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..I've been toying with the idea of high efficiency horn speakers to fill a void. My past speakers; B&W 802 SIII's, Magnepan 1.6QR's and now current PSB Stratus Goldi's sound(ed) somewhat balanced in response but are a bit reticent and didn't provide that JUMP factor needed to even attempt real life sound levels. Perhaps it was their inefficiency, God only knows it wasn't the size/quality of power I provided them, but I find myself drawn to this forum for relief. The room they will be used in is adequately large(approx 35X16) and, surprisingly, acoustically dead. As a newbie it is a daunting task to learn "Klipschspeak" given the myriad of drivers/crossovers/cabinet materials/configurations/tweaks/prices available. I seem to be have whittled my choices down to either Heresy's(I & II), Forte or Cornwall's as a replacement, however, I am asking anyone with the many years of knowledge with these products to offer a weary traveller some friendly advice...any takers?cwm45.gif

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My Fortes LOVE my McCormack DNA-1, and you are right, there is PLENTY of power there... I have a fairly low-level cd-player and a passive preamp (also McCormack), and I cannot turn my volume knob past 10:00 without potentially damaging my hearing and wall paint.

On the other hand, your room sounds HUGE, and I would guess that Cornwalls (even though I haven't heard them in recent memory) would fill the room somewhat more than Fortes.

As for the Heresy, while being a terrific-sounding speaker, you might not get the all the bass you need out of them.

Hope this helps...

(BTW, what kind of interconnects do you use?... I am running Nordost Solar Winds, and my McCormack components seem to get along with them very well)


Klipsch Fortes, Oiled Oak

McCormack DNA-1 Power Amp

McCormack TLC Pre-Amp

Sony 5-disc changer

NHT SA3 Subwoofer Amp

Hsu TN1220 Subwoofer

Old Akai cassette Deck

Akai AAR22 used as tuner

Nordost Solar Wind interconnects

Kimber 4TC Speaker Cable

(Future upgrades to include):

Klipsch Academy or KLF-C7 Center Channel

Klipsch RS-3 Surrounds

Outlaw 1050 AV Receiver

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Sorry for not completely detailing the system before... I'm running Audiotruth LapisX3, EmeraldX3 and van der Hul Magnum Hybrid(double runs) and YEAH chuckears I saw the listing of your components earlier and was both exited and reassured to see some of the same stuff I was intending to use being utilized. My thought was the Heresys would be problematic as I picked up a really nice used ebaY pair last year for my brother-in-law who ran his with an older 40W Kenwood integrated and reported the same problem...so I picked him up a nice used Adcom GFA555II to try and coax some more bass outta them. I'm sorry to report the jerk has got it sitting in a corner, unused, for 8 months now so I don't know how they would sound pushed. I was thinking to place two of them per side,tweeter to tweeter, in sort of a D'Appolito config, or use the mid/tweeter/crossover elements in a larger homebrew enclosure with the woofer/radiator from the Forte, but then again I gather the Heresy II drivers set up like that IS a Forte? The room IS large and to compound that the shape is irregular with larger french-door type openings,a large stone fireplace and Andersen low-e windows(they don't rattle or reflect sound like the old double hungs). From the postings some here REALLY like the HeresyII's and Forte originals for the sound quality and I guess one of my newbie questions is to ask if it is the specific mid/tweeter combo responsible and which crossover does the best job, the ALK? I have my eye on some larger speaker like Cornwalls also, but a local purchase for me would be the only option given the shipping cost involved.

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Why do I like the original Fortes? I have not had access to enough of the Klipsch line, especially the newer models, to give an A/B opinion... I just know they sound flipping great, and I have read a comments from a few people who prefer the classics over the re-designs (Forte over Forte II, Chorus over Chorus II, etc.). Sorry if I am vague or uncertain about the reason, I just know the old school Klipsch designers tended to get things right the first time, i.e. the classic Klipschorn.

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RF-7's sound great with McCormack mono blocks. Based on the speakers you've owned in the past, it's my opinion that the RF-7 will please you more than any of the older Klipsch models. You can probably get a dealer to loan you a pair to try at home. Not the case with the models no longer in production or the HII which is hard to find on display.

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