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Found 6 results

  1. I just purchased a pair of Hersey II's. They have been hanging (yes, hanging by chains) from a church ceiling since the day they were purchased new. I have photos of the 'labels' but the chains were mounted in the exact spot. Can anyone decipher the year of manufacture from the information in the photo? I'm certain they have good karma... Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi. I have lots of experience with old Heritage gear, 1977 Heresy speakers combined with 1985 KG4 speakers and a Klipsch Sub, all driven by a Luxman R115. I have owned most of it since new, it is now at my farm. Needless to say we can entertain the wildlife! I am moving to a new home, already built, and want to create a new multi room system, anchored with modern Heritage series gear. I already bought a brand new set of Heresy IV speakers. At a bare minimum, I will buy a second set for another main room. This system is going to be music only, no TV or theater stuff. I would like to incorporate some modern amenities like Bluetooth for whole house access, and possibly be able to zone it for outdoor use, and possibly something like Sonos speakers/system in lesser used rooms. I am looking for recommendations on the Amplifier and system, with priority given to what will get great performance out of 2-4 Heresy 4 speakers, and possibly more. My experience with the older Klipsch is that the amp definitely made a difference, regardless of power. Finally, I have an extra set of KG4 and KG2 speakers not in use up at farm. Could this older stuff pair up well with an amp that meets my needs with the modern H4’s? Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks
  3. Hello, I have the opportunity to get some 1985 Hersey II’s for under $800. What will I need to do to update them to Hersey III levels without replacing everything? Can I get by with just changing the crossover and the posts on the back, or is there a lot more that I should do? Could do, I know involves replacing everything. That’s why I’m asking about should do. Is there much of a “Used” parts market out there or will I have to only get parts from Klipsch? How much do you think it will cost for parts? Do you think I’m waisting my time and should just buy new? Anything else you can think of? Thanks all. JD
  4. I picked up a set of sight unseen Hersey's yesterday. They were price right so I said ok. I was out of the office when they were delivered. They are consecutive S/N speakers, early 70's. Here is my question, on the back of one of the speakers, it appears that someone tried to remove the back panel and could not, so they used a skill saw to cut out the joint. I guess they assumed the joint was glued and they wanted to cut out the glue area where the back meets the sides. Looks like they glued it back with either an expanding glue, like gorilla glue or foam. The back is flush and you can't tell from the front. It just bothers me. Has anyone else seen this. Now I want to take the back off to see if the drivers have been replace. Also I noticed last night when I carried the speaker into the house, I had the speaker horns pointed towards the ceiling when I was carrying them, and there was something loose inside the other speaker. It's not loose when the speaker is sitting correctly on the ground, only when it is pointed towards the ceiling. How are the crossovers mounted inside the Hersey? What else could it be? The cones & horns seem tight.
  5. I have some 15" woofers and large horns so I'm looking for some old cabinets to play with. I'm open to Onken, or custom cabs too. Let me know what you have to fit my 15s.
  6. Hey Everyone, First time poster here. I'm going to sound kind of dumb but here we go. My dad just gave me his old pair of Hersey I HBR speakers. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. Not a single scratch or dent. However, electronics isn't really my wheel house so I was hoping yall could suggest a nice receiver in the hopefully less than $300 range for me to hook it up to as well as maybe some pictures of the wiring (they don't have any wires which, for a millennial used to AUX cords, is confusing). I'm also hoping to get a record player to go with it. I have one now but it's cheap; record wobbles, arm is too light and skips frequently. So suggestion for a solid record player would be appreciated also. Will update as progress comes along!
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