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Found 9 results

  1. Altec 604E Super Duplex speakers and matching N 1500 A crossovers. Off the market
  2. Finest example of 2-way audio engineering! 802-8G ALNICO Tangerine on 32B 90° bent horn. Dispersion widens as frequency goes up! 110° at 16 kHz, original WE monitor horn design! ALTEC VOTT A8, 9849 Studio Monitor, 1221 Stage Monitor all use this amazing bent horn. 12" woofer is a cast-basket foam surround 414 variant with lower system resonance, refoamed in 2015 at Midwest Speaker Repair in Roseville, MN.
  3. Looking for a decent set of Altec 614 or other cabinets well suited for Altec 414. Also would consider any Altec speakers using the 32 horn. Located in La Crosse, WI. Thanks, Michael
  4. Single Birch Cabinet and crossover only. Need a match or a sale.
  5. I have two Cornwall Vertical speakers for sale. Sorry for the lousy photos but it's the best I can do for now. They both work well and sound great. New caps on the original Crossovers. Asking $800.00 for the pair. Local Pick in Tucson Only. Thanks
  6. I am interested in a clean McIntosh MC225 all original and in Excellent condition only +/- $$ trade in equipment would be great. Tubes not necessary but would be welcome. No Russian or Chinese tubes please. For possible trade I have a set of MC30's, brought up to specs by the Audio Doctor in Phoenix and the same for all but the Fisher unit. Invoices would be available. Also have MC300 w/ MX132 A/V both units in Mint condition with boxes, MC240 and (2) Fisher 500C and (1) Fisher 500b. Also would consider my MX110Z recently serviced and up to spec except (Audio Doctor) the FM, also in excellent condition. I don't use the radio so didn't bother with that although it works well. This is a long shot I know but.. I'm in Tucson AZ. and would prefer a hand off so nothing gets damaged in shipping. Please PM if interested.
  7. All drivers and cabinets are in excellent shape. I'm moving to another project and these are taking up space. I would sell the drivers and cabs together for $750, located in St. Louis. These are stout so bring a truck or trailer if interested, will not ship. Orginally had the Altec 515 driver but the JBL 2226's are very good in them as well. https://www.jblpro.com/pages/pub/components/2226.pdf http://www.greatplainsaudio.com/vintage_altec/817A_basshorn_spec_sheet.pdf
  8. Too weird for me, certainly at that price: https://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/ele/6050749934.html No affiliation...
  9. okay, so this is exactly klipsch related but i thought i could get some help here. i am awaiting moderator approval at the altec forums to be able to post the same question. I recently got some altec lansing model 14's. I'm noticing that one speaker has less output than the other and there seems to be very low bass response. so i...... checked connections checked for being out of phase ( the woofer was actually out of phase but when i switched it wasn't any louder ) switched the speaker connections going into the speakers swapped the speakers to the other side ( still sounded lower in volume ) i also switched my mono blocks to the other speaker ( still same volume) when i took out the crossover there was actually a note that appeared to be from a repair shop ( the altecs were reconed by the previous owner) that stated the the mf pot was damaged. i tested the pot and it was okay but the hf pot was actually dead. so i switched both pots with new ones but not any louder. but the hf control is working now. at this point i was going to recap them. is this the next step or should i be checking for something else? there is a protection circuit in the crossover. what it be stuck "on" and be the source of the problem? there is a push button to test for overload but neither speaker lights up when press. hope someone here has run across something similar. thanks guys!
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