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  1. The Pioneer Susano is 10.2 channels, the central channel is bi-amplifiable, the subwoofers are two ASW825 (I love the sub in a closed box).
  2. I like you ..... I have three Corvettes
  3. These amps bring home with 500 euros used, and will never change again
  4. Click at the top right on the fb icon
  5. Yes, maybe the last model is quite different from the first two, in the first only the manufacturer changed
  6. Yes, I read. I still drive two Bose 1800s with Sansui now
  7. In fact, the best models are those until 1980....also used only as preamplifiers
  8. My modest cinema room, put together with many years of savings
  9. I want to share my experiences, many amps came to my room and after a while they went ..... only Sansui remained.
  10. Yes, if I remember correctly three models, two similar and one with quite different specifications.
  11. I wonder the 15C how it can have a deeper bass when it has a higher usage frequency than the K33, maybe it will have a more incisive bass
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