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  1. So, this would be an enclosed riser that sits underneath the La Scala and wouldn't need the doghouse cutout? Also, could it be scaled to work as a riser that fits under the the La Scala, so that it looks flush on all side?
  2. Okay, so this is sorta like a powered version of a notch filter that I have used with single driver speakers? This would plug into the in/out tape RCAs of my preamp and I would power it up with the rest of the system?
  3. Can you please explain more on what is needed here to utilize the high pass filter EQ you reference? Does that mean I would need an equalizer or DSP?
  4. Yeah, I talked with Claude and he suggested that I build a Bill Fitzmaurice THTLP and call it good, which I may do just for fun anyways.
  5. 2 6inch woofers in each? Wouldn't I need a plate amp in each too then?
  6. I'd like to learn more about these filters you're using. I've made my own notch filters for the F-15 and its def helped. Maybe PM me to let me know what you are using.
  7. Almost done with mine. Just need to cut the doghouse out on the top and seal up the joints. Will probably give them a sand as well. Fun fun...
  8. I will check it out! I might be interested in some Altec speakers if we can work out packing and shipping.
  9. Not affiliated https://www.decware.com/cgi-bin/yabb22/YaBB.pl?num=1627441924
  10. As always happy to help someone get them if they want them.
  11. Are they just for aesthetics? Or do they have practical application? I could Google it, but I thought I would ask here
  12. Not affiliated and no pics. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/ele/d/portland-klipsch-belle-speakers/7362470452.html
  13. Yelm, is pretty far out from Seattle. Which may be the reason they are sitting. That's a very good price in the current market!
  14. TJ Full Music 45 ST type that I just bought. Haven't fired them up yet, but the build quality looks great!
  15. SO MUCH TRUTH HERE! I ended up with 4 different power amps, chasing sound and have found what I like ( For now) : ) in one SET 45 and one PP45 and am now going to make a plan to sell off at least one amp, but maybe 2. I'm running them on La Scalas too.
  16. Its because they don't care. They obviously think they've found gold here and dont care about the presentation.
  17. To new pricing heights we go! N/a https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/ele/d/beaverton-klipsch-heresy-industial-hib/7351965144.html Don't forget price is firm!
  18. I’ve liked buying tubes from Brent Jesse. His prices seem good and he’s easy to deal with. Ive also like the TJs full music 45’s I got. They just did another run of them, so there should be some new ones floating out in the world.
  19. I just called him on his cell that you can get from the ad.
  20. Talk to the buyer. He’s super nice and moved to Magnepanes. This won’t last long. I was first in line, but couldn’t bring myself to buy them…….
  21. I wish I wouldhave seen this sooner, I have family 20min from where they are for sale in OH.
  22. They have finally come off of their $800 price tag that they initially listed them for.
  23. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/portland-marantz-2230/7344838786.html This one just popped up here. Pmd you!
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