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  1. i have the dish network's old school receiver from back in 1999/2000? it only has 2 buttons on the front...channel up and down or if both pressed simultaneously- on or off. i have recently noticed the macrocoloring/tiling stuff in dark scenes or slight color variations across large screen areas. i just thought maybe it was the tv or always there...mine also treat saturated reds with jagged edges...even after i tuned the tv w/sound and vision cd. does the newer receivers from dish do any better?
  2. i 20th the motion to proclaim the half time show a waste of time. what i am surprised by is that they couldn't come up with a better excuse than pencil neck justin timberfake's comment "it was a wardrobe malfunction" come on!! that is so weak, look at the close up picture--THERE ARE SNAPS that make the cup removable! i hate timberfake. the link for the boob is on the drudge report (posted earlier in this thread)
  3. i think the rf3-ii have monster's z-wiring internally. i believe that was an upgrade from the rf3. not sure what else, but almost certain on the wire.
  4. whoa, sounds like ear has a wild cat in his house! i on the other hand have this lazy persian called stormy. great lap cat but loves just sitting around leaning against the wall as seen in this under the bed night vision picture i have of him. he is not really fat, just all hair (pure persian) so he seems a lot bigger than he actually is. he weighs in around 12 pounds. goes by the name "stormy-the-hut" also
  5. great feed my paranoia.... ok, quick question, is it harmful to run surge protectors in series?? i used to have 2 hooked up that way b/c the lack of outlets, but not anymore. just wondering if it was a bad thing?
  6. joined this one a little late but... great to hear your mother is doing well and the surgery went well. i wish yall the best of luck during her recovery. i sat in on a heart cath and found the guys coronaries were occluded/blocked, the cardio and i went to see him and his family after the cath and broke the news to him and the family...i can imagine your family felt the same way they looked. it is wonderful that we can catch these things before the heart starves itself of o2. again, super news that everything is doing well and i will pray for a seamless recovery.
  7. ear, that cat weighs 26ibs??? 2 cans a day!! man, that is one deceiving picture, what type of cat is BIG MEOW? maine coon? part bobcat?? whew, i thought our persian was chubby (mostly fur) weighing in at 12 lbs...man-o-man that is more than 2x my kitty!! i have seen fat/blob cats that are sad b/c they are so out of shape, but your monster looks like he's in good shape. ...26lbs, i'm going to have nightmares about that...
  8. yep, i have to agree, letting your clawed cat play with your baby isn't exactly the brightest thing to do. they are still an animal, no matter how sweet they are. ken, a similiar instance of cat gone psycho was when mine was meowing through a window at a stray outside. my wife decides she has had enough from her cat and picks it up off the window sill. bad idea. got some good puncture wounds to show for it. when a cat gets all hyped about another cat -- don't bother it, it is like they are on pcp and have no idea what in the hell is going on.
  9. ti-89 definitely agree w/gtdark...wonderful for multiple integration
  10. so why wouldn't you enclose the motor and "somehow" use a surround that could handle a huge excursion? if it does that well with such a loss...what could it do if you minimize that loss??
  11. ok, thinking the same thing ear posted. if you ever took a driver out of its enclosure, you see how the air just slips around the edges of the cone and makes no compressed sound waves. so what gives - how does the p-motor get around this?? it seems like it would be good for stirring up a good amount of carpet dander near its base, but not for sound pressure levels. so how does the p-motor defeat this???
  12. ha, thanks for the description ear. i think my favorite parts are the cabinets and what that woofer's magnet must have looked like. i have to chuckle when i think of big drivers with these magnet assemblies the size of a baseball. why can't i get approached by a van driven by the angry wife of a k-horn owner and get told "my stupid hubby thinks he can cheat on me...well hey, i will sell you these monsters for what you have in your wallet..."
  13. actually, you must get a local power permit and install a small power station complete with barbed wire fence and warning signs. to this small station, you must run a high tension high voltage powerline to your powerstation. i still don't see how those little neo magnets in that spead out array could effect the vc enough to cause such a movement...but my knowledge in fields is weak. any ee's feel free to chime in?
  14. ha! i love to hear the "white van" stories. i wish you had taken a look--but then again, if it was me, i wouldn't have either. i hate when anyone approaches you in a parking lot. it screams either scam or thug.
  15. i rode for about 3 years. in the first 6 months i slid the bike out on a curve when i hit some patch of gravels and lost a lot of skin....not too many clothes stand up to asphalt well this was a 2 weeks before i was scheduled to take the motorcycle safety course--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED then i rode accident free for the rest of the 3 years...until the girl claims she didn't see me, headlight shining on a clear night. i remember seeing her slowing down with her signal light on waiting to turn in front of me. i was going about 25-30 mph on a city road and it seemed like she waited till the last second and turned right in front of me. i got on the brakes hard but it was no use. my leg wrinkled the whole passenger side of her car with the help of my bikes force behind it. save the months of pain, 2 screws in my leg, and trying to learn how to run again so i could get my comissioning in the army, i survived this minor accident. again, i was going SLOW, would have just cracked a cars bumper and dented her car -- but not in a bike. i won't lie and say bikes are evil, i did rent a v-rod harley for a day in palm springs california...but just remember, if you get one, you get the fastest ride on the street but if you think you can own it without some knucklehead not seeing you and taking you down someday... it's a gamble...and the odds are not in your favor. some win, i broke even, and a lot die.
  16. rangersix, my analogy was a stetch...but as far as the m1 goes, they just told me to point my front end towards the enemy and keep shootin' ... gotta keep it simple for the tankers -- although i don't remember why, they did say avoid chopper's at all costs....hmmm
  17. fini, ha, i re-wrote a lot of my sentences because it sounded funny with so many "bids" (i think one was like "the bid that the bidder bid earlier would be out-bid by the next bid") i re-read my post and it sounded kinda hostile, not the way i had it it my head/mind. sounds like i am stabbin at ol' rangersix, but i just don't have many analogies that work as well as old army stories that would be great if ebay went to blind auctions...but of course, that would mean lower selling prices and when ebay is taking a percentage of that cut...doesn't make sense for them.
  18. wow, some pretty strong emotions here... i am going to make a wild stab here, but i am guessing most people have never been to a "real" aution house. it is like a poker game, you don't reveal your hand until the end...if you do bid early, your just mindlessly driving up the bid. you wait, see who is interested in the item and bid when the bidding is nearing a close. just because this aution is not in a warehouse does not mean the rules change. the smart bidders wait, see who is interested, use the timed clock to their advantage, and win. bidding from 2 days to 2 seconds is all fair and open to all... ...but yet we call the guys who use strategy, bidding tactics, and all fair advantages scum/snipers??? sounds like a sore loser mentality to me, but if not---i guess the u.s. armed forces are scum too, as i remember, i outranged most enemy tanks on the battlefield, used better intel, had better sights, and used this shock and firepower to kill/win at the precise time. although i guess i could have been fair by shooting a round downrange at my max effective distance before the enemy got to that point (to let them know my max capabilities/position) and then sit back till everything was fair then fought it out--but i was more interested in using all available resourses to my advantage and winning. bottom line is, if you want an item, follow fini's advice, use a high speed connection, set your own limit, keep refreshing the pricing page, and bid at the last second. if you don't want to do this at 3:30am, use a service that will. you can't break the rules, but you can use them in your strategy.
  19. i am with skeptic on this. off topic posts belong in the general questions area... maybe the klipsch webmaster could make a forum called "OFF TOPIC" as i have noticed a bunch of off topic discussions popping up--not that they are useless but i just wish that there was a specific place for ot chit-chat. perhaps if you agree, drop the webmaster a note on the website forum. heading there now...
  20. frankie, so does the customer buy the motor seperate and rig their own cone/panel? or is this a new motor that a driver manufacturer might use in a new line of subs? i can't imagine someone trying to build their own cone...i keep seeing this thing attached to a big square piece of plywood that is painted black and sits in the corner of your ht room with caution tape around it
  21. what the??? what is that? is that a motor to drive some sort of cone/panel? i am new to this motor stuff...all i could gather in my reading was that it would act like the magnet and voicecoil assembly for a really big speaker?? is that right? what kind of applications would use this thing?
  22. ha, i feel better now that i wasn't the only one who suffered from a burst kidney and ruptured bladder. i loved the movie, haven't read the books, but still loved the movie. i helped push a broken down car down the road in the movie theater parking lot, it was in the 50-60's that day and i was already thirsty so i got the large drink with free refill for the movie...finished it around 1/4 of the way through and by the movies end could not walk upright to the bathroom...still, i couldn't miss any of the movie-too good.
  23. geez tom, way to take the wind out of our sails seriously, i find a little contraversial chit-chat good for the mind every once-in-a-while. keeps my mind open and lets me see things from other perspectives that i may have never thought of before. hey, we would be boring without a debate every so often. whether it be about white or red wine with your steak, or politics/warfare. you never know, kain could be the hot-headded inspiration for some teen to pursue a job in politics or at least open someone's eyes that cnn is not the only opinion out there. edit: ha, i like the analogy of the drunk...done that before
  24. well if iraq will stick saddam in a hole in the ground... if i were ole' saddam, and getting all these threats about my wmd, you better hope you weren't in my army, i would have my soldiers digging so many holes for those weapons you would wish you never knew what a shovel was. a protected asset such as wmd are not commonly kept out in a brightly colored bunker with a sign over it reading "caution, wmd inside" iraq is a big place with lots of dirt/buildings/etc to hid nasty stuff in. it just makes the search harder when your getting shot at or suicide bombed daily. i do think they are there, what we can do with surveilance now is scary, and that is only considering the stuff the public knows about.
  25. hmmm, not sure if they would allow a ****** as your personal item on survivor. sorry, i just love that word...******. "excuse me, do you mind if i set my ****** on your coffee table?" or "careful, you almost tripped over my ******" or "well kids we're almost to grandma's house...oh no! we forgot to pack the ******!" ok, i admit it, i have been smokin' cheap crack.....through my ****** nonetheless!
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