistors and pink heat shrink stand out like sore thumbs. It is fairly easy to restore this amp electrically to like new condition for very little money, and I'm sure it will sound amazing, but it is almost certainly worth more in its current state. It's a tough decision for sure. If you do choose to restore it I would look for replacement parts that resemble the vintage components, i.e., use high quality new carbon resistors, and axial capacitors where available. The cans could be re-stuffed with new electrolytics, etc. Great find and best of luck!
  6. Interesting... I guess the treble electrons don't like the big fat bass electrons running next to them. They can be bullies! 😁
  7. I haven't used that one in particular, but I have used a few others with great success. I remember specifically looking for one that could produce multiple tones for intermodulation testing. I ended up using REW software on my PC because it is amazingly powerfull both as a tone generator and as an analyzer and it is also free, but I did also find a multi-tone ios app. It is wonderful that we can get apps like this that produce reliable test tones for free. Years ago you would need some expensive equipment to do this.
  8. You can build a really nice one with two high quality DPDT toggle switches and some banana jacks.
  9. No, bi-wiring is useless. You'd be better off buying one good pair of speaker cables. It is still using the crossover in the speaker. It is merely two pairs of cables in parallel from the amp to each speaker.
  10. That works. Glad you didn't go with sideways. The horns are meant to be horizontal.
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