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  1. They have been out there over a week now, and it has been played loud a few times, quite the echo for now but once all the tools go in and a little insulation on the West wall it will be better, sounds good enough for now as I work on it. Just glad to have it going even to this point. There will be no electrical out there not on a GFIC, just to be safe. Only thing left on electrical is install the GFIC outlets at the beginning of each run and finish extending and hiding the hanging light cords 4 of those left and the inspector can come by. 10, 4' led lights light it up like daylight. .
  2. I know nothing about guitars, but can replay them. The first thing to go in the shop, sound, the electrical inspection is not far off so no power besides extension cords. laptop, HDMI to receiver, streaming music.
  3. Well it looks like something is going to happen with the roof, the city has approved a bid from someone ($$$) to redo the roof. In the meantime they will give us a place in the airport hanger to store whatever we want to keep dry until the roof is finished. I am hoping this get's the place dry, we will see.
  4. He was great, RIP. When the wife and I first got married we went to a small concert about 250 people, always loved Reggae, still do. The concert was Peter Tosh, it was great show, mixed in my boxes of pics are some taken at that show, sitting about 8' away, this was about 42 years ago. It was a small place out in the country and when it got full they locked the doors, the band came out the back door, the first thing they did was line up spiffs on the keyboard, lit one, it went to the band then on to the audience through the whole show. Still today I listen to as much reggae as anything else. .
  5. dtel


    Some call them white perch, here they call them sac-a-lait, good eating and a very good fighter there tough. Great size and cool pic to save for him. Wow little Max it getting big. .
  6. dtel

    Gas bait and switch

    There are a couple stations here that have non ethanol which is slightly more but we like it better, with no choice but to pay what they charge we don't pay much attention. It is much more convenient to pay at the pump so you get use to it to the point it's aggravating to walk into the building. It is what it is, still way better then lines at the pumps like in the late 70's. But it is like bait and switch.
  7. Not crazy about headphones instead of speakers either but they do give a little more of a controlled sound by removing the room. Instead of a sub for that visceral feeling one could always use some bass shakers on a recliner or sofa so you get the vibration and not as much as a sound in the room. When I shut down the stereo i start with the amps with the sub amp almost last, no speakers and just the sub sounds really strange, makes you realize the sub is not putting out as much as you would think when listening to music, except when played pretty loud.
  8. 5 year old pic of the plant at night.
  9. It's always Friday for some of us.
  10. Sorry to hear this, it's never good, you did all you could for the little guy, he was lucky to have you, and the other way around. Good luck and hope he turns around, stranger things have happened. .
  11. It's kind of from different parts of the ceiling, for now there is garbage cans to catch water if it leak's more. That may be a better option than garbage cans. Yes, but less work was put into that building than the new building that was bought, no leaks at the new building at least. The city needs to fix it, the rent is really very cheap but without fixing it they will be sitting with an empty building. Without fixing it who would ever want to use it, but things move slow with local politicians in a small town. I am not going to be part of trying to fix that roof, for me it's to high to play around with. I had 2 rules with helping the museum, I don't get on roofs or under buildings, no exception. I 'm not scared of heights, it's just not worth it to me. As far as under a building, I don't like spiders and not crazy being under a 100 year old building no matter how solid it feels.
  12. Not completely, off and on. If the city can't fix it something will have to change, move ?
  13. The first Klipsch I bought was bookshelf speakers and I mounted them on shelves for the same reason, not worrying about little kids doing something to the speakers or knocking one over on themselves. Then over time the kids grew up and the speakers got bigger to the point now the grandkids can't move one.
  14. Nice looking puppy. looks small in the first pic's, until I noticed 92 pounds. Only had one dog that was trained to commands, it's amazing how training changes everything about having a dog for the better. They still play and be a normal dog but just better overall. .
  15. They have had a while to work with new batteries and motors and the things battery powered are going to increase. As long as they do as well as other gas or electric/corded models did or better why not , batteries can be recharged many times.
  16. Welcome Sealing the ports will change the tune of the speaker, it's designed to move air from the woofer through the port. Damage it, I don't know? What about a stand/shelf built on the wall, high enough where they can not reach it until they get old enough to know better. ? Just another idea
  17. dtel


    They may be looking for intelligent life, it may be easier then on earth ?
  18. dtel

    MCM 1900

    That sounds good. When we were in Lafayette once we went to a local grocery called NuNu's, they specialize in good sausage, boudin and many other things. We tried there ribeye's, what they do is cut them up into 3/4" squares, season the meat and wrap them in good bacon. When grilled they are amazing, we even tried it here since, it's really hard to stop eating them.
  19. dtel

    Big Cold

    When I said laughing at people in the South, it was really about building codes and people are not use to it, we do not build for much cold, mostly rain and high winds. Here you pour a slab for a house on the ground, the ground does not freeze. In Indy you need to dig a deep hole 4'-6' (cant remember exactly) and fill with different size gravel to deal with frozen ground. And that's just 700 miles North. True, could be problems with wind when not built for it. I pick an occasional hurricane over ice and snow for months every year and a very short growing season. I don't think there is anyplace that has no weather/seismic problems so we pick which one to deal with.
  20. We got a new fridge a couple months ago, I seen that model they call it "craft ice". Come to find out anything called craft you can add 50% to the price. Needless to say we do not have craft ice.
  21. dtel

    Big Cold

    People in Minnesota are laughing at the people in the South.
  22. The main disaster was believing the pan was non stick, they lie. If you think that cheese is poison I wonder what's in bacon bits if it's not bacon ? Bits of what with what kind of stuff used for flavoring.
  23. Yes positively if you start to feel what she is asking, or the knife thing..
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