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  1. This amp is quite rare in the states. It was made in Japan in 1978. The faceplate is perfect and the box is in amazing shape! I had it in with a tech awhile back and he fixed a couple things that were scratchy in the channels. It's good to go now. I intended to build an office system around it, but that's not going to happen, now that we are going to make the office more of a dual purpose space with a fold out couch in it. I have listened to it a bunch, and it sounds fantastic plus it has the ability to run MM and MC carts, but the sirens call of vacuum tubes has me hooked and I must let this go. Here is a link with more specs and info: Marantz PM-8 It's heavy, about 50lbs and to ship it I believe it would need to be in a crate to insure safe arrival. I would be happy to meet within a 200 mile radius of Portland, OR. Looking to get $1000 for it. I'll include PayPal fees in my price, but will also take Venmo, Zelle or Check. Shipping costs are on the buyer. Happy to answer any questions
  2. I've had this for under a year and while I am hesitant to get rid of it, I just don't need so many power amps around. I dove head first into audio 1.5yrs ago, ended up with 4 tube power amps, and now need to thin down a bit. I just had this in with my tech to fix the power cord and insure everything is running properly. 100% tip top shape. The sale will come with 2 quads of 6bq5 halo getters. One GE and one RCA. As a bonvoyage, I did a back to back with my Will Vincent St-70 and to my ears this sounds better than the Vincent, it just doesn't sound better than my Sayes SET 45 to me. Asking $850 shipped and paypaled, with a discount given to local pickup ( within 150 mile radius of Portland, OR) and F&F. Will be packed very well and insured when shipped. Happy to answer any questions.
  3. What is the approximate size of the cabinets? Are they more Chorus or CornScala? I'm not far from you down in Portland, OR.
  4. They aren't mine. I was offering to house them for anyone who purchased them if they were coming from afar.
  5. https://www.powervar.com/products/power-conditioners/medical-power-conditioners
  6. I now have 2 powervar Powe conditioners/isolation transformers now. Would you still suggest this tripplite iso bar knowing that I have these?
  7. https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/zip/d/watertown-klipsch-kg-32-floorstanding/7397886199.html
  8. Did you build it yourself or have it built?
  9. Ima bout to head out from home for 3 weeks. If someone is on the fence make me an offer and let’s get this fantastic DAC sold before Wednesday. 😁
  10. I often use my amp thats a SET and 1.8 watts per channel, through my La Scalas, with all different types of music and it sounds fantastic. I typically listen around 70-75db.
  11. I listened again last night with my sub on and the thing I have noticed is that with the ported mod the sound is cleaner. The bass seems less boomy and more real where sound is concerned. It doesn't hit you like at a concert, but it feels like it rounds the sound out in a very nice way. I will mess around some more with tuning after we get back from our trip, but I can say, I'm no longer disappointed that I built this. Its a nice addition to the system at this juncture and I will tune the ports a little more when I get back to see if I can gain just that last little bit that the DATS v3 curves are showing me I can get.
  12. Finally some semblance of order in my room. Got the component racks finished and in place last night. Fun fun!
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3029800090637143/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Ac807841d-bc45-47ba-ad04-a69fd4ded9fd
  14. I will try that. I also borrowed a Dats V3 to take some measurements and the have a person local who will help me interpret the results and make adjustments if need be. So, I'm getting help on many fronts. Thanks all!
  15. Flipped them and while better it still lacks the "feel" of the bass. It seems to dig a little deeper in comparison to front facing, but still not going low to where in some songs I feel the artist is super close to me and real. I can see if one was really trying to limit components in the chain for "purity", using this, but if you want to feel it, it's not quite there. I would add that there is a cleanness to the music and bass, just lacking in oomph and that feeling that the music is surrounding you.
  16. Okay, cool. I will try this tonight. My Initial impressions are that it certianly adds bass and downlow to the La Scalas. Does it beat my current Velodyne ULD-15 sub? Sorta. The ported mod doesn't hit as hard nor does it dig as deep to hear the gravely voice of the great Guy Clark in the song The Dark for example, but it certainly does more than the speakers by themselves. What it doesn't do is add addtional noise to the system like the mechanical hum that comes from the Velodyne. Which is a plus!! It does help imaging though and centers the vocals as well as helps to create that space between the instruments in physical space. Maybe this is just because the speakers are taller and the mid horn is more level or even a bit higher than ear height when sitting in my chair? I can likely flip them around tonight and have another listen.
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