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Found 10 results

  1. So I recently got a pair of R-51PM's and when using the USB A to B cord with my desktop the audio has a 1-2 second delay with youtube, windows speaker test and volume ding when adjusting, movies and spotify etc. Is there a reason for this or am I doing something wrong?
  2. I want to create a 2.1 sound setup for my computer, and I'm wondering what would be the best choice of speakers and subwoofer. Should I get a pair R-41PM or should I get normal speakers (non-powered) and also get tiny amp for the PC? Also, what subwoofer should I get? I'm looking for something small, since the only place I have is under the desktop. Also, how much do I need a subwoofer for PC listening? I would like to keep the budget around $400. I have one more question: Can I use a powered subwoofer with powered speakers? PS: I'm trying to build this audio setup with Black Friday if possible.
  3. I am planning to buy Klipsch Reference series speakers for my 7.1 home theater setup. I was told that Energy is bought by Klipsch way back in 2006 and is using the same technology as 'Energy Connoisseur'. If that is true, why would i need to spend $2000+ for Klipsch Reference models or $3000+ for Klipsch Reference premiere models when i can get 'Energy Connoisseur' under $1000? Please clarify the confusion about the technology difference between Klipsch reference/premiere vs Energy Cannoisseur.
  4. DLP Dolby Lake Processor LP4D12 4in 12Out 2200$ Great Sounding Processors , this unit is used, fully tested and in excellent working condition! Very minor scratches on top of unit due to it being in a rack. (see pictures) The LP4D12 provides 4 analog inputs and 12 analog outputs. Firmware: LP 1.50.53 the voltage is 100 to 240 volt 50/60HZ very good used condition Number of Channels: up to 8 in / 16 out Connectivity: AES/EBU Digital In, AES/EBU Digital Out, S/PDIF Digital In, USB Interface, XLR In, XLR out Form factor: rack mountable CONTACT: jmcroy@zoho.com
  5. Throwing this out there... Would anyone be willing to share stories about their mothers/fathers and how music/audio/Klipsch was part of the relationship? We're looking for some fresh content for the blog on Mother's Day and Father's Day, so I figured this might be a nice human-angle to it all instead of the standard "buyer's guide" blogs. I would do my best to make it worth your while! I have some posters, bullshit buttons, etc to hand out to participants. Possibly some 'phones too. Anyway, if you're interested, comment below or email me: alex.leopold@klipsch.com Thanks!
  6. So I recently upgraded my Klipsch RP-150M bookshelf speakers that I had for about 3 years to the Forte III’s in my audio setup a few days ago. Wow...all I have to say, biggest improvement I have seen so far! I have been experimenting with placement, currently have them about 12-13inches from the back wall in my apt., slight toe-in and 6-7 feet apart. They are about 13 feet from main listening position. Sounding pretty good but does anyone have any recommendations for me to improve the sound more? Also I have heard that these speakers need time to break in to sound their best, is this true? Any and all comments are appreciated!👍🏻 - Matt
  7. Does anybody know if there is any plan to integrate Soundcloud with Klipsch Stream app? I recently upgraded my home audio and I am now using Klipsch PowerGate amps to stream audio to several places, I couldn't be happier with the results, but I am surprised the only way I can stream Soundcloud is via Bluetooth which doesn't leverage all the capabilities of a multi-amp environment I rarely use the other streaming services, there are some unique records only available in Soundcloud, lots of fresh talented musicians. Any suggestions?
  8. I lost all audio on my TX-NR5007 receiver last week. It gave a nasty electronic bzzorrp on power up and I restarted it and it was fine but that was the last time it worked. Last night I luckily surfed directly to this page: Support | Onkyo USA It seems there are many different models that have a defective chip in the network section which will cause a wide variety of problems. Tip of the hat to Onkyo for sending owners a prepaid box to ship this 60 pounder back for service. They have also extended the warranty into 2018 to cover this issue. I bought mine in June of 2010 on Amazon. There is an alternate plan of giving a $225 credit towards new replacement instead of repair. Now to take pictures of the spaghetti. Update: FedEx delivered a box on Monday the 25th and I shipped it back that afternoon. Receiver was back on Wednesday the 27th and seems to be just fine.
  9. Humor me but I'm just trying new things. Regardless of platform may it be youtube, vimeo, facebook, etc. people now a days (that was yesterdays actually) has been uploading video show casing a thing or two about themselves and their particular interest. So I thought why not demo online? In the absence of real world audition I take youtube demo anytime. I said youtube demo because this kind of audition will not give you all there is to know about the system (there's alot I know). It's just like meeting Jim for the first time. I know his name, I know how he looks like and just enough to get both of us to know each other, the obvious stuff. But then if I want to know him better maybe I'll live-in with him for a while - Ops lets make that a her and call her vanessa, its fun that way
  10. We've just launched our new audio podcast, called "WPWK" - named after our "radio booth" that we had at CES 2015. The first few episodes are recordings taken from the show, with the first episode being part 1 of an interview with legendary rock producer Eddie Kramer. Check it out! (you can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or any other podcast aggregator - details are on the page) http://www.klipsch.com/blog/wpwk-podcast-episode-1-eddie-kramer-part-1/ We have lots of various content lined up to provide on the podcast over the next several months, including audio technology discussions, PWK stories, interviews, and more!
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