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  1. Sounds like the amp went out. Mine just stopped working period yesterday. The unit turns on but there is no sound from anything. My guess is you will have to pull the amp and send it in to Klipsch for repair. This is what I had to do about a year ago when my amp went out. If these speakers weren't so good I wouldn't bother doing it again but I can't find any computer speakers that are any better.
  2. sj993

    Late fees

    I just use Netflix..have for sometime now. I like not having late fees as sometimes it takes me awhile to watch all the movies.
  3. Well there's an option to subscribe to any user's post. Not just your own posts that are replied to. I used to do this when I wasn't able to use this board during the day. Now that I can I no longer need to subscribe, just haven't gotten around to taking everyone off yet.
  4. Hmm...probably on average 30-50 a day. About 100-200 between weekends.
  5. Without a doubt some of the ESPN guys are biased towards certain teams, Colorado being one of them. I don't particularly care for Barry Melrose either. I missing being able to watch Don Cherry on hockey night in Canada..the guy always made me laugh. I doubt Colorado will be able to come back and push it to a game 7. They just don't seem to have the effort it takes to do it. They got lucky in Game 4. Luck doesn't last forever. I don't care much for San Jose either. Detroit/Calgary..well I like Calgary more, they've done a great job in the playoffs considering they even been in the playoffs for so long though I think Detroit will reach the finals in the end. I cannot stand Philadelphia... just bah! Leafs all the way! If they play the rest of the series like they played Game 3 they will win. I was sad to see Monreal lose in 4 straight but as had been said there is no other greater place for hockey than that city. To cheer your team after losing the game and the series in four straight is just something else to me. It's a tribute to the organization, the team, the city and the fans. That was the only good part of that series. Tampa Bay...ugh. Reminds me of the Florida Panthers.
  6. Thanks for reminding me!! Be picking it up tonight..
  7. Heh...I'm too anxious! One more day...
  8. Woohoo... the NHL playoffs start tommorow!
  9. 1994 Honda Accord EX..but it won't be long before I get my '97 Porsche 911 Turbo S.
  10. Yeah, I've been to Winter Park a couple of times. Great Place. They have some nice runs though I'm not an excellent skier so I stayed away from the Blacks. Generally the crowds weren't to bad though being the popular resort that it is and depending on when you go it may be more crowded than other times. During spring break it will probably be pretty crowded.
  11. Hiya Justin, Wow, haven't talked to you for a long time. I'm sorry to hear about your family problems. But we all go through them. Just gotta tough it out and move on. I know you will, I've gathered that much just knowing you in the time I have and by your posts here in the forums. Good luck to you man. I know everything will work out as it should.
  12. sj993

    The Ring

    Interesting movie, if not weird and a bit confusing. Had to watch it twice to get it all in.
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